Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 102

Cute Yandere is just plain cute

— No, it’s a long one.

It’s as if I filled an entire chapter with lines.


Shiho gave me a long lecture like that. But its contents were so cute that it was strange because I couldn’t bring myself to reflect on what I was hearing.


My cheeks inevitably relax and I cannot make a serious face. It is true that Shiho’s love may be a little heavy, but that love is always directly connected to the desire to ‘love her’.


For example, she doesn’t strike out at others like a yandere in a novel. They don’t blame the protagonist. They don’t hurt others or themselves.


It is probably because she grew up being loved a lot that she knows the importance of her own existence. Perhaps she also understands the sinfulness of hurting others more than most people do.


Although it is undeniable that she is a little possessive….

It’s strange that I want to listen to this girl’s selfishness.


–I want to satisfy her.

I want to give my all to Shiho.

If she wants, I can enter a world where only she exists.


Shiho had that much charm that made people love her.

After all, she talked for a long time this time, but in short, she just ‘wants to be treated better’.


The proof of this is that Shiho is demanding skinship.

She wants me to turn to her, she wants to monopolize my feelings, she wants me to look only at her, and she is demanding something special.


And it’s also very cute.


“Would you please stroke my head?”


She was saying such a thing.


Clearly, she is being spoiled.

She is asking me to touch her.

This is the kind of thing that …… tickles a man’s fancy to the point of abnormality.


I feel that Shiho’s charms, which once drove Ryuzaki crazy, are growing stronger and stronger. She is so cautious and shy that she can’t even speak to strangers, but she is so open to me.


How can I not be happy?

It’s just Shiho. She is the only person who is so happy to see me just for being alive, just for breathing, and just for being by my side.


I have yet to do enough to repay her kindness.

At the very least, I wanted to do what I could for her.


So, I did as she asked and touched her head.


On the bed, I placed my hand on Shiho’s head as she leaned forward to offer it to me. Her hair felt so nice against my skin that I wanted to touch it forever. Her head was a little warm, almost like a hot water bottle. It was getting a little colder and I wanted to soak in its warmth forever.


“…… Hmmm.”


Shiho, on the other hand, was still not satisfied.

As if the touch wasn’t enough, she pushed her head down on it. As requested, this time I moved it from side to side.


Her hair was a mess, but Shiho didn’t mind at all. She was stroked and squinted her eyes as if she was very comfortable.


Like a kitten being spoiled by its owner.

She was smiling with a very pleasant and happy expression.


“Ehehe ~”


–I wonder how many people can see this smile?

I think her parents and then …… probably only me.


That also made me very happy.

She loves me so much.

I still haven’t been able to respond to her feelings.

I am sorry for that.


“I’m sorry, Shiho. I haven’t been able to take care of you lately…”


Subconsciously, I was saying words of forgiveness.

I would never have said such a line before.


Who was I to say that I couldn’t take care of her?

I would have thought that someone of my stature shouldn’t be so arrogant.


But I don’t think that way anymore.

Shiho loves me so much.


So I need to have more confidence in myself.

I have to love myself enough to be able to love Shiho without feeling sorry for her.


I want to be able to respond to her feelings.

That’s why I have to do my best…