Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 122

Farewells as People Who Were Once Close Friends

TL: Bogdi
ED: Cassian

It was true that Kirari was not powerful enough to change the story on her own. She was merely a sub heroine. Nothing more, nothing less.


But she was filled with strong emotions.

With just a little agitation on my part, the flames of her passion were lit, and that fire eventually reached a temperature that changed the direction of the story.


Because of her anger, the girl who was thought to be nothing had gained self-awareness.

Kirari Asakura’s romantic comedy was about to begin… It felt great to think so.


Although I’m just a stranger to her now.

I’m sure we once used to be ‘friends’. No… I thought of Kirari as my ‘best friend’.


I still don’t want her to be miserable… I truly do.

Please, please, please, let her efforts be rewarded.


For that, I would do anything out of character.

Of course, everything I had said earlier was all a ruse. If I’m being honest, someone of my caliber wouldn’t be able to use such strong words in such a way.


I wanted her to get fired up somehow.

I didn’t want her to continue getting played by Mary for the sake of her story.


As a result, Kirari went beyond expectations.

She was willing to compromise with someone like me.

I am sure that she will continue to face difficulties in the future. Even now, her story is still filled with tragedy. I couldn’t bear to look and was about to fall apart.


But in spite of all this, please continue to bear with the pain.

When you can no longer endure it, I want you to remember your “anger” towards me and hang on.


Kirari, I will always be watching you.

I had never taken my eyes off of you, not even for a second. Because you were once my former best friend.


Please return my gaze.

Show me defeat in the form of results, not words.

I’ll get down on my knees or whatever. I’ll praise you for your victory and apologize for everything I’ve said and done in the past.


But Kirari has yet to receive anything.

That is meaningless. It may sound harsh, but as it stands, Kirari will remain a girl with unrequited love, unable to find happiness and decay as time passes.


You wouldn’t want that type of ending, do you?

Well, I wouldn’t want that either. As her former best friend who had been cut off by no one other than herself, I felt so desolated.


She had fallen in love with Ryuzaki to the point where she thought I was unneeded.

I want her to be so happy that it makes me jealous.


That was my wish as her former best friend.


“Damn… well, no matter. Top-class creators can always deal with the unexpected. It’s the same as always, the process is irrelevant.”


Despite her efforts to appear strong, Mary was becoming increasingly frustrated as her plan began to unravel. Biting the nail on her thumb, she muttered something.


“After all, if Ryoma gets rejected, then so be it. That role is going to be played by me, not some third-rate mob character actor… There’s no way I’m going to fail. Yes, it’ll be okay. My scenario won’t fail…!”


It’s kind of funny how she says things like that to herself.

Well, she’s right. Mary will take over the role from now on, not me.



She rejects Ryuzaki and declares her affection for me. Ryuzaki would then fall into despair after being deprived of the main heroine once more, to someone no other than me… That’s the scenario.


Subsequently, failure is not an option.

It shouldn’t be possible, but Mary couldn’t seem to hide her anxiety.


Anyhow, let’s see what will happen.

Finally, the second part of the story is nearing completion…