Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 15

The Only Advantage of being a Mob Character

TL/ED: Bogdi

Ryoma Ryuzaki is obsessed with his childhood friend Shiho Shimotsuki.

He seemed to be disturbed by the fact that she had eaten lunch with another boy.


He wondered why Shimotsuki and I were together.

He wants to know what we were doing together.

“It’s nothing, really. I don’t think there’s anything that Ryuzaki should be concerned about.”


I hesitate and let my thoughts wander.

The reason why I am hesitating to give a definite answer is because depending on the answer, I might get in trouble with Shimotsuki.

For example, let’s say I told him the whole truth.

Suppose Shimotsuki explained that she really didn’t like Ryuzaki and was only having lunch with me because we had become friends.

A normal person would back off when they realize that they are disliked.

But Ryuzaki is no ordinary person. He is a ” protagonist “.

‘She doesn’t like me? No, Shiho just doesn’t know the real me! If she gets to know the real me, she’ll like me! So let’s try to approach her more!’

It’s not surprising that such a thought process was formed.

Ryuzaki is that type of protagonist.

Usually, he’s slow and indecisive.

But when he is determined, he will go straight for it.

The protagonist is a creature that gets more motivated the more he or she is pushed.

Oh, I’m spiteful.

It was one-sided, and the pressure that seemed to be trying to fill in the other person’s thoughts was making it difficult to breathe.

I’m sure that Shimotsuki, the target of this pressure, will suffer even more than me.

That’s why I can’t tell him the truth. Shimotsuki rejects Ryuzaki like that.

She called me a friend even though I was just a plain, ordinary mob character.

She saw the value in me and admired me.

I’m very happy about that, but on the other hand, I don’t have anything to give back to her, so I actually feel a little guilty.

There was nothing I could do to make her happy.

At least, I wanted to be careful not to cause her any trouble.

“Nothing? It’s not like you’re alone with her in a deserted place like this. …… Are you hiding something about Shiho from me? Is there anything bothering you, that you can’t tell me about?”


What do I say?

What should I say to the protagonist who is so delusional that he can’t see what’s best for himself?


“Maybe Shiho’s asking you for advice so she doesn’t bother me? If so, please tell her. …… We are childhood friends and I don’t care if she bothers me. If you’re not telling me, it’s all right! Just tell me exactly what’s going on and I’ll do the talking!”

How can he think of something so convenient?

If I say something badly, it might put a heavy burden on Shimotsuki.

Perhaps Ryuzaki is in a hurry.

I think he’s also concerned about me in a corner of his mind.

Maybe Shiho Shimotsuki’s special someone is me and he’s getting anxious.

That’s why he’s searching hard for a reason.

He is looking for a convenient reason to convince himself.

If that’s the case, then I have to erase it.

I need to erase my existence from his mind.

As long as I’m not there, Shimotsuki can go back to her normal life.

For Ryuzaki, as a childhood friend who is sickly and likes to be alone, she can spend her time without much interference.

Yes, that’s right.

All I have to do is erase my presence from Ryuzaki’s mind.

I’m good at that. It’s a simple thing to do, because the only advantage of being a mob character is that you don’t have much of a presence…