Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 152

The Main Character is Busy

When I left the school, the sun had already set.

Frowning at the cold wind, I walked out the school gate. I had a feeling that Kurumizawa-san was following me from behind, but I didn’t look back.


“Umm… I’m going this way …, so bye-bye. Nakayama, I’m sorry for saying so many things so suddenly, okay? But I really mean what I say, so … I’ll see you tomorrow.”


She only said her words and moved away noisily. She’s running … and she didn’t seem to want a reply.


Well, I wouldn’t have said anything even if she had waited.

That’s how confused I was right now.


(What should I do…)


After some time had passed, I looked back fearfully and saw that Kurumizawa-san was already gone. I breathed a big sigh of relief at that.


(It’s … kind of weird to be loved by someone who’s so opportunistic.)


I’m not happy about it. But I can’t say I feel bad.

I was feeling confused, or complicated, or … I don’t know, I was feeling excited. It was also halfway, and I hated it.


If I could have disliked it more, I could have firmly rejected it.

I couldn’t dislike her if she liked me.


(Ryuzaki must have qualified as a harem protagonist after all… Ordinary people can’t bear this love.)


I understand once again why that guy was seen by the god of romantic comedies. There is no one more qualified to be the main character than that guy.


Before he met me, Ryuzaki was a genuine protagonist with the triple perfect combination of insensitivity, self-righteousness, and arrogance. If I could have been like him, I would have accepted Kurumizawa-san’s love.


Well, I don’t think I would want to do that.


(… I wish I could hear Shiho’s voice.)


Suddenly I missed her.

My head was all messed up from all the things that had happened, but I felt like I would be at ease if I heard her voice.


(Come to think of it, I should turn on my … phone.)


I hurriedly took out the phone I had just received back from her.

I wondered how many calls I had received from other people. I was afraid to turn it on and check, but … the god of romantic comedies was really mean.


Not giving me a moment’s peace of mind.

Before I could turn on my phone, the next event hit me.


“… Hey, how much longer are you going to make me wait?”


The unexpected voice made me look up.

A little ahead of me, a woman in a suit was looking at me with a cigarette in her hand.


Across from the school gate. She was on the sidewalk on the other side of the street, putting her cigarette away in a portable ashtray as she walked up to me.


“I thought you stayed at school until late at night, but you came out with a female student and … I don’t know what you’re doing, and I’m not going to ask, but let’s just say you’re a big man.”


Her harsh tone was as usual.

She is usually not interested in me, but I wonder what she wants.


“Moreover, when you bring other women into your home,… you’re a little bit too excited, aren’t you? Hey, Kotaro,… you are a student, right? Do you know that the main thing for a student is not to get carried away with love and romance? There are more things you should be doing.”


“… Yes, that’s right. Aunt.”


There is no escape.

I’m going to take a contemplation and listen to the small talk.


She is always like this.


“Indeed, I asked Azusa where you were and went out of my way to pick you up at school, but I didn’t expect you to make me wait this long… I’m busy, you know? I wish you would be more aware of that.”


Her hair was pulled back in a bun. From behind a pair of thin-framed glasses, I saw a sharp look in her eyes.


She was my aunt.

She is my mother’s younger sister, and she was my guardian in place of my parents, who are currently working overseas.


Her name is Chisato Ichijo.

She is 32 years old. She is a talented career woman and a member of the board of directors of a travel agency owned by my parents.


Normally, she is too busy to see me very often, so why on earth did she come to pick me up?


“I need to talk to you for a minute. Get in the car… I have a message from my sister about your grades.”


…Oh, I see.

I couldn’t help but laugh at my aunt’s words.


At last, here we are.

It seems that someone I’ve never mentioned … or didn’t want to mention is finally going to intervene in the story…