Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 175

How to Tame Small Animals

–I suddenly remembered eating with Shiho because I was supposed to have dinner with Kurumizawa-san.

“It’s getting a little late today, so why don’t you have dinner with me tonight?”

Three days had passed since I started tutoring.

I was a bit nervous right after we started, but after the first day, Kurumizawa-san had been teaching me without making any aggressive approach.

That is why I cannot be indifferent. Besides, I was concentrating on my studies, so I was late getting home that day.

“No, it’s fine.”

Of course, I refused, as I had no intention of getting too comfortable with her.

But Kurumizawa-san laughed mischievously and put her hand on my shoulder.

“What if I told you that if you don’t do what I want, I’ll kiss you?”

“I’m going to … resist, though.”

“I may look like this, but I’ve mastered the art of self-defense, so I’m probably stronger than Nakayama. Will you be able to resist?”

Although jokingly, it was somewhat eerie, as I felt that if I didn’t say anything, she would really kiss me.

So I couldn’t say no.

“Well, … if you’ll let me go home right after.”

“Yes, of course, I won’t keep you long. We already have food ready.”

“Huh? Ready?”

I was surprised. I didn’t realize it had already been prepared, as if it were…

“… Perhaps that was your plan all along?”

Suddenly, I realized.

The fact that the meal is prepared means that she was intending for this.

In other words, she had planned to stall me from the beginning.

“Oh, did you find out? Of course, I was going to have dinner with you from the beginning… Well, I didn’t want to force you to stay… I was concentrating a lot today, so I’m glad you didn’t want to go through the trouble.”

I knew it.

I was taken for a fool… or maybe I was too careless today.

I didn’t like it so much at first, but now I find myself easily accepting the study session.

I had resisted having Kurumizawa-san teach me, but before I knew it, that too had gone away.


Once again, I braced myself.

I was alarmed and moved away from Kurumizawa-san, and she looked at me and pouted.

“Oh, that’s too bad. I’m too cautious and he doesn’t like me too much…”

“I’m not a little animal.”

“It’s kind of like that. Well, okay, but … see, come on? I have prepared a delicious meal for you. I spent a lot of my father’s money on it. I think it will be a good experience, so don’t get too worked up.”

Saying that, Kurumizawa-san left the room.

There was no point in staying here forever, so I followed her a little later.

Then we came to a spacious dining room.

There was a long table like I have only seen in movies and TV dramas. It was large enough to seat a total of 20 people, but it was supposed to be used only by me and Kurumizawa-san.

A number of servant-like people were lined up against the wall. They were lined up with their eyes downcast, not making a single sound.

Everything was happening like in a fantasy world.

It was a different dimension of life for me, a man who knows only the life of ordinary people.

“Please sit down. Food will be here soon.”

Kurumizawa-san, who is supposed to be the head of such a grand house, pulled out a chair as if she were escorting me. I sat down as I was told, and soon a servant brought me food. It was as if I was a king.

“… What is this?”

I looked at the food on the table, but tilted my head at a dish I didn’t know the name of.

No, I could tell by looking at it that it looked expensive and delicious, but I didn’t know the name. As a commoner, there was no way I could understand what rich people eat.

I think this is meat …, but there was no further way to explain it…

“Just try it. It’s very delicious.”

“Ummm, yeah …”

I had a knife and fork on hand, but I didn’t know how to use them, so I just cut it into pieces and put them in my mouth.

It was so delicious that I couldn’t help but clamp my mouth shut.

“What do you think?”

“… Oh, it’s delicious?”

“Why is it in question form?”

“I couldn’t think of a better word than … delicious.”

The expression seems correct but is not correct.

But there is no doubt that it is delicious, so I told her so frankly.

Then Kurumizawa-san smiled happily.

“You have a good reaction. Your expression is also very nice.”

Then she put her hand on my shoulder. Then she put her hand on my shoulder. 

Normally, I would have brushed her hand off immediately, but perhaps the shock of eating something so delicious had dulled my reaction.

Compared to Shiho, her fingers are probably a little longer.

A slender hand gripped my shoulder … and I realized I was being held from behind.

“I knew you were a little animal.”

A quiet voice whispered in my ear, accompanied by a moist exhale.

“When you feed them, they go crazy, and they let their guard down… That’s what’s so endearing about them.”

I couldn’t react well to that embrace.

Kurumizawa-san is like a snake.

The poison invades your nerves and then slowly swallows you whole.

I was so caught up in this fantasy that in the end I couldn’t do anything about it.

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