Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 201

What is Shiho Shimotsuki for Ryoma Ryuzaki?

–I’m having fun.

Talking with the person he likes is a lot of fun.

The content of the conversation isn’t very good, and she doesn’t have very nice things to say about him, either.

But even so, his mood was uplifted.

In the past, he had rarely talked with Shiho for such a long period of time.

How could he not be happy?

However, such a pleasant time was not going to last forever.


Suddenly, Shiho shivered coldly.

He heard a cute sneezing sound, and remembered that she had been sick.

“Are you okay?”

“… Yeah, of course.”

She was acting stoutly, but her condition was still not perfect. He felt that her face was paler than it had been when they first met.

In fact, it would be better to talk to her in a warmer place.

For example, his house.

But Shiho would never accept that suggestion.

If that’s the case, why don’t they just have the conversation as it is now…?

He is enjoying the conversation with her and having fun.

If it were possible, he would like to stretch it out forever.

But considering her condition, he still couldn’t do that.

If Shiho would be in pain, the fun time would be over.

Shiho’s health is more important than his enjoyment.

(…I guess I really like Shiho after all.)

He wondered if he had ever been so considerate of others before.

He chuckled at his own uncharacteristic self.

Why had he not been able to show… this kindness to other girls before?

If heI had been able to do that, maybe … I could have walked a different story.

Maybe his romantic comedy wouldn’t have become so rotten.

“…? Why are you laughing?”

Oops. It seems his emotions were showing on his face.

“Nothing. What’s more, what are you doing here at this time of night?”

It’s about time.

The time for fun is over.

He decided to get down to business so that he could get Shiho home quickly since she was recovering.

He really wanted to talk longer, but he gave up on that.

“You didn’t come all the way over here to give me a lecture, did you?”

“… That’s impossible.”

The joking words were met with a cold response.

Shiho did not try to hide her feelings. She was expressing her honest feelings of disliking him with her attitude.

(After all, Shiho is a cool girl for me.)

Perhaps Nakayama would have a different impression of Shiho.

But to him, she has always been cold like this.

She never explicitly expressed her dislike like she does now, but she was silent the whole time, and looking back, he can understand now that she must have disliked him quite a bit…

Nakayama must be quite an appealing person to have caused such passion in such a cold girl.

… Well, it doesn’t change the fact that he hated that guy.

“Then what do you want?”

He asked her straightforwardly.

Shiho then responded with these words.

“… I need to borrow your power.”

“Huh? My power?”

What on earth did she mean by that?

When he urged her to elaborate, she explained with a difficult expression on her face.

“There is a girl who is messing with Nakayama-kun.”

“… Huh.”

It seems, of all things, to be about Nakayama, whom he disliked.

“I want to know what she’s really thinking. So I was hoping you could help me.”

“… Is that a case that … I can help you with?”

He is not sure what he is being asked to do.

What is he asking me to do with a woman who messes around with Nakayama?

“Ryuzaki-kun, you’re a womanizer, aren’t you? So I was wondering if you could pull that girl over, too.”


He paused at those words.

Because what she just said is not the language of … Shiho, it’s a mushy statement.

(Are you jealous, perhaps?)

His eyes widen at that fact.

The truth that this transparent girl was harboring bad feelings was confusing to him…

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