Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 207

The Late “Awakening” of the Harem Protagonist-sama

–Oh, she likes me.

“Just like a hero…”

The words said to me by Kurumizawa, I almost lost my expression.

It was early in the morning. I just happened to run into Kurumizawa, who happened to be about to get into a car accident, and I happened to save her…, and as a result of that, she seems to have fallen in love with me.

(That’s a lie, right? Do women have such …, obvious expression on their faces?)

The girl in front of me is looking at me passionately.

Seeing her expression, I realized how she felt.

No, there was no way I wouldn’t have noticed it with a face like this.

(Didn’t you like Nakayama?)

Wrong story.

Shiho… Shimotsuki said that Kurumizawa likes Nakayama.

In other words, for Shimotsuki, Kurumizawa is an obstacle …, so she asked me to ‘expose Kurumizawa’s true nature’ …

‘A specific method? There is no such thing. … You can uncover her true feelings just by talking to her, can’t you? Do your best.’

After being reckless like that and wondering what to do, I was taking a walk in the morning and … I got lost.

I walked quite a distance because I had my mind made up, and I was wondering what to do after this, and then I ‘accidentally’ ran into Kurumizawa, and here we are.

How many times have I saved a girl standing on the road?

Probably about the fifth time. Thanks to this, I was able to help her out smoothly without panicking.

And just like that, Kurumizawa fell in love with me.

(Was Shimotsuki right? …)

I didn’t do anything.

I didn’t do anything, but I won Kurumizawa’s heart.

(I guess I’m an anomaly after all.)

I finally became aware of it when Shimotsuki told me.

Until now, I would have ignored Kurumizawa’s feelings, thinking that there was no way she would like me just because I talked to her lightly…, but I can’t do that anymore.

Because I’ve realized my abnormality.

I used to be insensitive, but now that I’m able to be aware of that, maybe I’m able to properly consider their expressions and emotions.

Thanks to that, I was able to sense Kurumizawa’s ‘favoritism’.

“Hero is an overstatement. I’m a … normal human being.”

I said this in a blank way, but in the back of my mind I was shaking my head.

Yes, I am a hero.

Even if I do nothing, the heroines like me like this.

(Nakayama is not the protagonist … I, I was the protagonist all along…)

I doubted myself, misunderstood, and was unfaithful.

But I was wrong.

(Damn. I should have taken more responsibility for my position…)

I finally realized it when Shimotsuki gave me a lecture.

Ryoma Ryuzaki is popular with heroines by nature.

Then he had to face their feelings.

He was obligated to do so, but he used his insensitivity as an excuse and neglected to face them.

(I had done terrible things to Azusa, Kirari, Yuzuki, and Mary … I was stepping on everyone’s feelings.)

I scratched my chest, too late to ‘understand’.

Looking back, I realize that everyone was clearly expressing their feelings for me.

Why didn’t I realize it then?

Why did I think only of myself so much?

(… Is it too late for regrets?)

I cannot forgive myself.

I am driven by feelings of rage and want to beat myself up.

But there is no point in doing so.

No one can be saved by self-harm.

Then there is only one thing I can do.

(I have to face everyone’s feelings properly…!)

I know it’s late, but first of all, I want to accept them properly.

That’s when my “romantic comedy” will finally begin.

“Eh, uh, uh, … oh, your knee is bleeding! … Oh my God. Do you want to come to my house? We need to treat it.”

…For starters, I should face her first, right?

I chuckle at the girl who is panicking when she sees the scrape on my knee.

It’s not a serious injury.

Why is she so panicked?

I’m not so insensitive that I don’t know the answer to that question.

I am no longer a self-important fool.

Ryoma Ryuzaki, the main character, has finally “awakened”.

(I’m sure she likes me.)

The time for pretending not to know and procrastinating when I know is over.

It is ‘manners’ in romantic comedy to face it properly, accept it, give an answer… do so.

“Yeah, I know. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to intrude on your home.”

So I accepted her proposal.

Now, what should I do?

Shiho… no, Shimotsuki.

Hey, Shimotsuki. What do you want me to do from here?

What do I have to do to fulfill my purpose?

… No, I don’t have to ask.

(All I have to do is take away Kurumizawa’s love interest, right?)

Then you and Nakayama can get back together.

I’m a little unconvinced that I’m going to help that mob character guy, but … well, for once, I’ll let him use me.

That’s my way of making amends.

It’s my parting gift to my childhood friend who has been suffering for so long.

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