Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 210

The First and Last “Loan”

It feels like it’s been a long time since we’ve met face-to-face like this.

Well, it hasn’t been that long since I met him on the street a while ago and asked him not to bully me too much because I’m a mob character.

Anyway,… you look terrible.

Nakayama used to be an expressionless guy who never showed any kind of facial expression no matter what happened.

He is a person with little emotion for joy, anger, sorrow, or pleasure, and he is strongly perceived as a very boring person.

He only laughs in front of Shimotsuki. In front of other people, he is as smooth as a robot.

However, Nakayama is a bit worn out now, and his face is paler than his usual expressionless face.

“Don’t you look so energetic?”

I said to him with a grin, and he breathed a sigh of exasperation.


“Do you think there’s any other meaning?”

“I see. I’m glad to see you’re feeling better.”

Nakayama looked at me and took another deep breath.

He was completely oblivious to my attempts to provoke him.

No, I guessed he was thinking about something, but I couldn’t read his feelings at all.

He is still the same old jerk.

The only time he gets emotional is when it comes to Shiho.

He is emotionless in other matters, which again made me snicker.

“Tch, this is boring. You should get angry when you’re provoked, … but you’re not worth the trouble.”

“I’m sorry about that.”

Shaking his head silently, Nakayama breaks his gaze from me.

That is also uncomfortable.

“Hey, don’t you want to know why I’m here? You also want to know more about me getting better, don’t you?”

I sow the bait.

I spread information that Nakayama might be interested in, and I cast a fishing line, hoping to get him to bite at any cost.

But this guy was unfazed.

“There’s no point in asking. You won’t tell me, and I have no idea what … happened, but there’s no way that a revitalized Ryuzaki will help me, is there?”

“… You know perfectly well, don’t you?”

That kind of mechanical thinking is irritating

“I hate you after all.”

I tell him clearly.

When I spewed out my feelings, which I confirmed once again, Nakayama gave me a wry smile.

“I see. I don’t like you either, so I guess it’s mutual.”

With that, Nakayama walked away.

His back was curled up as he headed toward Kururi’s home.

“I really don’t care…”

I let out a click of my tongue and then turned my back to Nakayama.

Then I finally remembered that there was still someone else there.

“Hey, kid. What’s your relationship with the Kurumizawa family’s daughter? It might be useful in the future, so let me hear what you have to say.”

The woman looking at me while smoking a cigarette is the one who brought Nakayama by car.

She has a slender body but her chest is plump, which is a little s**y. Her hair is pulled back in a bun, which is a little unfortunate. … If she let her hair down, she would be even more beautiful.

Her long slit eyes and well-shaped lips are great. However, the dark circles around her eyes and her pale skin are a negative. Maybe she is a workaholic as she looks. … Maybe she doesn’t get enough sleep.

Now, who is this beautiful lady?

What kind of relationship does she have with Nakayama?

“I’m Kururi’s … well, friend? No, no.”

I try to talk about a common relationship, but I deny myself that it is not true.

My relationship with Kururi is not that of a friend.

“I am Kururi’s ‘hero’.”

Strictly speaking, this is the most suitable answer.

I’m not lying. I told the truth about our relationship, but the beautiful woman snickered.

“You kid. Don’t make fun of adults.”

“I didn’t lie.”

Oh man, she doesn’t seem to believe me.

“I’m just a friend then. Yeah, I’m Kururi’s friend. So, what about you? I’d like to know your name, beautiful lady, if you don’t mind me asking.”

I asked her, and she told me her name with a cigarette in her mouth.

“My name is Chisato Ichijo. Despite my appearance, I’m 32 years old and a pretty gal. Nice to meet you, you brat.”

“You look … like you’re only 18, but that’s surprising.”

” That’s flattering, but it’s not even heartwarming. You make me laugh.”

The fact that she didn’t even smile as she said that was, on the contrary, interesting.

She is quite a nice woman. I feel comfortable with such an orderly woman, so I think I can get along with her.

“So, what’s your relationship with Nakayama?”

“I’m related to that kid. My sister’s son is Kotaro, I would be his … commonly known ‘aunt’.”

Chisato muttered this as if it was someone else’s business, despite the fact that it was her own.

I see, so you are related to Nakayama.

(Why did his aunt pick him up and drop him off at Kururi’s house? …I smell something.)

Feeling the artificial traces of someone, I think about it a little.

Is this another guidance from the god of romantic comedies?

(It’s not a bad idea to pretend not to know here and go home…)

But that may not be enough to say that I have fulfilled my promise to Shimotsuki.

(Although I don’t feel comfortable helping Nakayama.)


That’s the frustrating thing about honestly doing what that guy wants, ‘I won’t help Nakayama’.

(I’ll lend you a hand, Nakayama… this is the first and last time I’ll help you.)

Then, I decided, on a whim, to lend a hand for once…

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