Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 212

Not Just a “Cute” Heroine

When I returned home, the sun was already setting.

(Talking with Mary took longer than I thought it would…)

It had been a long time since I had seen her. I didn’t know she had come to Japan, but … anyway, it was nice to talk to her.

Thanks to her, I think we had a fulfilling time.

Of course, as I had originally intended, I solved the problem that Nakayama was facing with her help.

I guess we will see the results of that work around the end of the week.

I shall look forward to that time.


I took a breath and turned on the light switch.

Then I noticed a delicious-looking dinner and a letter on the kitchen table.


There was only a note that said, ‘I made dinner, please eat it’, and she was not there.

(Message …, I don’t see it. Yuzuki, what’s wrong?)

A note, that’s unusual. Why didn’t she just call me on my phone?

(I thought she was waiting for me.)

We’ve been together for a while now, as if we were living together. Naturally, I thought she was waiting for me at home.

I felt uncomfortable with Yuzuki’s behavior, however, there was nothing strange about it when I thought carefully.

She must have had something to do today. I decided to think so and headed upstairs to my room to change my clothes first.

That’s when it happened.

–Knock, knock, knock.

Suddenly, there was a knocking sound.

However, the source of the sound was not the door.

“… No way.”

The knock seemed to come from outside the window.

I rushed to the window and opened the curtains with a mighty movement.

What I saw was the figure of Shimotsuki leaning out of the window opposite me.

“Hey, that’s dangerous!”

I hastily open the window and yell out a warning.

“Hands, you have short arms, don’t push yourself! You’re going to fall off!”

“… I wouldn’t fall through a gap like this, it’s only about 30 centimeters, but I guess you worry too much.”

Perhaps she was offended by the comment “short arms”.

Shimotsuki’s lips pouted a little grimly.

Every gesture like that is so cute that I’m getting fed up with them.

I wanted to break off the thought, but I didn’t want her to see me like this because I was nervous.

“What’s up with you all of a sudden… you don’t want to talk to me, do you?”

“Of course. But I wanted to hear your report today, so I had no choice but to use this method.”

I regain my composure as she explains her purpose to me in an indifferent manner.

Unlike me, Shimotsuki is really nonchalant. I wondered if I was the only one who was nervous, and my excitement finally calmed down.

No matter how much I like her, my feelings for her will never bear fruit. Then, let’s not act nonsensical.

If I don’t have expectations, my heart will calm down. My heart stopped pounding immediately, so I decided to give my report of the day, as requested.

“Everything is going well. I think everything is going just the way you want it.”

“Don’t ‘you’ me. It’s too familiar.”

“Don’t be difficult …”

Apparently, it wasn’t enough to just stop calling her that.

Well, it’s okay, but … Shimotsuki might be a bit of a troublesome girl after all…

No, it’s more than a bit.

She’s this obsessed with the guy she likes, so it must be pretty heavy and bothersome.

Thinking about it, I felt somewhat sorry for Nakayama.

It would take a lot of nerve to be able to accept this love.

Well, … if that love had been directed at me, I would have had the confidence to accept it.

Since that would never happen, let’s get back to the subject.

“I did what I could for now. I think I’ve made a good relationship with Kururi.”

“… Kururi?”

“Kururi Kurumizawa. Your love rival.”

“Ah, so… a relationship… already. As usual, you’re quick to exploit.”

With just a few words of my explanation, Shimotsuki seemed to have figured it all out.

I sighed, both impressed and dismayed.

“Huh… I was surprised to see that she was just another ‘girl’ after all.”

And yet, somewhat disappointed.

With such eyes, she stared off into the distance somewhere.

“It’s kind of a shame.”

What in the world did Shimotsuki expect from Kururi?

I don’t know that, but…. all I know is that Shimotsuki is ‘scary’ anyway.

(I can’t believe she’s so cute in front of Nakayama, but has such two sides to her.)

Every time I see the ‘depth’ of Shiho Shimotsuki as a person, I get scared of a new part of her.

She is, after all, special.

She was not just a cute heroine…

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