Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 216

Main Heroine-“Sama”

Thinking back on it, it was a very strange coincidence.


“It’s funny how sometimes you meet someone just as they’re about to put a love letter in there.”


The location is behind the school building. Kururi Kurumizawa was standing uncomfortably next to her.

Shiho Shimotsuki spoke to her in a friendly manner.


“Maybe it was meant to be? I don’t mind the word ‘fate’. It’s romantic, it’s kind of, you know, … nice.”


Before, Shiho was too shy to talk much with others.

But now Shiho has become a different person and talks a lot more.


Just as Kotaro Nakayama matured after meeting Shiho, she is also growing day by day.

She is now able to talk so much with strangers.


However, Shiho was not sure if it was the right thing to do or not.


“You’ve been quiet for a while now, but I wonder if I’ve chosen the wrong topic. Maybe I should have chosen a more serious topic instead of a light-hearted one?”


Shiho tilted her head as Kururi Kurumizawa remained too silent. She felt that her words didn’t fit the occasion.


“You see, you and I are sort of love rivals, and if we were …, we should be more adamant about it, shouldn’t we? Oh, that reminds me, I’m angry with you too!”


Then, as if she remembered, she raised her fist and began to show off that she was ‘angry’.


“Oh, my, you can’t do that. You can’t hurt my sweet Kotaro-kun, okay? It’s so terrible to make him suffer so much that he cries, no matter how cute he is. Hehehe, I was just kidding~. It’s a lie that I’m angry. So it’s okay to laugh, okay? Here … is a good place to laugh if you want to.”


For being angry, though, her attitude is too playful.

Normally, one would laugh at such behavior, which could be described as typical of the clumsy Shiho Shimotsuki.


However, Kururi Kurumizawa did not even twitch.


“…There is no way you can laugh at that.”


Her red eyes shook slightly.

The expression on her face was one of ‘fear’.


“Because your eyes aren’t smiling.”


Shiho laughed again at those words.

But Kururi Kurumizawa was right, the back of her eyes were as cold as ice.


“Ufufu. Well, well, … it’s not a ‘laughing matter’ either.”


The black eyes emitted a ceramic-cold light.

And then she removed all color from her expression.


“If I hadn’t found your cowardly behavior … and hadn’t encountered the moment you offered the love letter, I’m sure he would have been hurt again. And this is the second time you’ve done it, remember? You broke my pretty little twig once, remember? I won’t let you get away with it a second time.”


Shiho was more talkative than usual.

It was not only because she had developed and overcome her shyness, of course.


The reason why Shiho Shimotsuki is more talkative than usual.

It was because she was ‘angry’.


“If there is a God who decides my fate, I’m really glad that I was able to prevent this incident … from your selfish act.”


The god of romantic comedies, who always does nothing but go the extra mile,… however, it seems that he can’t play tricks on the main heroine.


She is the most unreasonable, intense, and overwhelming presence of the “main heroine-sama” in this story.


If anything, she has a more distinct “individuality” than Ryoma Ryuzaki, the protagonist.


In other words, this chance encounter is not fate.

It is the result of the god of romantic comedies who favored her personally, in other words, it is “opportunism”.


“Finally, I can talk to you like this.”


Finally, she was able to track down the thieving cat who had been sneaking around in the shadows and messing with her beloved main character.


“It’s time to settle this, isn’t it? Let me hear your feelings.”


A clear voice sounded as if it were singing.

However, the sound was very distorted.


(It’s a terrible sound.)


Shiho can’t help but laugh at her own voice.


(I can’t let him hear this sound.)


A side of herself that she usually hides, but if she could, she would have kept it hidden forever.

But that’s not possible.


(To protect you, … I’m willing to get messy…)


She doesn’t care about herself.

She is always living for only one person.


She always has, she always is, and then, of course, she always will.


Shiho is determined to love him for ever and ever…

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