Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 218

Kurumizawa Kururi’s “Farce (Romantic Comedy)”

–When a person lies, the sound is out of tune.


This is a sense that only she, with her keen sense of hearing, can understand.

It is only a sensation, so if asked for details, she cannot explain it well, but anyway, she can tell if a person is lying or not.


In other words, she is sensitive.

Even if she doesn’t want to know, she can sense the emotions of others.


It was the same now.

From Kururi Kurumizawa’s words and attitude, she has been able to see through her emotions.


“You want to cut off Kotaro-kun because you have fallen in love with Ryuzaki-kun, correct?”


Until she asked this question, she was still in the ‘doubt’ stage.

Ryoma Ryuzaki had told her about the events of the weekend, but she had not met Kururi Kurumizawa herself, so she could not be sure of her suspicions.


But now she knew.

From her reactions, words, and breathing, it was clear to see that the answer to the question was “yes”.


“What do you mean, you have good hearing…? I don’t understand.”


Kururi Kurumizawa was confused.

She was apparently confused by the fact that Shiho has information that only she should know.


(She doesn’t know that Ryuzaki-kun and I were working together behind the scenes.)


Well, Shiho has superhuman senses, but this time, her groundwork worked in large part.


(Should I tell her that I had coerced Ryuzaki-kun?)


It was Shiho Shimotsuki who brought Kururi Kurumizawa and Ryoma Ryuzaki together.


Although she did not give detailed instructions, and their meeting was opportunistic in the name of fate, however, it was an event that occurred because of Shiho’s instruction. If she had not said that, the two wouldn’t have met.


Ryoma Ryuzaki would still be rotting away, and Kururi Kurumizawa would still be in love with Kotaro Nakayama.


(… Hmmm, I probably shouldn’t tell her … It would be more convenient for her to think the encounter was fate, rather than having strange suspicions about it.)


But she decided to keep it a secret that she was working in the dark behind the scenes.

It would be troublesome if things got complicated and she resented her.


(I need this girl to back off like a grown woman.)


She doesn’t want to cause any unnecessary trouble.

For example, if Shiho got upset and became aggressive – then Kotaro Nakayama would surely feel responsible for that.


So she proceeded calmly.


“In short, I can see right through you. I know that you’ve been messing around with Kotaro-kun, that you had a one-sided love for him, and that you’ve been annoying him in various ways.”


“W-what’s wrong with that? Shimotsuki isn’t dating Nakayama, so I don’t have anything to say about it.”


“Yeah, I’m not going to complain about that.”


You don’t need permission to fall in love with someone.

Even if they are married, have a girlfriend, or have good friends of the opposite gender, no one should be able to stop them if they just love someone.


“But did you really ‘love’ Kotaro-kun?”


However, such affection is allowed only when it is ‘genuine.


“If you really liked Kotaro-kun, then you couldn’t possibly like … Ryuzaki-kun, no matter what.”


In other words, Kururi Kurumizawa’s love,


“I will never allow you to hurt him because of your false ‘love’.”


It was false.

If so, she will stop.



“Don’t get Kotaro-kun involved in your self-serving games of ‘house’.”


In the end, Kururi Kurumizawa’s romantic comedy was nothing but a farce…

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