Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 232

The One Who Can Make You Happy

I suddenly feel helpless.

No matter how hard I try, no matter how hard I try, I can only look at her, who exists in a place that is never within my reach.

The outcome had been fixed from the beginning.

The character Kururi Kurumizawa cannot escape defeat.

There was nothing I could do for her.

“Hahaha … I, you know, wanted to be ‘special’ more than anyone else.”

With a resigned, powerless smile on her face, she looks up at the sky.

The darkened night sky was covered with thick clouds, and the moon could not be seen.

It was somewhat unnatural for her to stare at the night sky, which was not very beautiful…, as if she was holding back tears.

“And this hair color, isn’t it odd? I know pink is bizarre and I know it stands out. But you know, this color made me more ‘special’ than the people around me. I wanted people around me to think that Kurumizawa Kururi was anything but ordinary.”

What was said was the full story of Kururi Kurumizawa’s character.

The reason for her existence was finally explained.

“I was a privileged person, if I do say so myself. I was born into a wealthy family, had good looks above average, and was gifted with outstanding talents …, but despite being so blessed, I’m just one of the ‘others’.”

Her stats are excellent.

But she still referred to herself as ‘mediocre’.

“Because nothing happened in my life. I entered my first year of high school without any exciting incidents, exciting encounters, or incredible events … I hated being that way.”

So she made an effort to be special, apparently.

“I changed schools because I had the desire to ‘change something’… I changed my hair style, I changed schools at the middle of the year, I did things that were out of the ordinary, and I made myself special…”

That’s when she and I met.

“Nakayama… I can’t … explain it well, but you seem to have something mysterious about you, and I was attracted to you. I was kind of curious about you, kind of attracted to you, and kind of liked you. I thought that if I could connect with you, with that special something, I could proudly say that I was ‘special’.”

I don’t think so.

I am not special.

But it seemed to her that I was.

I think that’s why Kurumizawa-san fell in love with me.

“But someone once told me. The feeling of ‘liking’ without a reason is just a ‘fake’ – that’s what they said. When I was told that, I thought about the reason why I liked Nakayama. But that didn’t come to mind.”

“Is that so…?”

“Yeah. After all, I was just longing for ‘special’, and I didn’t really like Nakayama much. So right after that, I had a fateful encounter with Ryuzaki and fell in love with him. Because he was more ‘special’.”

When it is said, it certainly seems to make sense.

But Kurumizawa-san herself didn’t look convinced.

Do you really think that was the case?”

Maybe she is not so sure of herself now.

So she spoke at length, checked her logic, and uttered rationalizations.

But on an emotional level, she didn’t seem convinced.

“I guess I really didn’t like Nakayama… I really liked you then. That’s why I don’t understand. I met Ryuzaki and suddenly I went haywire, like I wasn’t myself anymore.”

Yeah, that’s probably true.

I know what caused it.

But I can’t talk about it.

Because even if I said it, there is nothing Kurumizawa-san can do about it.

Because she is just a subheroine.

She is simply a servant to the story.

Therefore, she does not need to know why.

If she knew, she would only be hurt… I think she would be happier if she didn’t know.

The only thing I could do was whisper it in my mind.

(Kurumizawa-san was “chosen” for Ryuzaki’s romantic comedy.)

Unfortunately for you, you’re caught up in his harem romantic comedy.

Because of that you are changing your mind to suit his story.

It’s so sad…, but I felt a sense of emptiness at not being able to do anything about it.

(No matter how much I try, I can’t clear Kurumizawa-san’s mind)

Because she has been poisoned by Ryoma Ryuzaki.

Because of the protagonist-sama’s abnormal nature, her love for him is twisted.

In other words, I can’t do anything.

Nevertheless, it’s the same thing, because even if I could do something, … there is nothing I could do as a result.

(I can only love Shiho anyway, so I couldn’t help her anyway…)

I am aware of that.

But the girl suffering in front of me was so painful that I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

I have seen girls like this many times before, but I still can’t get used to it.

Azusa, Kirari, Yuzuki, and Mary were all suffering.

And now Kurumizawa-san has become one of them.

I guess that was the story this time.

The role of the subheroine, Kururi Kurumizawa, was fulfilled and she was twisted into the plot.

(The only person who can make Kururi happy now is Ryuzaki.)

That is an area that is untouchable by mob characters.

If that guy’s romantic comedy is not completed, the subheroine Kururi Kurumizawa will not be rewarded.

With this, the character Kururi Kurumizawa has been exhausted. 

Having completed her role, she is off the stage.

This time I did not get to see the whole of her story.

So I’ll fill in the blanks here and there, but here’s a synopsis of the story.

First off, Ryuzaki was rotten. He thought of himself as a mob character and fell apart.

Spoiled by Yuzuki and never recovering, Ryoma Ryuzaki was kicked to the bottom of the earth.

But something happened, and that guy came back to life.

No, not just revived, Ryuzaki was awakened.

And the awakened protagonist-sama stole the love of the sub-heroine who loved the mob character.

In short, Kurumizawa-san was probably placed there to measure Ryuzaki’s greatness.

The protagonist-sama became so awesome that the sub-heroine who loved the mob character changed her mind – she was twisted all around just to create that convincing effect.

What an unrewarding character.

When I think about it, … I still felt so sorry for her…

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