Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 234

Dragon’s Head and Snake’s Tail

“Well then, that’s how it is.”

Saying that, Kurumizawa-san smiled gently.

I guess she had finished telling me everything she wanted to say. The smile is full of contentment and yet sadness.

“It would have been nice to have a little more excitement, such a development, but it’s too bad.”


“Oh, I don’t like it when people say things like this. I’m sorry, I’m not complaining about Nakayama. I just wish that … that time when I loved you had lasted just a little longer.”

She starts walking slowly.

The distance that was a few meters gradually narrows.

And then she – she walked past me.

As if to give the impression that she no longer had any regrets.

But at the position where I could no longer see her face, Kurumizawa-san suddenly stopped.

“… But let me tell you this.”

Without looking at me, she told me this.

“I had a lot of fun while I was in love with Nakayama. Even if the feeling of ‘I love you’ was fake, I think the feeling of ‘fun’ I felt at that time was real.”

Not everything that had happened up to that point was fake.

She was appealing to the fact that there was also something ‘real’ about it.

“So, thank you.”

After saying a few last words of thanks, Kurumizawa-san walked on her way again.

I could only say this to her.

“… I wish you happiness.”

Although I can’t make Kurumizawa-san happy.

But I still wanted her to be able to smile.

Even if this was just a beautiful thing to say.

I really wanted to tell her that.

“…Thank you.”

What did she think of those words?

I can’t see her face, so I don’t know. Even her voice has become so low that I can barely hear it because she is already a few meters away.

But if I’m not mistaken…, her voice seemed to be trembling slightly.

Could it be that she is crying?

That’s what I was wondering, but before I could check – she walks away from the rooftop.

It was as if she didn’t want me to feel guilty.

Come to think of it, her expression remained calm and unchanged until the end.

It looked like she was straining again, and it looked painful.

At any rate – thus ended the romantic comedy between me and Kurumizawa-san.

“… Is this the end of it?”

I was perplexed by this so anticlimactic end.

I thought there would be something more dramatic. I had expected a more dramatic development since the first half of the story had been so drawn out.

However, the stage took a dark turn in an easy manner.

It was truly a “Dragon’s head and Snake’s tail”.

I couldn’t help but nod my head at the development of the story, which could be called a symbol of a bad production.

“After all, we were just pushed around again this time, weren’t we?”

I bit my lip and clenched my fist.

I was so frustrated with myself that I couldn’t do anything about it that I felt anger welling up inside me.

But it was only for a moment.


I let out a deep breath.

“If I had been a character who could get angry and inspired here, I could have been a … protagonist.”

It’s no use getting angry now.

So I, too, decided to slowly walk away from the rooftop.

From the results – this restored the relationship between me and Shiho.

The only one who was unhappy in Part III was Kurumizawa-san. The other characters didn’t change much, and the story moved along easily.

In the end, I guess this time the story was just “Ryoma Ryuzaki awakened”.

… No, I wonder if that is really the case.

I can’t deny the possibility that something has changed on the pages, without my knowledge.

I know that, but my character is too weak to understand the changes.

I’m a mob character, so the story will move along on its own without my knowledge.

So I did nothing … as usual and went with the flow.

(If you’ve awakened, do something about it…)

I don’t want to think like this.

But I still had to wish for this.

“Ryuzaki …, there are many heroines that only you can make happy.”

If you are the real “protagonist-sama”.

Do something about it. Give them the happiness I couldn’t.

If you don’t, you won’t be rewarded.

Azusa, Kirari, Yuzuki, Mary, and Kurumizawa-san … can’t end the romantic comedy without anyone being happy.

It’s just too much of an unpleasant aftertaste…

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