Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 250

Ordinary Happiness

I was led to a cozy living room.

I sat on the hard, uncomfortable sofa as I was urged to do.

I usually sit on a meaningless luxury sofa with money to spare, so I feel like I haven’t touched a cheap one in a long time.

Hmmm… this kind of thing is not so bad.

I have a constitution that likes to be stressed out, so I also love shoddy products like this.

I’ve recently come to enjoy situations where things don’t go the way I want them to, even though they are so perfect.

Maybe I’m just a dominant person.

“Hmm… Onii-chan, I want to drink orange juice.”

Right after I sat down, Azusa sat down right next to me.

Compared to her older brother, who is as alert as a small wild animal, this Zashikiwarashi-chan seems to have no sense of caution.

Although it was almost our first meeting, I was surprised at the closeness of the distance between us.

Azusa’s older brother would never get this close.

He is like a domesticated pet.

“Do you want something to drink, Mary?”

“I prefer the tea that the common people drink. You know, the cheap kind sold at convenience stores and supermarkets.”

“I sense malice in the way you say it… Azusa, you shouldn’t talk to her too much. If you are influenced by her, your personality will deteriorate.”

“Onii-chan, don’t be rude. Here, bring it to me quickly?”

“Yes yes…I understand.”

… Hmmm?

It seems that these two have settled into a true “brother-sister” relationship.

There are many stories of stepsisters falling in love with their older brothers, but the relationship between Kotaro and Azusa is nothing more than that of family, for better or worse.

That’s why they are moderately indifferent to each other, and that’s why they are overly caring?

“Hey, Onii-chan, stop complaining and bring it, Yo!”

“… Don’t call me Onii-chan.”

When I jokingly tease him, he frowns in disgust.

As I was grinning while looking at it, I suddenly felt a look from the side.

“…The only sister he has is Azusa…”

A voice so quiet that normal people can’t hear it.

I heard her muttering, which I could barely hear because I was inadvertently born a genius, and I knew the significance of Azusa’s existence.

(I see. Is she finding her own value in being a younger sister?)

To the extent that she is the only one who can indulge in her brother;s spoiling – by being in that position, Azusa may be supporting herself.

Is that why Azusa cannot be honest with Shiho?

According to the information gatherer sniffing around Kotaro, Shiho and Azusa seem to be gaming friends. They often play shadow games and stir things up with each other.

They seem to get along well, but I have a feeling that Azusa is still having a hard time accepting Shiho.

That’s probably because her pride as a younger sister is getting in the way of her accepting a second person who can be spoiled by Kotaro.

But she is making an effort to accept that Shiho for the sake of her brother’s happiness… and when I think about it, she was healthy, cute, and truly a hundred points as a sister character.

(If it’s Azusa, there’s a chance she could have a happy path even if she’s not with … Ryoma.)

While Kotaro was pouring me a drink, I was running through my thoughts in my brain, which often spin around in vain.

According to the doctor, I had been thinking too much and the left side of my brain, which controls logic, had become a little enlarged.

If I were a normal person, the stress would make me crazy, but because I am an amazing person, I am somehow able to withstand it.

The conclusion that my quick-witted self came up with was that Azusa can be happy enough as it is.

(Other harem heroines can only be happy if they are with Ryoma, but not … Azusa.)

Including me, Kirari, Yuzuki, Kururi, and others are so poisoned by the protagonist that we are in a state of dependence.

But Azusa, thanks to her brother who loves her as a family member, was on the verge of shedding that poison.

If the defeated subheroine-chan can continue to live her life, … she will eventually forget about the protagonist, return to being a common girl, and have a very normal happiness.

If I really want her to be happy, maybe the right thing to do is to let her take that path.

But – that’s no fun, right?

(That’s why I’ll bring her back.)

I find it boring that Azusa is being normal.

At the same time, … there is a possibility that Azusa may not like being normal either, right?

That’s why … Kotaro, I’m sorry, okay?

Ordinary happiness is a waste for your stepsister…

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