Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 252

The Trickster

According to some creation theory, a story needs characters with several roles.

The “protagonist” is the core of the story.

An “enemy” who opposes the protagonist.

The “sage” who helps the protagonist, gives him power, guides him, and so on.

The story also needs a “gatekeeper,” “messenger,” “moody person,” or some such nuanced role, to put it crudely.

And I am categorized in the role of a “prankster”.

If I were to use a slightly less common word, I would be called a “trickster”.

My role is to mislead the protagonist, to change him, to encourage his growth, and sometimes to push him into a corner.

When the protagonist is pitted against the antagonist, or when the antagonist has yet to develop, the Trickster is the one to bring the story to a successful conclusion.

It’s exactly the kind of character Mary Parker deserves.

Well, sometimes I have guided the protagonist as a “sage”, sometimes I have stood in his way as an enemy, and sometimes I have lent a hand as a moody person.

So I can manipulate the story at will by getting involved with the characters a lot in that way.

… Oh, one thing I should mention so as not to misunderstand.

This is what is said in the theory of creation, but you should be careful because if you try to put the fun into logic, you will lose sight of what makes it appealing.

In short, I would like to say that there is absolutely no such thing as a “must-do” method.

Because fun is not logic. Interest is an emotion.

To begin with, if fun could be logical, the world would be full of fun stories, wouldn’t it?

At the very least, works by publishers and other companies that generate money would never bomb.

Since fun cannot be logically defined, let me just say that it is better not to rely on the roles of characters or the creative theories that are talked about in high circles.

It’s fine to use them as references, but everything should be taken with a grain of salt, right?

–Oops, I’m getting too far off topic.

Let’s take a break.

Now that’s what I’m talking about, so and so … I am acting in the dark as the “Trickster”, right?

As a result of acting in that role – now the subheroine, who should have been defeated, is about to return to the stage again.

“Azusa’s unpayed feelings might now be fulfilled.”

After hearing those words, there was no response from Azusa.


Her natural charm is gone, and now she just stares blankly at the void.

She is probably thinking about Ryoma all the time.

“Well, since that’s the case, I think I’ll go home.”

Having finished my role, I gently pat Azusa’s head and then slowly stand up.

With my back to her, I left the living room, and he immediately followed behind me.

“Wait a minute.”

He’s usually so soft-spoken, but when he’s angry, he instantly becomes overbearing, it’s scary stuff, isn’t it?

“You said unnecessary things.”

He’s a mob character, but he’s quite formidable.

“No, no, no, hehe…. uhehe. That’s nice, I like your face …”

Witnessing Kotaro’s anger, I could not help but feel the corners of my mouth begin to curl up.

“For example, let’s say that Kotaro had given in to his impulse and punched me. If you can take on the passion of that unfeeling mob character with your own body, it’s … not a bad idea. I like pain a lot, it gives me the creeps.”

It is wrong to expect a sane reaction from a mischievous clown.

You think you’re going to frighten your opponent when you get mad at him? I’m not a trickster who can reflect and make amends for my mistakes.

I can only enjoy myself.


When I provoked him, Kotaro took a step toward me.

However, I already knew that he would not be violent.

There was no way this mob character would be outraged by a character of my caliber.

So, instead, I would make this suggestion.

“Let’s go outside for now. If you yell at me right now, the little animal in the living room will get scared. You don’t want to look so bad in front of your sister, do you?”

Push and pull, pull and push.

Like a curtain, it flutters and flutters to confuse your partner’s emotions, and by the time you realize it, you are already in their hands.

(Now, let’s move on to the next scene.)

I looked at the plot I had constructed in my mind and adjusted the flow of the story.

First, I made a move on Azusa.

And now … Kotaro, it’s finally your turn…

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