Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 256

The changed appearance of a childhood friend who broke up

Yuzuki Hojo is a very gentle and calm girl.

As a child, I never saw her angry. I have never seen her sad or lonely, and she never shows her “negative” side at all.

I have never met a girl who is so comfortable to be next to.

I felt as if I could stop thinking when I was next to her.

I feel so peaceful when I am next to Yuzuki that I am freed from worries, suffering, patience, etc., or rather, I can think “Oh well” about various things.

This girl will do anything for you.

Perhaps it is because she is kind, but she is very caring, and she did a lot of things around me, and if I had any problems, she took the initiative to help me out.

Besides, when I was next to Yuzuki, I could feel ‘I’m loved’.

Maybe, but the person who can be described as a girlfriend who ruins boyfriends is Yuzuki Hojo.

Because of that, I once mistakenly thought that Yuzuki was in love with me and would love me as I was.

Well, as it turned out, Yuzuki was just “that kind of a person” to begin with, and I later realized that I was not a special kind of person.

That was a long time ago.

The Yuzuki of today has found the love of her life, Ryoma Ryuzaki, and she has devoted herself to him even more than she did to me. … But it seems that her devotion has not borne fruit and has not been rewarded.

“Ryoma-san? Oh, we had a bit of a fight,… and I feel like so many things have suddenly become ridiculous.”

I asked her about it, and she told me about her and Ryuzaki more easily than I had expected.

“I don’t care anymore about cooking dinner, cleaning, doing laundry, all the things I used to love so much.”

“… That’s why it’s like this.”

Yuzuki’s home, which I entered for the first time in almost a year, has been transformed into a different look.

Of course, it is not a good change.

Except for one corner, scattered laundry and garbage covered the floor, and used dishes were left in the kitchen as if they had been thrown away. A slight stench was beginning to waft through the air, and I couldn’t help but frown.

The living room and kitchen were in a terrible state.

However, thanks to the short period of desperation Yuzuki has been in, it seems that the second floor has not been invaded yet. I’m sure that after a day of cleaning up, the place will be clean in no time.

“Yuzuki, your face is bleeding. Are you all right?”

Rather than the home, we must first solve the problem with Yuzuki herself.

The heroine, who has begun to rot, however, is still barely in her original condition.

The disagreement with Ryuzaki must not have happened that long ago.

If that is the case, she should still be able to recover from it.

Although we are no longer involved with each other, and we are leading separate lives now.

It still hurts me to abandon my childhood friend.

I felt like I had to do something to help her as much as I could.

I’ll have to apologize to … Shiho later, though.

Anyway, I’ll do what I can.

“I think you should get some medical attention.”

“…No one will see … my face, so I think it’s okay to leave the wound alone.”

“Don’t say that. There’s quite a bit of blood and … your mother would be worried, okay?”

I know it’s not fair.

But I dared to use the word mother.

Then, Yuzuki’s eyes widened as if she was huffing and … gently touched her own wound.

“… Yes, that’s right. Mother would be so sad.”

Saying that, she turned her gaze to her mother’s altar.

This is the only corner in the garbage-filled living room that is still kept clean.

Yuzuki’s mother passed away three years ago.

However, perhaps it was the memory of her beloved mother that brought Yuzuki back to her senses.

“If she saw me like this, I’m sure I would make her sad, wouldn’t I?”

Then, finally, Yuzuki tended to the wound on her face.

Even though they are scattered, she seems to know where things are and is taking disinfectant, garnishes, etc. out of a first aid kit.

Seeing that was a bit of a relief.

(Thank goodness… it’s not all rotten yet.)

Yuzuki is indeed on the verge of rotting, though.

But still, they were within striking distance of getting back.

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