Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 279

Recollection Part 7

Somehow we made it to the gymnasium where the entrance ceremony was to take place.

By that time, I was still too absorbed in my thoughts to know that Azusa’s heart had been completely stolen by Ryuzaki.

“Phew… I’m glad I wasn’t late. Well then, Azusa… um, you boy, see you later!”

Ryuzaki’s seat was a bit far from ours, so we parted ways with him there.

I couldn’t even remember his name, but I was used to that, and I don’t think he minded that much.

“Yeah! See you later, okay? Onii-chan Ryoma!”

Although I was more caught up in the happy-looking Azusa than in myself…, I couldn’t think too deeply about that either, and I just went with the flow.

The next thing I knew, after the entrance ceremony was over, I went to my new classroom.

I was heading to my newly enrolled classroom, where I met up with Yuzuki.

“Ah, Kotaro-san…! Thank goodness, I didn’t know anyone there, I was so nervous.”

“Huh? Where’s Azusa and Kirari?”

“They both went to the bathroom…”

“I see.”

The homeroom teacher hadn’t arrived yet, so we were having a light chat.

“I’m really glad to be in class with you all. Kotaro-san, I look forward to seeing you in high school as well, okay?”

I thought Yuzuki, who has a bit of a timid side due to her quiet nature, had opened up to me.

Thanks to our relationship as childhood friends, I was able to get along well with her.

But I guess we were just “childhood friends” after all.

Like Shiho and Ryuzaki, Yuzuki and I may have had a shallow relationship.

So, our connection was severed by the slightest chance.

It was at this time. This was the moment when Yuzuki and I became estranged.

“Oops, I’m sorry… ah!”

It was while the two of us were chatting together.

By chance, when Ryuzaki was passing by our seats, that guy bumped into Yuzuki.


In doing so, Ryuzaki’s hand touched Yuzuki, although it was an unavoidable event.

Moreover, his hand was touching her chest area.

Now I understand.

It must have been what is called a “lucky break”.

That event occurred between Ryuzaki and Yuzuki.

“Huh!? I’m sorryyy!!!”

Of course, even Ryuzaki did not do it intentionally.

But perhaps he felt guilty, and this time he apologized with a force unmatched by his earlier words.

“I didn’t mean to touch you! It’s true, please believe me. Please don’t sue me. … In this day and age, I would lose in court! I still have a childhood friend I have to protect, please, please forgive me!”

“Huh? Yes, I know …. You don’t have to apologize so much, okay?”

Yuzuki was a very understanding person.

Of course, she knew that Ryuzaki did not have any ill feelings toward her, and she was surprised at how agitated he was.

“Don’t worry about it.”

I remember well how I looked at Yuzuki, who smiled softly to a stranger and seemed so peaceful…

If I had a proper ego, I would have felt differently about the situation.

It was a girl I had known since childhood who had been touched by another man. If I had any special feelings for her, my heart should have been moved in some way, but I didn’t think anything of it.

I was not aware of any change in Yuzuki’s feelings.

“Oh, thank you …, you have a very good personality!”

“Th-that’s… I’m not the kind of person who deserves that kind of praise.”

“No no! I think you’re a very nice girl, okay? You should be more confident. You’re popular, right? You’re definitely the type of girl that boys like.”

“Ah, erm… no, umm… ah, thank you very much…”

The praise attack, which is Ryuzaki’s specialty, must have stuck in Yuzuki’s mind, who had a low self-esteem.

She was instantly captivated, much like Azusa.

“I’m so, so happy.”

She smiled, albeit reservedly.

Although not as shy as Shiho, Yuzuki is not the type of girl who is very good at expressing her emotions. While she is ladylike, she is also the type of girl who suppresses her own feelings.

Yet, even though it was their first meeting, she opened her heart to Ryuzaki.

“I’m looking forward to being your classmate from now on!”

To Yuzuki, Ryuzaki was as cheerful as ever.

Smiling briskly, he went to his seat. Yuzuki watched his back figure for a long time.

“That person …, what’s his name?”

“Hmm? It’s Ryoma Ryuzaki. He said so earlier.”

“Thank you…Ryoma-san, is it?”

When I told her that guy’s name, Yuzuki recited it again.

I had a feeling that there was already some hot emotion in those words, different from the way she called out to me.

Yes, Yuzuki… had also fallen in love with Ryuzaki…

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