Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 28

The Protagonist Speaks Out

The day of the seat change.

After thorough planning and preparation, we were ready for this day.

In the morning, the students are buzzing because of the seat change ……. Most of the classmates don’t seem to be interested in it.

It is only in primary schools, or just barely in middle school, that people get excited about changing seats.

If you’re in high school, you don’t care where your seat is. No, actually, they may care about the opposite s*x nearby, but they are not old enough to show it.

So the classroom in the morning is quiet as usual……, but after they came, it became noisy at once.

“Ryoma Onii-chan, today is the day for changing seats. It would be nice if we could sit near each other again!”

“Haha …… I couldn’t sleep last night because I had a stomachache. I wish I could be closer to you, Ryoma-san.”

“…… Ryoma, if I leave you, don’t forget me, okay?”

Ryoma Ryuzaki’s group arrived in the classroom and immediately made a fuss about changing seats.

My stepsister, Azusa, my childhood friend, Yuzuki, and my former best friend, Kirari, look worried. Currently, the three of them have an advantageous position in the Ryuzaki harem. They want to maintain that advantage.

They are in the same class, sit close to each other, and have a close relationship ……, so for now they are one step ahead of the other harem members, but if they lose that advantage even a little and the balance of power is lost, they will quickly fall down the rankings.

If they are not careful, another heroine will take their place. It’s just a matter of changing seats, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worried.

Well, Ryuzaki is so insensitive that he doesn’t notice such things.

“Oh dear, calm down. Don’t make too much noise over a mere seat change.”

As usual, he smiles and says he can’t help it.

He doesn’t care what the girls think. The hero is not concerned about his seat ……, and no matter which seat he takes, the heroine is always nearby. No wonder.

In this year’s second grade class, which I belong to, most of the girls are corrupted by Ryuzaki.

All of the girls have some sort of interest in him, and they’re all looking for opportunities to get to know him.

It’s probably because he doesn’t have a problem with women that he can say such annoying lines as, “Oh dear.” no matter what the harem members say to him.

But …… there is one girl in particular who is special to Ryuzaki.

The girl hadn’t come to school yet. Her seat was right behind Ryuzaki’s, and she was his childhood friend.

Her name is Shiho Shimotsuki.

She is a girl with strikingly transparent silvery-white hair.

“Well, the seats may change, but that doesn’t change the fact that …… I’m with Shiho. I’ve known her since she was a little girl, so we have a connection. As long as I can be there for her and protect her, I don’t care where we sit.”

The protagonist says boldly.

He is so proud of his position as a childhood friend that he has no doubt that he can get the results he wants without any effort.

He doesn’t think about the feelings of the other girls who have heard him say that, he just says things that make him happy.

He’s still the protagonist, as usual.


The three girls have a little bit of a sad expression on their face when they hear those words. It’s not too late for Ryuzaki to be obsessed with Shimotsuki, but I guess he’s damaged.

However, only one …… my stepsister, Azusa, was able to get back on her feet quickly.


I was looking at them blankly, when suddenly Azusa looked at me and smiled.

A week ago, after encountering Shimotsuki at home, …… Azusa seemed to become a little stronger.

I had the impression that her heroine status had improved.

Even now, she has a sturdy smile on her face.

“Eh~? It’s terrible, Ryuzaki Onii-chan is okay with leaving Azusa? If you say anywhere is fine, it makes me sad …… gusu gusu.”

Crying, Azusa hugged Ryuzaki from behind as he sat in his chair.

“Oh, come on, it’s too much. …… Okay, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’ve said such horrible things, but I want to be with Azusa and everyone else.”

He even uses this moment to his advantage and indulges himself well.

…… As always, though, it’s a sight that almost breaks my mind.

Well, anyway. I cheered her on in my heart.

That’s good, Azusa. You can take advantage of these opportunities to improve your reputation.

After this, there will be a big opportunity …… for you to never miss it?

When Ryuzaki is broken off from his childhood friend by the power of injustice, he is sure to be shocked.

If Azusa can take advantage of his heartbreak, she will be one step ahead of the other heroines.