Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 282

Recollection Part 10

–Perhaps that moment was the turning point.

At that moment when Kirari was disappointed with me on the rooftop, if I had been inspired rather than relegated…, if I had made a move or even said something that met Kirari’s expectations, there might have been a different route to take.

For example,… Azusa, Kirari and Yuzuki, there is no way to say that there was no possibility of having a school life without estrangement from each other.

But I didn’t have the willpower to twist my fate as a mob character at that moment.

So at that time, as a servant of the story, I was like a ‘mob character’, saying nothing, not moving, like air, and watching the scene in a static manner.

Because of this, in the end, I could not avoid the opportunism that arose with Ryoma Ryuzaki.

“Um, were you Kirari from our class?”

“Yeah. It’s Kirari Asakura… Ryuzaki-kun, you remember me?

“Well, the name Kirari was easy to remember.”

“You know I care about your sparkling name, too!”

“Haha. I’m just kidding… I try to remember the names of pretty girls, so don’t get too upset.”

“Oh, pretty… Ehehe.”

Ryuzaki was flirting with Kirari with a line that made my stomach clench.

The hearts in Kirari’s eyes were completely filled with love.

“I was lucky … to come to the rooftop to look for someone, and I didn’t expect a girl to fall down on me.”

“Ah, I was … so surprised, too. I’m not hurt thanks to you, but … are you hurt or anything?”

“Me. I’m fine. My right hand is a little sore from being pinned down, but it doesn’t look broken.”

“Huh? I’m sorry you got hurt because of me…”\

“Don’t worry about it. This much will heal in little time.”

On the staircase landing, Kirari was conversing with Ryuzaki as he held her.

The two of them were alone in their own world.

“Oops, it’s getting late…, we should get home soon, the streets at night are dangerous for a girl.”

Kirari still seemed to have a lot to say, but at this point Ryuzaki took out his phone to check the time, breaking off the conversation.

“You’re leaving already? I’d like to buy you something to thank you for saving me.”

“Haha. Thanks, then I’ll ask you tomorrow… So by the way, did you see a girl with white hair on the rooftop?”

Then Ryuzaki asked about a certain girl.

“The girl with white hair, Shiho Shimotsuki…, you know, she was in the same class as us, right?”

… Come to think of it, this may be the first time Shiho appeared in a scene.

She didn’t really appear, but it was the first time I heard her name.

“Do you mean that very cute girl with the white hair? Hmmm, that girl is called Shiho Shimotsuki… I didn’t hear her name at all during the self-introduction because her voice was so quiet, so I think this is the first time I have heard of her.”

“Shiho is a girl who isn’t interested in other people. She likes to be alone, or she doesn’t like other people,… so she’s reluctant to introduce herself or attend events like that.”

“… Ryuzaki-kun, are you close with that girl? It seems like you are.”

“Well, I guess you could say we’re on good terms, but … we’re just childhood friends.”

“Oh, she’s just a childhood friend. I’m glad, I’d be shocked if she was your girlfriend…, but that’s not what I meant. It’s not that I’m interested in Ryuzaki-kun, okay.”

“Huh? Oh, yeah. I’m not mindful of it, I know, but … so, wasn’t Shiho on the roof? I looked all over the school and she wasn’t there, so the only other place I can think of is the roof.”

“Well, I don’t think she was there.”

“I see. Well, maybe she’s out of school already… It’s almost dark, and she’s would be in danger, really. I’ll have to catch up with her! Well, I’m off now. See you tomorrow, Kirari!”

Finally, the part of the encounter between Kirari and Ryuzaki came to an end.

Kirari had been following Ryuzaki, who had left at a brisk pace, with her eyes.

Just like Azusa and Yuzuki, … she was also completely captivated…

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