Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 323

It Still Doesn’t Feel Right

And so, the chocolate was successfully completed.

“I did it! I’m truly a genius… Mom, look, it’s done! Isn’t it amazing?”

“Oh my, well done. Shi-chan really is a ‘can-do’ girl. With something like this, Kotaro will surely be pleased, don’t you think?”


Shiho showing off the made chocolate and her mother applauding with claps.

While watching them, Azusa thought it was heartwarming, but… she was actually a bit hesitant.

(I-it’s not that good, though.)

It was hard to say that the chocolates Shiho made had a well-defined shape. Although she had seen her trying her best with cookie cutters to make shapes like stars, squares, and circles, many of them were clumsy, chipped, or broken.

—Is this going into Onii-chan’s stomach?

Thinking that, Azusa decided to taste it just to be sure. If the taste was terrible, she had thought about pointing it out, but the taste itself was chocolate, so at least she knew it wouldn’t cause any harm to health.

So, well… Azusa decided not to say anything.

(Shimotsuki-san grew up being pampered… no, loved.)

Azusa understood that an overly affectionate upbringing could, in fact, turn someone into a helpless person.

(If there isn’t at least one person who can be strict… if things get worse, Onii-chan will have a hard time.)

As she thought about that, Shiho turned towards her.

“Oops. Mom, it’s not good to praise me and make me grin when my little sister is watching. It undermines my dignity as an older sister.”

“What are you talking about? You never had that dignity in the first place.”

“All right, all right, Azu-nyan is a good girl. So, even if you act aloof, I’ll still love you.”

“Can I politely decline the overwhelming affection?”

“…M-Mom! My sister is being cold, what should I do!?”

“You should cry on Mom’s chest.”


Watching Shiho cling to her mother and cry, Azusa couldn’t help but laugh.

(It’s nice that they get along.)

Suddenly, she remembered her indifferent stepmother.

She had rarely talked to her stepmother. In fact, it felt like her stepmother was avoiding her.

Originally, she had heard from her father that her stepmother didn’t like children. She also knew that she was a workaholic and a strict person. Her father seemed to be attracted to such qualities, and that’s why they remarried.

However, Azusa and her stepmother had little time together, and before she realized it, both of them were often out of the country for work.

It might seem like neglecting parenting, but… even so, Azusa had almost no memories of feeling lonely.

Because Kotaro was always next to her.

He treated her like family, so Azusa could be full of energy.

So, it’s about time… Azusa thought, that she wanted to stop worrying them.

“Um… then, I’ll be going now. Thank you for today, Shimotsuki-san. Thanks to you, I got the opportunity to make chocolate.”

“Oh no, don’t worry about it. Just show your gratitude with actions.”

“Actions, what do you mean?”

“In other words, just call me ‘Onee-chan’.'”

“…Shiho Onee-chan, thank you. Is that good?”

“Huh!?!?!?! What!? Say it again! Say, ‘Shiho Onee-chan, I love you’ again!!”

“I didn’t say I love you!? Sigh… Shimotsuki-san is always like that. Well then, Azusa needs to go home! Bye-bye.”

While she impulsively said ‘Onee-chan’, it still didn’t quite feel right.

Thinking that she probably wouldn’t call her that again, she left Shiho’s house. Shiho kept waving until she closed the door, and as she stepped onto the road… there he was, standing in front of the neighboring house.

“…Azusa, can I talk to you for a moment?”

After a long time, she was called by that voice.

Startled, she looked up, and there stood ‘Ryoma Onii-chan’.

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