Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 43

The Protagonist is also dimly aware

My face was hot because of Shimotsuki’s teasing.


I wanted to calm down, so I went to the bathroom and washed my face. Shimotsuki was trying to tease me for some reason, but I managed to get her to stay behind, saying I was scared to leave the fire out of my sight.


Her presence was unsettling in a good way. I left her alone for a bit and repressed my exuberant feelings.


Mob characters don’t need any extra emotions. I have to keep my cool.

And even though Shimotsuki had gotten the better of me earlier, …… there were other people around. They were all working, so they didn’t see us, but it was still dangerous.


If Ryuzaki sees me and Shimotsuki getting along, we’ll be in big trouble. …… I’ll be careful.


I told myself that, and went back to the kitchen.

There, I saw the protagonist.


“Huh? Was Shiho in charge of the fire? Oh, it’s burning well. You’re doing great.”


I wondered if he had finished preparing the food. He was holding a pot and was about to heat it up.

Before that, it seems that he is trying to have a lovey-dovey time with the main heroine, but he looks very annoyed.


“………… Nothing.”


She had such a soft smile on her face just a few minutes ago, but now she was a beautiful woman of ice. She turned her head away with a pout and became expressionless.


“Hahaha. Shiho is always so humble. …… But let me praise you once in a while, okay? Thank you for the fire.”


Ryuzaki was trying to get Shimotsuki’s attention somehow. He is trying to pat her head, as he always does to his harem members. He probably thinks that since the harem members are happy when he does that, Shimotsuki will have the same reaction.


But that’s only because it’s done by someone you like, not by someone you’re not interested in.




Shimotsuki’s expression tightened, and she dodged Ryuzaki’s hand.

Next, she looked around as if searching for something……, and when she spotted me, she immediately ran over to me and got behind me.


It’s as if she was trying to hide from Ryuzaki.


“……What? Why is Nakayama ……!”


This is not good. Ryuzaki is upset.

He was dismayed by Shimotsuki’s blatant attitude and the fact that she hid behind me.


If this is the case, the relationship between Shimotsuki and me might be questioned……. I sensed this and immediately followed up.


“Oh, I was in charge of the fire, too! Hey, Ryuzaki …… is terrible. I worked hard too, so it’s not fair to only praise her.”


It was a spur-of-the-moment thing to do, but I played the role of a good-natured mob character.

I think I was a little bitter in my statement, but Ryuzaki still seems to have a lot of pride in himself, and even this much was easily dismissed.


“…… Oh, I see. So you wanted to say that …… Shiho was kind enough to set fire to the fire with Nakayama? So, you didn’t want one person to be praised. …… Hahaha. I’m not sure what to say. But you surprised me. I thought you hated me.”


As usual, he interpreted it in his own convenient way.

However, since it was an incoherent statement, Shimotsuki is likely to say something back. I look at her, wishing in my heart that she would not say anything at this point if possible…..




Fortunately for me, Shimotsuki, who is behind me, had covered her ears and turned away.

As usual, she seems to be trying to avoid hearing Ryuzaki’s sounds.


Then she probably didn’t even hear what that guy said. Good ……, this way I can still mislead him about the relationship between me and Shimotsuki.


But as Shimotsuki’s attitude toward me became more intimate, I realized that it was slowly starting to be difficult.


And even Ryuzaki would not always be able to interpret things in a convenient way.


“Aha. I was surprised … I was surprised …… to see you hiding behind Nakayama to get away from me…. It’s as if you like Nakayama, isn’t it? No, I don’t think so. Shiho is a strong girl, and she’s not interested in love right now.”


Although she is desperately trying to convince herself, Ryuzaki’s anxiety is oozing out in every word he says.


Maybe, just maybe, little by little……

Ryuzaki may also be beginning to sense Shimotsuki’s true feelings.