Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 58

Doping, Not Therapy

After Azusa’s confession, the protagonist gained confidence in himself, overcame his weakness, and awakened. Originally, the story was supposed to have a happy ending.

Surely, Ryoma Ryuzaki would have been able to make a great leap forward after the turning point of today. Starting with the main heroine, Shimotsuki, he would have been able to capture the sub-heroines in the sequel one after another, whose relationships are still vague at the moment.

However, the one who interfered with this guy was a person who was only a mob character.

Kotaro Nakayama.

In other words, I was the only miscalculation for Ryoma Ryuzaki.

I couldn’t be anything else, but thanks to Shimotsuki, I got a role. In the name of her, I acted as a villain for the protagonist and blamed him.

And so, the story fell apart.

The harem story of Ryoma Ryuzaki, which had managed to hold its shape until halfway through the story, was destroyed by a different person, …… me.

“Why you? How did you become Shiho’s “special one” when you are such a plain and inconspicuous mob? Nakayama, you’re nothing special, but …… I’m definitely more deserving of Shiho.”

You can deny it, but it won’t change the outcome.

Now it’s me next to Shimotsuki, and it’s Ryuzaki who made her cry.

“Why doesn’t Shiho look back at me too? …… I’ve always liked Shiho, so I’ve always held back, even when other girls have tempted me. I’ve had a lot of emotional turmoil, but I’ve always had Shiho’s face in my mind, and I’ve held back. Only Shiho was special to me…….”

I couldn’t take it any longer and …… couldn’t help but laugh at the words.

“Hahaha, …… what’s that? I knew it. You’re always thinking of yourself, aren’t you? Did you put up with the other girls’ temptations? Shimotsuki was the only one who was special? Yeah, you really are a coward, Ryuzaki. The truth is, you were just scared, right? You just didn’t have the courage to face the feelings of the other girls, using Shimotsuki as an excuse, right?”

I didn’t say these words because I was playing a villain. It was something I’ve always thought about.

“It’s ridiculous. I really feel sorry for the girls who like you. …… I feel sorry for them from the side. They’re trying so hard to tell you that they love you. They’ve been very blatant about how much they love you, but you just keep pretending to ignore it. You betray their feelings, trample on them, kick them to the ground, and make no effort to reciprocate. You’re so naive? That’s bullshit.”

My stepsister’s face appeared in my mind.

I’m not going to forgive this guy for hurting my precious family.

“I don’t care what other girls say. Even though other girls have confessed to me, I still love Shiho! So I have to make this confession successful, but if I don’t ……, I won’t be able to face that girl who confessed to me.”

What an arrogant person you are!

The pathetic clown who was fumbling around in his position as the protagonist was hilarious.

“Oh come on, don’t make me laugh any more……. If you want to repay her confession, all you had to do was accept the girl, right? Don’t talk about turning her down as if it’s a beautiful thing. Don’t talk about how you hurt her as if it’s a good thing. You can’t face her? You can’t face the girl you’ve been talking about!”

I wished he would stop using Azusa as an excuse to say stupid things.

“Stop using her as an excuse. Don’t burden her any more. …… That’s the only ‘atonement’ you can make.”

Azusa’s confession was the medicine that healed Ryuzaki.

But it was not a medicine to cure, but a “doping” that only increased …….

Ryoma Ryuzaki’s illness has not been cured.

He is a “loser” from the bottom of his heart.

He only thinks about himself, but he always looks to others for the reason. This time, he didn’t do it voluntarily because he wanted to confess his feelings to Shimotsuki. He just used it as an excuse for rejecting Azusa’s confession.

He’s really a stupid person.

“You have to realize that. What did she look like when you rejected her confession? Did she smile? Did she really look like that? …… Didn’t she look like she was about to cry, like Shimotsuki just now?”

I still have Azusa’s crying face stuck in my mind.

I will never be able to forget that painful image again.

“Stop looking away from what you don’t want to see. Don’t forget, Ryuzaki, that there is a girl who was hurt because of you. If you are really, truly happy with her confession, please don’t …… smear her with more mud.”

I’m begging you, don’t hurt Azusa any more.

I’m sure my heartfelt words …… did not reach Ryuzaki.

No matter what I say, there is no way the protagonist-sama will twist his thoughts with my words.

But for the sake of the subheroine who adores that guy……, the protagonist will be able to accept his mistakes.


I’m sure he knows that too.

He remembered that Azusa had looked like she was about to cry.

That’s why Ryuzaki could only nod, unable to say anything.

This is the end of the protagonist’s awakening.

The doping effect of Azusa’s confession has worn off, and he’s just the same old loser.

Now, it’s time to end it.

Ryuzaki Ryoma……, I’m sick of your stupid story…