Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 7

Intrusive Good Intentions are the Privilege of the Protagonist

TL/ED: Bogdi

My brain, which had been on the verge of melting since morning, seemed to be regenerating.

My mind was very troubled, but thanks to Shimotsuki talking to me, I was able to feel very calm.

Ah, …… that’s right, yesterday I became friends with this girl.

It’s not that I forgot, but …… it slipped my mind because I was thinking about Azusa and the others.

When I’m thinking about bad things, I usually can’t think of anything positive. Maybe that’s what I was doing a short while ago.

“Oh, I’ m not shy. I’m not shy. …… You’re right, I don’t get nervous when I’m with my family. It’s also fine when it’s just the two of us alone……, but it’s still hard to get used to being watched by strangers.”

Maybe she wanted to argue, but Shimotsuki was talking close to my ear. However, no matter how hard she tried, no matter how many excuses she made, she still looked shy.

I think she is a bit of a shy person, or perhaps a introvert.


And from what I heard yesterday, she seems to have very keen hearing. She has a good ear, right? Maybe that’s why she’s so concerned about the presence of others.

It was when, I was thinking about that.

At last, the Ryuzaki group, who had been flirting outside the school building, seemed to have arrived at the classroom.

“Hey, I’ve been feeling your b*****s for a while now, you know?”


“You’re touching, right? You’re touching ~”


“Well, Azusa’s b*****s are so small that it’s almost impossible to tell. I have bigger b*****s than she does.”

“B*****s aren’t about size, are they? The shape is also important ~ ♪”


What in the world are they talking about? ……Suddenly, high-pitched voices spread, and everyone in the classroom looked at Ryuzaki and the others. But the girls were oblivious to their surroundings and kept flirting with him.

“Hey, Ryoma-niichan? Tell me who’s the best?”

“Who is the best, … I can’t decide–“


That’s when it happened.

Ryuzaki’s gaze turned to me. I think he was looking for Shimotsuki. It’s always Shimotsuki that he’s chasing with his eyes.

And Ryuzaki saw it.

Shiho Shimotsuki, his childhood friend, with her face close to my ear.



Even though he hadn’t finished his conversation with Azusa and the others, he walked right up to us.

His eyes were intense as he stared at me. The hostility in his eyes was so blatant that it baffled me.

“Oh, hey, Shiho? What’s going on? It’s rare to see you awake, since you’re usually asleep all the time. If there’s something wrong, I’ll help you.”

He seemed to be in a rush, angry, or upset.

In response to Ryuzaki, who spoke to her with such an attitude, Shimotsuki …… instantly erased the color from her expression.

After all, she seems to be extremely uncomfortable with Ryuzaki.

Just by talking to him, the lovely face that she had been showing me until a moment ago suddenly turned cold.

“………… not really.”

Then she said only one word and turned away.

She was back to the quiet, ice-like Shimotsuki I had always seen.

However, the insensitive Ryuzaki doesn’t understand Shimotsuki’s feelings.

With his usual smug attitude, he is trying to impose his one-sided good will.

“How can there not be something? It’s unusual for Shiho to talk to strangers. …… Look, when you’re in trouble, it’s better to turn to someone who knows, right? Don’t be shy.”

Ryuzaki tried to touch Shimotsuki’s shoulder in a friendly manner.

However, she stepped back as if rejecting him.

It seemed like she was hiding behind me.

Then, naturally, I would have to face Ryuzaki.


” Uh, ……? I’m sorry. My childhood friend Shiho seems to have caused you trouble.”

Then Ryuzaki looked at me with his head tilted.

The look on his face was like, “Was there a guy like this in my class?”. He looked as if he wanted to say that.

Such an attitude made me feel as if my mind was turning cloudy and black. …… Such an image struck me.