Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 75

Why Clumsy Shiho-chan Became the Main Heroine

Silver hair swayed softly. The hair that bounced as she walked was so beautiful.

Compared to Shiho’s hair, the silver was a little darker?

Her long hair was lightly wavy, and the hairstyle suited her well. She looked like a model, …… but she was wearing a Bear Mark apron ……, which made her look less flashy.

But still, …… she looks very young. It would not be out of place if someone said she was a high school student.

I think the person in front of me now is really attractive as a woman.

For a few seconds, when she invites me into her house and leads me into the living room.

Just by looking at her back for that long, she was so beautiful that a normal human being would not be able to have normal feelings about her.

That much charm would send chills down your spine.

Shiho’s mother was so inhuman that I wondered if she was really a human being.

Her name, it seems, is Satsuki. It is strange that her name is Japanese, even though she looks so un-Japanese.

“…Hmm? Staring so hard, what’s wrong?”

Perhaps it was because I was staring too hard.

She seemed bothered by my gaze and stopped to look back.

Her blue eyes stared at me, and my body tensed up.

The beauty, which reminded me of a Western doll, made me want to run away from her.

“No, no, it’s nothing….”

I look away and take a step back.

I unconsciously tried to keep my distance.

Seeing me like that, Shiho’s mother – Satsuki-san rounded her eyes as if she was a little surprised.

“Oh, dear? Hmmm…I see……… That’s my daughter indeed. Looks like you’ve brought an interesting person with you.”

I wonder how I appeared in her eyes.

Satsuki-san gave me a curious look and gently tapped my shoulder.

“I wonder if Kotaro is not good with me? It would be sad if you were so wary of me.”

“No, no, that’s not the case….”

It’s not that I’m not good with her.

Of course it’s impossible for me to dislike her.

But I’m kind of …… in awe. I doubt if it’s really allowed for me to talk to this person.

“I see. Kotaro doesn’t hate me, he hates himself, doesn’t he?”


The unexpected words made my heart jump.

It was right on the mark. I was at a loss for words because I had clearly been hit by a certainty.

It is true that I have low self-esteem.

I always put in the phrase, “I’m nothing, but…” and it makes me feel downhearted.

Satsuki recognized this in our first meeting.

“How did you …… know?”

“Smell, maybe? I am naturally sensitive to smell. So, I’m kind of sensitive to the other person’s emotions? I’m sorry, that was a weird thing to say.”

…… No, I understand.

Somehow, I understood what Satsuki meant.

Shiho also often says, ‘I have a good hearing’.

Perhaps that unusual sense is inherited from her mother.

She even once described Ryuzaki as ‘not good at it because it sounds disgusting’. In the same way, Satsuki may be able to get an impression of someone by their smell.

“Most people, when they see me, smell a little funny, …… and you don’t, so I was surprised.”

….. Oh, that’s what you mean.

You looked surprised earlier, so I wondered what was going on, but I was relieved to see that it wasn’t for any …… significant reason.

In other words, Satsuki is too beautiful.

This is only a prediction, but …… probably, if a normal person sees Satsuki, he/she will be first and foremost stimulated emotionally.

If you are a man, your ulterior motive will be stimulated.

If you are a woman, you may feel jealousy.

That’s how out of the ordinary she is.

However, due to my own lowly nature and my former mob character, I did not have the s****l disposition to have an ulterior motive.

So I was not lustful, nor jealous and disgusted, but simply overwhelmed by her presence.

Well, it’s not that I’m an amazing person because I just have no personality.

“From Kotaro, I can smell the scent of a modest person, …… a nice person, so he should have more confidence in himself.”

But Satsuki-san appreciated me for that.

“That’s the kind of boy Shi-chan likes. …… My husband smells wonderful, too, but he may have a different charm.”

Then she smiled, this time with an innocent smile.


Not good. I felt out of place and broke out in a cold sweat.

I knew that someone like me would be too intimidated to talk to Satsuki-san.  And to have her smile at me – I felt like that shouldn’t be the case.

If such a person was at school with me, I would be horrified just thinking about it. I’m sure many boys have fallen in love and been crushed.

(I wonder if Shiho’s out-of-this-world charm is inherited from her.)

I finally understand how the beauty and magical charm that drove that harem-minded protagonist crazy came about – and why.

Satsuki-san’s blood makes the clunker of a woman, Shiho, the main heroine.

If you think about it, Shiho is a little ……, no, a lot too clumsy to be the main heroine.

Study, exercise, housework, conversation, etc. …… Shiho has too many genres she is not good at for a main heroine.

Under normal circumstances, Shiho would be a sub heroine in the ” attractive ” category at best. But Satsuki’s blood pushes her to be a main heroine.

But – then a question came to my mind.

(Then why is Shiho so approachable?)

I’m sorry Satsuki-san, but …… she is so beautiful that just standing in front of me, I feel as if my dirtiness is highlighted.

So she is not an easy person to relate to.

Of course, that is not to say that she is unfriendly. She has a soft atmosphere and does not give off a cold impression at all. But I feel a bit intimidated.

Yet, Shiho didn’t make me nervous from the first meeting.

How can I say …… Shiho is a little strange even as a normal heroine.

She is “special”.

I thought about it and couldn’t figure out why, but shortly after ……, I showed up in the living room and it all worked out.

“Yes, come in. It’s our living room……. And that’s my husband. ♪”

Immediately, Satsuki-san’s voice rises. She had been calm earlier, but as soon as she opened the door to the living room, her intensity rose.

Perhaps it was – the bulky man sitting on the sofa was the reason.

“…… Oh? You’re here already? Welcome …… Kotaro, right? My daughter is always indebted to you.”

I was taken aback by the sight of that colossal, well-rounded person.

(This is the person …… who made Shiho ‘special’!)






The expression, the voice, the gaze, the gestures, the body shape, the atmosphere …… everything was just gentle.

Absolutely, it was this person.

The reason why Shiho is so friendly is because of him.

I have never seen such a person.

Just by being around him, I felt such warmth that I naturally relaxed ……..