Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 80


“Yes, it’s good. Kotaro is not so bad. Maybe he’s one of those people on our side who can look at things from a bird’s eye view.”

We just had a little conversation.

Just like that, Mary was acting like she knew everything about me.

“I’ve been wondering about that, you know? After all, you are the person that Ryoma hates so much …… that he can dislike someone, when he is so pitifully indifferent to the feelings of …… others.”

“Nah ……!”

Moreover, Mary knew Ryuzaki’s true nature.

She never showed any such signs of it at school, and yet ……!

Like Yuzuki, Kirari, and other harem members, Mary was also fond of Ryuzaki at school.

She was classified in the category of one heroine who was attracted to the hero named Ryoma Ryuzaki, and she was acting according to that role.

But now it is different.

She was laughing at Ryuzaki with a foolish smile on her face, as if she were a different person from the one she was at school….

“I’d like to know more about Kotaro, since it’s a great opportunity. Tell me all your principles, thoughts, ideas, philosophies, theories, everything? And will you satisfy my thirst for knowledge? Otherwise, I can’t stand it. I might be tempted to do something that would tickle Ryoma’s jealousy.”

“…… Does that mean you’re going to talk to me at school and have Ryuzaki see that you’re doing it?”

“Yes? For example, I wonder if I could hug or something in front of …… Ryoma? I’m sure Ryoma would be uncomfortable if I did that. He might say, “You took away my love again,” right?”

–Oh, s**t.

This person seems to know more about me than I know about her.

“Human …… everyone has a background. There are origins. There are relationships that accompany them. The more we know about them, the more we can understand the causes and effects of actions. You can see the process of the results of the process of the creation……. A little literary way to describe it would be ‘the story.’?”

“The Story ……”

“Yeah, it’s a story. When I transferred to a new school, I looked up my classmates. I didn’t want to live a boring school life, so I looked for elements that would make it interesting. As a result, I found …… Ryoma and Kotaro.”

Then Mary laughed.

Her smile was the opposite of Shiho’s innocent and adorable smile, cunning and twisted.

“I want to twist the story of you two.”

Then she approaches me, leaning forward.

She leans her weight on me, and when I felt the softness of Mary’s body, I …… unexpectedly felt a sense of disgust.


Pushing away, I distance myself from Mary again.

But I’m already backed into the corner, and I can’t back away any further.

So I couldn’t escape Mary’s nasty smile.

“That’s why …… we need to talk more, okay? Tell me about Kotaro? I need to know more and more about your story so I can enjoy myself.”

…… I see.

Now I get it. Mary is not just a new character.

She is still in the position of a tricky story crasher. That was to be expected. …… But she was more twisted than I expected.

I would classify people like this as ‘hedonists’.

As long as they enjoy themselves, they don’t care about others…… Such twisted character sent chills down my spine……..