Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 83

The Creator

Mary tells me.


“I’ve got a scenario in mind. Let’s make this one about the protagonist being defeated and beaten by a mob character that he looked down upon.”


She is a hedonist who will do anything for fun.

I have to say that the story requested is a bit skewed.


“The protagonist, who is blessed with everything, is favored by numerous girls. It’s a so-called harem-type romantic comedy. One day, he finally decides to love a heroine.”


…… I don’t think that this story is going to be very interesting because it has a sense of déjà vu…….

Well, let’s listen to the end of the story at first.


“Oh, you think I’m a temptress? You prefer something more unconventional? But it’s hard to play with such a typical protagonist. At least allow me to start off in a conventional way.”


“… No, I have no complaints.”


She still talks in a very indirect way.

Her tone of explanation, as if she were making fun of the other person, was a bit annoying, but I guess that is Mary’s way of speaking. I was careful not to let my mind wander too much and urged her to continue.


“In the process of loving one heroine, he might dump other subheroines. But I don’t like such a story where even the thoughts of such girls are used and the protagonist-kun is united with the heroine he loves – that kind of story.”


……Yeah, that’s right.

Mary, who is a twisted woman, would never enjoy a romantic comedy that fits into a typical framework.


“But the heroine who made the protagonist fall in love with her actually had another boy she liked. The other person is, to his surprise, a mob character. The story ends with the protagonist grieving because the mob character he looked down upon has stolen the person he loves…and it’s too early to tell.”


“….. Early?”


I can’t help but interject with those words.

She had been telling a story that felt like déjà vu all along, but I didn’t know the rest of the story.


“Oh, it’s early. If we end here, it will be the same as before, right? It’s not a good idea to repeat the same thing over and over again.”


I thought the story was very familiar, but it seems that she knew what she was talking about.

She knows everything. I’m sure she knows what happened at the overnight learning program.


“This is not enough of the “Suck it up” that I want.  The main character should be unhappy and the mob characters should be happy.”


“In what way?”


“I think it would make the contrast between the two stand out even more if you switched their positions. For example, not only the heroine, but also the subheroine who was rejected by the protagonist, who also falls in love with the protagonist? No, it’s not enough. Maybe it would be nice to have a mob character become the harem protagonist.”


Mary really seems to love that kind of story.

She had chosen her words in a somewhat staged manner, but only now did I feel she was speaking her honest thoughts.


‘When everything he should have had is taken away from him, the boy who was the harem protagonist finally realizes. He realizes how badly he had treated the heroines, how much they loved him, and how blessed he was. …… Yeah, okay! So he lives the rest of his life alone and lonely, regretting his actions. I’d like to see the protagonist beaten down like that. …… Oh, I can’t resist! This is good. I’m a pretty good “creator”, aren’t I?”


…… Or maybe that would be interesting if it were a fictional story, though.

But the fact that she is trying to do it in reality is still eerie.


“The cast is already set, you know? The main protagonist is, of course, Ryoma. The mob character is Kotaro. The heroine will be …… bold, but I’ll do it. As for the subheroine who gets dumped, Yuzuki …… would be too weak-willed, so Kirari would be good.”


“…… Casting, huh? The story is quite memorable, but will I have to do the same thing again?”


Apparently, Mary is going to follow the plot from just the other time and repeat it.


“Yes. But since romantic comedies are all about love and not being loved, it’s inevitable that the stories will be of the same type. …… Well, I’m not really interested in the process. The main part of my ‘originality’ will be how the main character falls.”


After all, it seems that Mary just wants to see Ryuzaki fall.


“Are you worried? Don’t worry, I am a good creator and I can move perfectly well as an actor. There is nothing I can’t do.”


There is nothing that she has not been able to do.

The reason why these arrogant words are so persuasive is because she is a “perfect heroine”.


” …… Creator, huh?”


I almost laughed when Mary called herself that.

She doesn’t seem to be aware of it……, but I still don’t see her as a creator.


She is also a “subheroine”.

Since she calls herself such a creator, I think it’s no wonder she thought it was hilarious–