Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 90

The Story is in Progress

Class 1 and 2 are going to do “Beauty and the Beast” at the festival.


“Ko, I wanted to see the little piggy, but I was too nervous to raise my hand…….! Ugh, I wanted to see the little piggy cry.”


“No, Shiho was the only one who wanted to do that, so we couldn’t have done it anyway.”


Even though her shyness is gradually improving, she still becomes quiet when I’m not around.

I gave her a hearty encouragement, hoping that someday she would be able to behave openly in front of others.


Shiho, hang in there. You can do it – and this makes me sound like a parent.


…… Well, that’s beside the point.


“Now then, about the casting, …… the only things that can be decided in time are the main actors and the person in charge of the script. First, let’s decide who will be in charge of the script, which will take the most time. Does anyone have a preference?”


Niou-san asked, but no one’s hand went up. My guess was that Mary would do it, but she was not interested in scriptwriting.


She seems to want to enjoy the real world and is not interested in the fictional world.


“Is anyone out there? If not, I’ll ……. Maybe I can write it.”


“Oh, great!”


One of our classmates exclaimed in admiration.

It seems that Niou-san likes stories after all. Of course, not in a warped sense like Mary, but in a pure sense.


“I don’t think it will be a great script, but I’ll give it all I can. I’m applying to study literature and art at university, so it will be a good opportunity for me to get a good record.”


Her tone was calm, but her red face made it obvious that she was just trying to be tactful.


“Then does anyone want to play the main heroine, the Beauty, and the Beast and …… the handsome hunter…..”


At the same time she said these words, Mary raised her hand in high spirits.

She was so enthusiastic that I could tell she had been waiting for it.


“Yes, yes! I want to play the Beauty!”


Everyone laughed at her cheerful remark. I am sure that they see a cheerful beautiful woman in their eyes. …… I know that it is a calculated act, and it is only creepy to me, because I see the other side of her.


“The Beauty, …… who else would like to act?”


But it was not an instant decision.

The Niou-san is turning her somewhat meaningful gaze in our direction.


No, not exactly to me, but to Shiho next to me.


“………… Wakame s-seeweed…”


She didn’t notice my gaze, though she was muttering something unintelligible to me.

Well, I understand what Niou-san is trying to say.


Because when it comes to beautiful women in this class, the first name that comes to mind is “Shiho Shimotsuki”. Mary is also a beautiful woman, but she doesn’t get along with …… anyone, and Shiho has the image of being a “high peak”.


So, she is the most suitable for the role of the Beauty. …… However, her classmates probably know that it is impossible.


People would have seen Shiho crying on stage during the overnight program.

So they would understand that she can’t be an actor in a play.


“No? Then, Mary, please play the Beauty.”


Soon the main heroine was decided.

Two more roles remained to be cast. The two remaining roles are that of the beast and the handsome hunter. …… If you think about it in that order, the role of the beast is likely to be played by Ryuzaki.


Since he is the main character, it was obvious that he would be the main character in the play as well.

–I was expecting that.


“Yes, yes, yes! Can I recommend someone?”


A disturbing hand went up.

That hand, of course, belonged to Mary.





“I nominate …… Kotaro for the role of the Beast!”





….. Really?

The class was in a stir at this unexpected statement.


“Kotaro, you mean …… Nakayama? What, indeed, that’s …… quite different, isn’t it?”


Everyone was puzzled. No, I understand how they feel. I am sure I am more bewildered than everyone else.


“Huh!? Mary, why…… that guy?”


No, let me correct you.

It was Ryuzaki who was the most puzzled, not me.


His favorite heroine had mentioned the name of a man he hated. I am sure he is not at peace with himself.


“But you don’t like this kind of thing, do you Ryoma? Oh, maybe you wanted to play a role in a play? Then Ryoma should be the main character!”


“I don’t want to do it, but I don’t understand why you’re recommending him over …… anyone else.”


You are absolutely right.

Ryuzaki’s statement is absolutely correct. However, …… Mary smiled a weird smile in response to his words.


Forgetting to act, she said.


“Because …… that’s more ‘interesting’, isn’t it?”


–Oh, I see.

This was, after all, the scenario that Mary had drawn up.


We would put on a play at the school festival.

And she wants me to be the main character and Ryuzaki to be the villain.


As if to “foreshadow” a relationship that would later come into existence…