Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 92

The Pushy Protagonist

–Shiho is also growing up little by little.

In the past, she would never have been able to express herself in front of everyone.

Even raising her hand in a majority vote would have been a daunting task for Shiho.

This time, however, she mustered up the courage to do it.

Even though she had to endure the attention for my sake, …… she continued to raise her hand stubbornly.

I wonder what these classmates think about the efforts of the girl who is so determined to do her best.

I am sure they would think something like this.

< I want to cheer her on! >

Human beings are not good at everything. Everyone has a weakness in a certain category. It is very difficult to face them, and it requires a very strong will.

It is human nature to want to unconditionally cheer on people who are trying their best, no matter what their personalities are.

And Shiho is the main heroine. There was no way that everyone would not cheer her on.

Therefore, hands went up one after another.

Perhaps some of the votes came from neutrals who were happy with either one. There may have been people who succumbed to peer pressure, raising their hands because everyone else raised theirs.

But it was unmistakably “Shiho” who created the trigger.


Ryuzaki looks frustrated. He’s glaring at me, but I can’t say anything, probably because of the action Shiho took.

I didn’t do anything. She just did her best.

But that may have been uncomfortable for Ryuzaki. Because he is the one who wanted to be chosen by Shiho, but was not chosen.


Mary, on the other hand, also had a complicated expression on her face.

She was smart enough to realize that she would have failed if the situation had gone the way it was supposed to. That is why she must be acutely aware of the significance of the main heroine’s move to overturn the board.

She can change the flow of the situation, but she cannot create it.

That is the limitation of the sub-heroine.

(Glad it went in the right direction this time, Mary ……, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen next time, okay?)

As for me, though, I wanted her plot to fall apart.

But it’s inevitable. Shiho wanted me to play the leading role.

Then there was no way I could refuse.

“I understand. You don’t even need to count……. Nakayama-san, please play the Beast.”

And Niou-san, the sole remaining neutral person in the classroom, proceeded with the meeting in an unobtrusive manner.

As the referee, she only verbalizes the facts. But that is also a merciless sentence against Ryuzaki.

“I would like you to play the role of the hunter, Ryuzaki-san.”

“… Damn.”

In the end, it seems that I was cast as per Mary’s intentions.

I wasn’t supposed to be the star of the show.

(It’s a gory story…….)

This is something of brute force.

Even if Mary-san had tried all kinds of tricks, it was going to be impossible, but Shiho’s influence is still amazing.

And once again I feel …… glad that a girl like that has the courage to do this for me.

Such a charming girl is trying to support me with her devotion.

How could any man not be happy about that?

(Well, I’m not confident ….)

To be honest, I’m not sure I could play the lead role.

It’s a fictional story, so it’s still better, but that didn’t mean I thought I could perform admirably.

But I’ll do my best.

Shiho did her best. …… Now it’s my turn…