Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 98

The Dancing Frame

When I left the shopping mall and breathed in the air outside, I tasted …… something unpleasant. It tasted fishy, and it tasted like blood.

Apparently, I had unconsciously bitten my lip.

So that’s how strong the anger toward Kirari was.


It’s as if there is mud in my heart.

I felt a sick feeling all over my body, like when you step on a snake’s nest, and suddenly stopped.

I turned around somehow, but Kirari was no longer there.

After all, she had said whatever she wanted to me, but in the end, she didn’t argue with me.

Kirari in junior high school would have said things more clearly.

I feel even worse when it’s …… that one-sided.

It’s not that I wanted to hurt her.

We are former best friends, but now we are strangers. It would have been fine if we could live separate lives from each other.

But Kirari tried to interfere in a strange way, so I said what I wanted to say.

I regret that very much.

I wonder if there wasn’t another option.

I could have muddled the waters, let the situation pass, or even made it go away peacefully… Regret is running around in my head.

Just then, I saw her face this time, and I was already in a bad mood.

“Hee-hee. I’m glad you’re in a good mood.”

“Albeit a bit distorted.”

There was a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

She was not an impostor like Kirari.

She was a real, Western-style beauty.

“Why are you here? Are you stalking me?”

Mary was leaning against a lamppost, looking at me like she was waiting for me.

“Yes. Because Kirari was acting independently today, wasn’t she? I’m sure you’ve seen how lonely she looked because I monopolized Ryoma’s feelings, right? At times like that, it’s easy to show weakness. …… For example, she might try to get back together with her ex-best friend ….I thought so.”

I see…….

It seems that both Kirari and I were dancing in Mary’s palms.

“The lighter the frame, the better it spins. It spins and spins so much that it is pleasant ……, isn’t it? But because it is light, it doesn’t last long. It soon runs out of power and falls over. And then I will crush it.”

Mary squeezed my hand.

It was as if she was squeezing me like Kirari.

“See? It’s just like my scenario. The subheroine, the hero, and the antagonist have all been mangled into a nice mess.”

Mary looked like a true creator as she said this with a proud expression on her face. It is the nature of creators to become talkative when it comes to their work.

“Kirari is already doing what I want, isn’t she? Ryoma turned his back on her, leaving Kotaro as the only person to hang on to. You’re not the kind of person who can hold your own, so you’ll probably end up accepting her, won’t you? I wonder what Kotaro will do when that happens?”

It’s …… frustrating, but Mary is seeing right through me.

I wonder if I, with my weak initiative due to my lack of self-confidence, …… can really continue to reject Kirari.

“What’s with the “Don’t think you can get what you want” look? After all, the story is going the way I want it to go.”

Mary was sneering at me with a triumphant look on her face.

I couldn’t say anything in response to her words.

(Damn it!)

I poisoned my heart.

After all, were Ryuzaki and Kirari not as great characters as I thought they were?

Will the story go on like this, being made good by the likes of Mary-san?