Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Interlude 15

“Sisters-in-Law” Part 1

(Author Note: This is a story set 10 years after the marriage of Kotaro and Shiho. While unrelated to the main story, I wanted to write a lighthearted tale.)

――This is a tale from a slightly distant future.

A day that lies 10 years ahead, a day yet to come.

It is the story of what happens after Kotaro and Shiho get married.

Naturally, them becoming a married couple also means… legally, they became “sisters”.

And she was incredibly unhappy about it.

“Azu-nyan, Onee-chan came to visit!”

“… You don’t have to come, you know?”

“Eh. I mean, I was free, after all.”

To the home of Azusa, who lives alone, came the silver-haired beauty—formerly known as Shimotsuki Shiho, now Nakayama Shiho.

She’s 26 now, and seeing how much more grown-up she’s become since they first met, Azusa couldn’t help but sigh.

Because, she’s the person Azusa struggles the most with.

“Azusa… or rather, I’m busy, so could you leave?”

“Eh, are you busy!? In that case, Onee-chan will help you, you don’t have to hold back.”

“I’m not holding back!? Geez. Listen, Azusa doesn’t want Shiho-san around because you’re a bother, got it?”

“Oh my, my, you’ve grown into such a reserved girl…! Onee-chan is so happy to feel her little sister’s growth. But don’t worry. You can lean on Onee-chan a bit, okay?”


Azusa is also 26 now, so she’s quite conscious of behaving like an adult.

She tries to refer to herself with “I”, and she tries to use more mature language.

However, it seems her true nature comes out when she’s in front of her.

“How many times do I have to tell you? Azusa, I’m not good with you, right?”

She exposed her childlike self, reminiscent of her high school days.

To that, Shiho smiled gently.

“Hehe. Is the rebellious phase not over yet? There, there, be a good girl and calm down. Look, I bought cake today. Let’s eat together?”

And just as always, Shiho wasn’t really listening to Azusa’s words.

This hasn’t changed since their school days. Shiho has always been free-spirited, always turning Azusa’s world upside down.

“I won’t eat! Azusa, I’m on a diet!”

“… What good will it do to get any slimmer? You’re still so small, you have to eat a lot. You won’t grow properly if you don’t.”

“I won’t grow anymore! Azusa will live her whole life with this body… just leave me alone!!”

“Ugh… I understand you’re going through puberty, but you’re also in your growth phase, so you need to eat a lot.”

“Azusa is the same age as Shiho-san, you know!? The rebellious phase, puberty, and growth, they’re all over for me. There’s no future for this body!!”

For the first time in a while, she raised her voice.

Even though she had become an adult and settled into a calm life… Shiho’s arrival still disrupted Azusa, as always.

“Shiho-san might be misunderstanding… Azusa might look like a child, but her mind is that of an adult!”

Despite her words, Azusa puffing out her cheeks made her look nothing but childish.

Because of that, Shiho treats Azusa like a child.

“Alright, alright, I’ll let you believe that. Oh my, what a troublesome child.”

“Oh, don’t give me that adult-like attitude… don’t act all ‘I’ve softened you up’. It’s because you make Azusa look childish!”



Facing Shiho’s calm smile, Azusa could do nothing but grit her teeth.

Their compatibility remained just as bad as ever.

Since their student days, their conversations never seemed to align.

“For goodness’ sake—!”

She was getting close to getting seriously angry and chasing her away.

When Azusa decided that upon seeing Shiho, who had started relaxing in the room without asking, it happened.

“Oh, speaking of which, I have a souvenir from Daa-chan for Azu-nyan.”

With that one sentence, her anger vanished.

“…Huh? From Onii-chan?”

“Daa-chan” is a nickname derived from “Darling”, which essentially means Shiho’s husband… for Azusa, it refers to her brother, ‘Kotaro’.

“Oh, a souvenir, huh… I see.”

Azusa instantly becomes fidgety.

She’s clearly curious about the gift from her brother.

“That’s true, but if I’m bothersome, I’ll leave. I’ll just send it to you later.”

“W-Wait a second! Can’t you just give it to me now? What’s the point of sending it later?”

“Eh. But you seem angry…”

“Uh, that’s a lie. I-I’m not angry!… Ugh, fine! I get it. We can eat cake, right!?”

Somehow, despite her resistance.

If there’s a souvenir from her brother, then that changes things…

(To be continued)

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