Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Interlude Short Story 1

It’s a bit early to talk about a certain future daily life (romantic comedy) Part 1

*This is a short story unrelated to the main story.

On a certain day.

It’s a story about the future that’s a little too early to tell now.

She had grown up and was old enough to drink.

Around that time, her mother suddenly asked her something like.

“Is Shii-chan going to be a p*mp in the future?”

“Mom!? You know, p*mp is not a good word to call me… I wish you would call me a housewife.”

It happened at the dinner table, when her father was working late and didn’t come home.

She – Shiho Shimotsuki’s mother – asked more questions as she ate her fried chicken with wonder.

“A housewife, … Shii-chan, even though you can’t cook?”

“So, I can do it! Look, this fried chicken is delicious! I gave him some today and he said, ‘It’s so good! You’re a genius! I love you, Shiho-chan!’ He even patted me on the head.”

“Well, you have a lovely boyfriend. It’s so sweet of him to say this tastes so good, take good care of him, will you?”

“Ooooh! Mom you’re a Baka~!”

–I told him about such our argument.

“Kotaro-kun, don’t you think my mother is very cruel? Just because I’m beautiful, I’m a good cook, I’m a perfect housekeeper, I have a good personality and I’m very nice, there are things you should say and things you shouldn’t.”

“… At any rate, I could tell that Shiho loves her mother.”

The two university students had some free time before their next class, so they decided to go to a nearby coffee shop.

There she was having tea time with her much-loved boyfriend, when she suddenly recalled her mother.

“I never thought you’d still be having such hilarious parent-child fights when you’re 20 years old,… Shiho, you haven’t changed as an adult.”

“Ho, hilarious …? Even though it was such an intense fight!?”

“If you think this is intense, it probably means that Shiho is usually very spoiled.”

“Oh, my! Kotaro-kun, you’ve started to say that … already, you make me smile when you tease me like that, so don’t do it! I’m mad at you right now, okay?”

The two of them, who were having a conversation so sweet that it almost made one spit out sugar, seemed a little uncomfortable with the classmates around them.

As the coffee shop was located near the university, it was naturally frequented by many people who knew them, but the two of them didn’t mind this at all.

The idea of worrying about the eyes of those around them had already ended when they were in high school.

Perhaps that was why they were in the middle of it now …, although the frequency of making space for just the two of them had increased as well.

“What are you angry about?”

“Well, because … Mom ate my food with a ‘delicate’ look on her face. I wanted her to eat it with a smile on her face because I worked so hard on it! And she said I wasn’t even good at cooking!”

“Oh, so that’s how it is. But I think it’s delicious, so it’s fine, isn’t it?”


“Oops… Suddenly confessing something makes me a little queasy.

“It’s your fault, Kotaro-kun. You’re always saying things that make me happy … but this is a ‘Yuyukishi’ situation.”

“A ”Yuyukishi’ situation, huh?”

Kotaro smiled and took a sip of coffee.

Shiho imitated this by drinking her coffee and then frowning bitterly.

“If it’s bitter, why don’t you put sugar in it?”

“… It’s not bitter. I don’t want you to think of me as a child forever. I’m 20 years old. I can drink it.”

“You’re weak enough to turn red in the face after just one sip, but you can drink it, at least to a point.”

“Yes. So of course I can drink black coffee, too.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Muuu… ah, I want the same drink as you! Sure, it’s bitter, but I’m willing to go out of my way to make it the same, you know? Don’t make me repeat it.”

“I see … but if Shiho’s pushing herself too hard, it’s not much fun for me.’

“…I like it.”

“Yes, yes, I like it too. So I think you should put sugar and milk in it.”

“If I make it … sweet, I’ll get heartburn, won’t I?”

“Already have.”

… Of course, Kotaro did not put sugar in his coffee.

But Shiho’s sweet words always filled his heart.

Well, for what it was worth, he seemed to enjoy it too.

It was a romantic comedy so sweet that even coffee couldn’t neutralise it.

But Shiho had a sweet tooth, … and that sweetness was not enough…

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