Shimotsuki-san likes the mob: Valentine Special Project 1

Happy Valentine’s Day 10 Years Later (Part 1)

–What day is February 14?

Don’t tell me you don’t know.

I’m sure you know it too.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!”

It’s midnight.

As soon as the long and short hands of the clock meet at the top, I call out to the sleeping figure.

“Hey, wake up! Today is Valentine’s Day. Why aren’t you awake for this important once-a-year event for girls? Hey, hey, maybe you don’t like me anymore?… Wake up!

I shook vigorously, and the eyes finally opened, having been sound asleep.

“Shi-chan,… it’s still late at night…”

I kiss him lightly on the cheek as he smiles in a dazed, chuckling, yet happy way.

Good morning kisses are part of our daily routine, so I don’t want to miss them, even if it’s late at night.

“Daaah, the date has changed, okay? That means it’s Valentine’s Day now! So I’m going to give you lots of love from me … ugh, try not to be crushed by my love.”

“Even if you say that,… it’s so heavy!”

And I know that you are not in a bad mood, even though you say something like that.

Because you love me so much, how could you not be happy to be loved?

Even if it’s heavy, you can carry it now. You will accept it. That’s why I am able to love you with all my strength.

“Here you go, Daa-chan! These chocolates are homemade, you know? They are very delicious and expensive, so they are probably amazing. I just ate half and it was so good I almost chewed my cheeks off.”

“… You ate first?”

I hand him a small box that I had prepared in advance.

Of course, it was a store-bought product, not homemade.

For me, cooking is about eating, so even if I wanted to make chocolates for him, I couldn’t.

But I put a lot of love into it, so don’t worry.

In the process of showing my love, I even ate some, but such happenings are part and parcel of life, aren’t they?

Even my eccentricities should be lovely.

“You’ve eaten 80% of it, not half… If you’ve eaten that much, then your cheeks must really be off.”

Saying this, he reached out his hand to my cheek. Apparently, he wants to touch it, so I moved over to that side.

As it is, I lean over to him as he sits down on the bed. I sit on his lap, and naturally he takes me in.

As I let myself fall into that gentle embrace, I suddenly felt a pinch on my cheek.

I was kneaded like a mud ball.

“How is it? Are your cheeks falling off?”

“…Soft like they’re about to melt, but I’m relieved they’re not falling off.”

“Ufufu♪ It would be sad if Daa-chan’s favorite soft and fluffy cheeks had fallen off.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

I was so happy to see his cheerful smile, even though I had woken him up in the middle of the night.

I couldn’t help but admire that smile.

“You have a beautiful smile today, too.”

“Really? I think it’s normal.”

No, it’s not.

Your smile is very charming.

Over the years since we met … you have changed so much.

Your laugh has become brighter, your tone a little gentler.

You are warmer now than you used to be.

Also, your expression has softened, like you are a different person.

That really made me happy.

You and I have been through a lot.

But in the end, I am very happy that we were able to be together in this way.

Because I am very happy now.

I am so fulfilled that I have nothing more to ask for.

Truly, I am … a happy person.

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