Takane-san Seems to Have a Crush On You Chapter 3 Part 2

■Chapter: Kengo Mashima■

After school, I, Arakawa, and Iwasawa were changing the bulletin board.

“Oh, by the way, Mashima-kun, I think you were asked by the committee to do the shopping for the festival, right? Do you want us to help?”

“Thanks, but Takane Saki is going to accompany me on the shopping trip, so I’ll be fine.”


“Because we only need to buy what’s missing, we don’t need much manpower. ……Arakawa, you should stick the studs at a 45-degree angle to the wall surface. It will also make it easier to remove the studs when changing the board.”


“Even so, the person who designed this particular poster has a wonderful artistic sense. I’d like to tell them what I think of it personally, and next time introduce me to them…”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait!?”

“Don’t go on to the next topic!!”

Arakawa and Iwasawa interrupted me in some panic.

What happened…?

“What’s wrong?”

“Eh!? What!? Mashima-kun, you’re going shopping with Takane-san?”

“Yes, but…”

“Yes, but!?”

“Which one of you asked first?”

“You mind the strangeness of it all, don’t you? Saki Takane. She has some shopping thing to do.”

“…” “…”

Iwasawa and Arakawa looked at each other for a moment, and then, hushing their voices, they began to whisper in each other’s ears.

“(Hey, Arakawa…, I guess those rumors are true…)”

“(I think so too, but strange things do happen…)”

“(I’m sure it’s getting interesting.)”

“(I agree.)”

“It’s not a nice thing to whisper in someone’s ear in public.”

I said, and they glanced at me, exchanged some eye contact, and then turned to me with a deliberate smirk on their faces.

“What is it?”

“Mashima-kun, you’ve been getting along well with Takane-san lately.”

Iwasawa said with a weird smile.

I was about to answer honestly about my relationship with Saki Takane, but kept my mouth shut. The two of them would not say anything if I directly told them… But even with that, it’s better to keep quiet about Saki Takane’s relationship advice.

I was personally asked for advice on that one.

“If you mean that there are more opportunities to talk …, well, then yes.”
“What do you think about that?”

“I’m worried that people will start rumors about us again.”

“That’s it? What else?”

“What else? …Oh, maybe I’m not as hated as I think I am.”

I’m even asked for advice on love matters, which is an extremely personal matter. I guess she trusts me more than a little.

“What do you think about the fact that she asked you out shopping?”

“Was this some kind of psychological test? I just wanted a girl’s opinion on the shopping trip, so I honestly think it is helpful.”

“…” “…”

After a short pause, Arakawa and Iwasawa began their secret conversation again.

“(It’s not like he’s shy or anything… Kengo is …)”

“(Does this guy really like Saki-chan ……? I’m just not convinced…)”

“(Well, for a guy like Kengo, things are going quite well.)”

“(Whatever it is, it’s funny.)”

“I don’t feel good about this.”

And then they look at me again with smiling faces.

What on earth is going on?

“Well, that’s good! Have fun on Sunday.”
“I am only shopping for a school event. As a student of Kamimura High School, I will be aware of this and spend my time off in a moderate manner.”
“Oh, no! A holiday is a holiday! Everything should be in good spirits! Oh, come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Kengo in his regular clothes! Kengo wears a uniform even on his days off. So? What are you going to wear on that day!?”

“The uniform.”

“Whaa!? Ah…!! For a da-“

“Hold it, Tatsuki!”

Suddenly, Iwasawa was on the edge but the next moment, Arakawa was blocking his mouth.

What have they been doing all this time?

“I’m sorry, Da-?”

“Oh no! Hmmm … see! That’s right! Iwasawa said it too! As a member of the Discipline Committee, I think that you should keep a clear distinction between your school life and your daily life!”

“There’s a TPO, you know? Kengo also never sees a businessman in a suit on his day off, right?”

“Well, not that I know of…”

Arakawa’s words are unusually on target.

I had never really thought about it, but now that they mention it, isn’t it a bit disorganized to be in uniform all the time?

In essence, isn’t it no different from wearing pajamas all day long?

And in the unlikely event that we are involved in some kind of incident with uniforms that are recognizable as Kamimura High School uniforms, it is our Kamimura High School that will be troubled…

“I see, you are absolutely right. You are brilliant, Arakawa, and I am honestly impressed. I’ll wear casual clothes on Sunday.”

For some reason, the two of them seemed relieved by my comment.

I’ve never gone out with someone in casual clothes since I entered high school…

Thinking about it, I’ve experienced a lot of firsts with Takane Saki.

■Chapter: Takane Saki■

Sun Tzu said

<Victorious warriors win first and then go to war; defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.>

In short, the essence of warfare is “preparation,” and victory or defeat is already decided before the battle even begins.

…, it was written in Imamote.

Not only psychology, but also the teachings of Sun Tzu are quoted. …… The author, Mori-san, must be a very powerful and invincible popular person who is well versed in all kinds of studies, ancient and modern, East and West.

But aside from that…

“It’s too perfect…!”

I was dressed in a white lace blouse and a fresh, green one-piece dress that looked like early summer.

On Saturday evening, I couldn’t hide the smile that broke out in front of the full-length mirror in my room.

I paid 1,500 yen for a round-trip train ticket to the heart of the city, and chose this dress at an unfamiliar clothing store!

On the way there, Yuka-chan almost had a stroke because of my devastating fashion sense.

Yuka-chan helped me when I was out of range of the store staff.

Yuka-chan was angry at me for trying to buy a cheese haddock even though we were on a tight budget.

Many hardships (mainly Yuka-chan’s) befell me, but … it was worth it!

─ ─ Ah~~~ Yes, isn’t it nice? It looks great on you. I’ll take you for next year’s Paris Collection. By the way, can I go home now?

Yuka said so, too!


I even did a complete spin in front of the mirror for nothing.

I even fluttered the bottom of my one-piece dress.

I couldn’t stop laughing!

“It’s too perfect…!”

The season, the size, the clean and neat look…

The skirt is just knee-length, which is great! If this is the case, I think Mashima-kun will like it too!

By the way, it’s just after 9:00 p.m…

I finished my dinner, soaked in the bathtub, and didn’t forget to apply the face mask my sister gave me after the bath!

And that’s not all! On my desk, I had my makeup kit and hair iron ready to go as soon as I woke up.

And a cool eye mask on my pillow! I’m ready to fall asleep anytime!

“I’m having too much fun …!”

At first, my stomach was constantly churning with nervousness and fear, but…

Thanks to careful preparation and an all-nighter last night memorizing the entire “Must-Do’s for Dating” of Imamote, my expectations somehow won out!

Henry Ford famously said, “The secret of success is to prepare first and foremost” – well, this was also written in Imamote, and it’s a good quote!

And I will make one last move!

“After all, I now have Mashima-kun’s MINE…!”

I changed into my pajamas, rolled over in bed, and immediately opened up Mashima-kun’s chat.

I’ve already spent two whole days thinking about the text I’m going to send, referring to Imamote’s section on “MINE Strategy Techniques for People You Like”!

To Mashima-kun,

Excuse me for my first MINE, I’m Takane Saki (bowing down emoji).

Did you have a good rest today? (Emoji tilting head)

Tomorrow, you’ll be at Kamimura station at 9:00 a.m., correct?

Actually, it’s the first time for me to go out with a boy on a holiday, so I’m looking forward to it, but at the same time I’m a little nervous (laughter).

Do you often go out with girls? (Cute rabbit emoji)

After pressing the send button, I smiled winningly.

Perfect… it’s too perfect, isn’t it?

If a final exam asked you to write a MINE to a boy you like the day before a date, your answer would be too perfect and would be posted in the hallway.

First, you should begin with a polite dusting and greeting.

Next, a statement of concern for your friend, and then a casual mention of tomorrow’s appointment.

The girlish and cute emojis are also used, and the best part is the flowing question and finish that makes it easy for the other person to reply!!!!

10 points 10 points 10 points

High school girl representative, Saki Takane, is a new world record…

“I …might be too good at it…!”

I gradually became afraid of my talent and flapped my legs on the bed.

─ ─ Anyway! Now I’m ready to go this time!

I put my phone in sleep mode, connected it to the charging cable, and turned off the lights.

I put on my eye mask and crawl under the covers!



My eyes are cold.



… I shifted my eye mask and turned on my phone.

The message was sent at exactly 21:00, three minutes ago now, and not yet marked as read.

“Haha, I’m too excited, aren’t I?”

Even Mashima-kun doesn’t have his phone with him at all times, and he won’t reply so quickly.

Come on, come on, there’s no point in waiting.

Tomorrow, I had to wake up early and put on makeup, which I’m not used to, referring to makeup videos on I TUBE. Let’s go to bed. …Good night…