Takane-san Seems to Have a Crush On You Chapter 6 Part 2

■Chapter: ???■


“Ha…! Damn it, that Haruto… His words were different.”

“He said he’d call just one convenient girl… Who the h*ll are these weird guys…?”


Amidst the confusion at Tomodachi Bridge, friends of Miyanoshita escaped, gasping for breath. They murmured their resentment towards the former leader while fleeing, reaching the quiet underpass away from Tomodachi Bridge.


Once they stopped there, feeling relieved from the escape, unfortunately, luck was not on their side.


“Good evening~”

“We are the Kamimura Highschool Discipline Committee~”


In the darkness under the elevated structure, two strange figures appeared.

One was a tall man exceeding 180 centimeters, and the other was an extremely short man.


“Huh… hah… w-what are these guys…!”


When one of the friends questioned, the shorter one answered with a grin.


“We received a report that several male students from Nakayama Highschool were chasing female students from Kamimura Highschool.”

“If that’s the case, what’s it to you… huh? Should I report it to the teacher? Or maybe to our parents?”


One of the friends intended to provoke them, but the two didn’t pay any attention.

Ignoring the intimidating group of six friends, the two of them were discussing something.


“One, two, three… six people, three each, can you handle Iwasawa?”

“There are three guys from both middle and high school, right? It’s been a while since we’ve had a fight since entering Kamimura High, but I can handle it alone.”

“Oh, you arrogant b*stard! If you can’t clean up faster than me, I’ll laugh at you.”


Apparently irritated by being ignored.




The hot-blooded friends were about to leap at the duo… just before realizing something and turning pale.



“Could those two be…!?”


While they were in confusion, it seemed that the duo had finished their discussion and looked at the friends.


“Sorry, but could you guys hit each of us once beforehand?”

“We’re Discipline Committee members, so we’d like to make it look like legitimate self-defense.”


A perplexing request… However, the friends couldn’t move from the spot like frogs stared down by a snake.

And then, one of the friends spoke casually.


“…’Arakawa of Higashi Middle School‘ and ‘Iwasawa of Higashi Middle School‘…!”

(TLN: Sorry, didn’t realize I only left so little for Part 2 <3)