The Character I Created Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 3

She Remembers Me (2)

‘At that time, I was practically a beggar.’

Looking back now, I wondered what I was doing.

I spent the whole day customizing just to create a single character.

Back when I was creating the character, I was deeply immersed in the world of the game.

The character I created was close to perfection, I could proudly say.

The appearance I saw hundreds of times while playing the game every day was beautiful enough to make me think I did a great job every time.

It was the main reason I didn’t give up on the game despite the endless trolling from the game company.

Even though I eventually stopped playing the game, it was still regrettable, occasionally crossing my mind.

In short, it could be said that among the game characters I created, this one was the most cherished protagonist.

“Are you okay?!”

My precious character appeared before me.

She grabbed my hand and urgently pulled me, her voice filled with desperation.

“Just wait a moment. I’ll treat you right away!”

The female knight’s shouting brought me back to my senses.

Only then could I confirm my own sorry state.

The torn clothes had turned into a bloody mess.

The upper body was covered in numerous wounds.

The female knight’s actions were quick.

She quickly pulled a potion from her pocket and poured it over my body.

In an instant, the wounds healed, and the pain subsided.

It was a dramatic change even to feel for myself.

The heart that had been beating roughly gradually calmed down.

The sharp pain that had filled my entire body also lessened.

‘It’s ridiculously effective.’

Moreover, as the potion passed over the wounds, new skin and flesh began to grow immediately.

Even the places where the axe had cut were healed without a trace.

“There might be other injured parts!”

Initially, she only looked for wounds with her eyes, but gradually, she began to feel my body.

Although the potion had already taken effect, the nursing did not stop.

All wounds had already been healed. My embarrassed heart also calmed down.

Calmly, I took a deep breath and faced the knight in front of me.

“It’s okay. I’m completely fine now.”

Gently pushing away her touch, I slowly got up.


As I stood up, the female knight looked at me with an anxious gaze.

Fortunately, I could stand up perfectly fine.

The fatigue from the battle was overwhelming, but I could endure it.

“It’s okay. I wasn’t seriously injured.”

Although a bit late, I bowed my head and expressed my gratitude.

As the situation settled, the knight looked at me with an awkward gaze.

“Thank you for your help.”

“Oh, no! I just did what I had to do!”

As I bowed my head, she was surprised and bowed even deeper in return.

A moment of awkward silence passed. I stole a glance at her appearance.

The more I looked at her, the more certain I became in my heart.

‘Indeed, she is the character I created.’

It was very similar to the character I created.

She resembled my created character so much that it was not an exaggeration to say she had come out of the monitor.

After a brief awkward moment, she spoke first.

“By any chance, what is your name…?”

“Ah, my name is Seo-Hyun.”

“Seo-Hyun… Seo-Hyun-nim…”

Upon hearing my name, she nodded slowly.

After staring at my face for a moment with a vacant expression, she continuously mulled over my name.

“Why are you doing that?”

“Oh! No, it’s just that I thought it was a really cool name!”

Was my name really that unique?

In games, there were usually many Western-style names.

If you think about it, it probably sounded unfamiliar to her ears.

After hearing my name, the female knight politely introduced herself.

“My name is Erina. I came from the village of Delin.”

‘As expected.’

If the appearance and name were perfect matches, there was no longer any room for doubt.

The person in front of me was indeed my created character.

During the exchange of greetings, I noticed Erina hesitating and fidgeting with her fingers.

Understanding her intention, I extended my hand first.

After a moment of surprise, she quickly shook my hand with both of her hands.

Although she felt unfamiliar, there was an inexplicable familiarity about her.

I’m sure it was because she was a character I had raised for a long time. I felt an unknown sense of familiarity.

Rather than feeling like a stranger, she seemed to be seeing an acquaintance I hadn’t seen in a long time.

“Did you come to such a dangerous place alone?”

“Oh, I…”

Waking up from sleep, I found myself abandoned in the forest.

Who would believe such a straightforward statement?

If, by any chance, I was suspected of being a strange person, it would be quite awkward.

Therefore, I decided to come up with a reasonable explanation.

“I had business to attend to in the capital, so I was headed that way.”

“Really? Me too!”

Fortunately, Erina didn’t catch on to my lie.

Instead, she seemed delighted to have a companion.

In my mind, I quickly reviewed the early story.

From my recollection, the protagonist finished the tutorial and headed to the capital alone.

During that time, Erina would have continued her adventure alone.

Her joy at seeing me made sense.

“May I know for what reason you are heading to the capital?”

I remembered the protagonist’s purpose for heading to the capital.

It was just a question to continue the conversation.

Fortunately, Erina happily responded to my question.

“I wanted to try being an adventurer in the capital. I wanted to earn money by taking on quests.”

As expected, she was heading to the capital to become an adventurer, just like in the story I remembered.

I was no different.

“In fact, I was also heading to the capital to challenge the life of an adventurer.”

“R-really? We’re the same.”

At my words, she hesitated for a moment.

A person who had almost died at the hands of a goblin horde aspiring to be an adventurer would be laughed at.

‘Honestly, anyone would mock me.’

If someone claimed that a person who struggled even against low-level monsters wanted to be an adventurer, anyone would find it hard to take it seriously.

Fortunately, Erina did not show any signs of ignoring me.

Instead, she seemed worried and fidgeted.

In the meantime, I quickly turned my head.

In this grim world, I needed to find a way to survive.

Surviving alone in this world was impossible.

If the Demon King’s forces invaded and the capital fell, there would be nowhere to live.

To survive in this world, strength was required.

I needed to become powerful by any means necessary.

Leveling up and improving my stats were necessary.

For that, I needed Erina’s help.

“You have the same destination as me. Would you consider traveling together?”

A sigh of relief escaped my mind.

Honestly, I wanted to ask Erina for help first.

Fortunately, she also had the same thought.

There was no reason to reject the proposal.

“Yes. Please. Let’s travel to the capital together.”

Now was the moment when the tutorial ended.

From my recollection, nothing significant happened until reaching the capital.

But this was real.

Monster attacks could happen at any time.

Top of Form

Just like before, goblins suddenly appearing is a common occurrence.

I couldn’t immediately determine the direction to the capital.

However, with Erina by my side, the situation felt different.

Thinking back to her recent display of defeating goblins, I felt even more reassured.

“It’s good you met me. It would have been really dangerous if you ran into bandits or bad people.”

Erina looks at me blankly and smiles with relief.

Erina looked at me with a relieved smile and approached me, walking side by side.

Her approach, closing the distance without hesitation, resembled the epitome of a kind person.

In the original story, she was always depicted as a bright and strong individual.

Even in the dark world, she strived to think positively and walk the right path, a growth-type protagonist.

As the story progressed, she faced hardships and moments of confusion, wandering in despair.

However, she ultimately overcame everything by defeating the Demon King.

The ending was truly a mess, though.

“Thank you. Thanks to you, I won’t be lonely on the way to the capital.”

“Me too! I’ve been alone until now.”

Currently, we were in the very early stages of the story.

I could still sense Erina’s untouched innocence.

“Ah, and you can speak comfortably with me.”

“Sure. Got it.”

There was no reason to refuse.

In reality, Erina was younger than me, so I decided to speak comfortably.

We started moving towards the capital together.

“I know the way. Please follow me.”

Erina grabbed my hand.

When I realized my hand was being held, I looked at her in surprise.

Erina was staring straight ahead, her eyes calm.

However, she met my gaze with a calm expression, smiling as if it was nothing.

No matter how I thought about it, there was an unusual sense of familiarity that shouldn’t exist between two people who had just met.

“Well, that’s a good thing, because if I’d been a minute late, you could have been in trouble.”

“Oh, thanks. I’ll ask you to do the same while I’m with you.”

“Yes. Just trust me.”

Erina walked confidently, her shoulders tense and her chest held high.

During this time, I quietly observed her, looking for an opportunity.

‘I’ll check it now.’

As she glanced around cautiously, I took the chance to check her status window.

Name: Erina

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Class: Hero

Level: 47

HP: 2900/2900

MP: 360/470

Strength: 68/100

Stamina: 61/100

Agility: 52/100

Magic Power: 16/100

Wisdom: 22/100

Luck: 36/100

‘It’s the same as the last time I checked.’

Not only the status window but also her equipment was the same.

The white armor and longsword she wore until the end of the first playthrough.

Even the small earrings were exactly as I remembered.

“What are you doing? Do you have something to say?”

Erina’s words startled me, and I quickly averted my gaze from the status window.

She had been having a staring contest with me.

“No, it’s nothing.”

Hastily turning my gaze away, the status window disappeared.

With a somewhat disappointed expression, Erina returned to being vigilant of her surroundings.

After checking her status window, I was now certain of one thing.

‘This is a new game. I’ve entered the second playthrough.’

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