The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me Chapter 60


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“The disciplinary committee response should be approached from three perspectives. First, secure the dominance of power. We need sufficient authority on our side. Professors and relevant personnel need to be secured. Second is logical superiority. The more favorable evidence or circumstances, the better. However, it should be noted that logic does not guarantee everything. Third is the dominance of public opinion. This is why I hoped for Ian’s performance. Well done. And I happened to find a decent piece of information yesterday… I’ll let you know about it later.”

The day after the assessment.

Ian, who received a call from Silvia, was unexpectedly dragged to a cafe.

— Two people are enough to meet in front of your home! Now it’s your turn to come to my place!

Silvia looked inexplicably angry.

As soon as he was dragged out, he was seated in a room deep inside the cafe, where Silvia suddenly briefed him on the disciplinary committee countermeasures.

Although he tried to concentrate immediately since the disciplinary committee was approaching the next day…

Silvia’s face, which poured out calmly, turned slightly red.

“Let’s continue this story later. I have something I want to talk about briefly.”

Flutter, flutter.

Gracefully fanning herself, she snapped it.

“Aren’t you just letting random people of the opposite gender into your home?! Hmph!”

Silvia, with an angry face, handed a paper bag to Ian without giving him a chance to respond.

“I was going to refuse to give it… but since it might go bad, I’m giving it to you.”

A pouty expression.

From Silvia’s perspective, she had failed twice to visit his home just to deliver this, and instead, unnecessary competitors… were all she saw.

Meanwhile, Ian looked at the paper bag as if it were something amazing. Cold air was constantly flowing out from inside the bag.

“It’s a specialty product from the northern territory.”

“Can I take it out?”

“Of course.”


Inside the paper bag was a single piece of fruit.

But he was surprised.

“A highly exclusive specialty only found in the northern region of the continent. It’s called Ice Grape.”

The visual of the fruit was similar to Shine Muscat Tanghulu. The difference was that the outer layer was ice, not sugar.

Looking at Ian, who was amazed, Silvia’s frustrated feelings disappeared. Instead, she even let out a pointless laugh.

‘Well, my pride…’

Suppressing the rising corners of her mouth, Silvia said.

“Don’t just stand there staring. Eat it quickly. It won’t taste good if it melts.”

“I’ll enjoy it.”

Ian took a bite of the Ice Grape.

The crispy ice with a hint of sweetness crunched and shattered. Following that, the juicy flesh with a refreshing grape aroma burst out.

“… Wow.”

“How is it? Delicious?”

“I’ve never had such a delicious fruit in my life.”


Unable to hide the rising corners of her mouth, Silvia finally turned her head.

“Hmph. Well, since you enjoyed it, I might give you a break this time?”

“A break? For what?”

“For nothing.”

Feeling good, Silvia put an Ice Grape into her mouth and chuckled.

“It’s delicious… Well, let’s get to the main point.”


Silvia elegantly took out a piece of paper and a fountain pen from her bag.

Swipe, swish.

On the paper, two precisely drawn vertical lines divided the page into three sections.

At times like this, she truly seemed like a professional and noble lady.

Admiring her, Ian saw Silvia’s earlobes, which turned red as if embarrassed.

Silvia turned her head slightly and said.

“First, secure the professors. Professor Violet, Professor Rowen of the Reconnaissance Department, and Professor Suzi Dismal of Pharmaceutical Magic whom Ian seduced will be of great help. This is amazing. When did you seduce professors like this? They are all women, too. “

“… It’s not like I seduced them. Don’t say things that will cause trouble.”

Ian’s body trembled.

Professors aiming for him as a research assistant.

They were weaving a web and aiming for him.

“Oh, by the way, Dean Jan Bommel is also involved.”

After the grade assessment, he apologized in a casual and generous manner for ignoring Ian and at the same time inquired about what he needed. Ian requested support from the disciplinary committee.

— Hmm. I heard about the disciplinary committee. But since our student Sharon Pierce is involved, I can’t support you. Instead, I’ll definitely maintain neutrality.

When he conveyed his words, she was surprised.

“… Wow. Did Dean Jan Bommel really say that…? Amazing.”

Silvia was sincerely impressed.

Full support from three professors, and even the interest of the head of another department.

Starting from scratch, was there anyone other than Ian who can attract the attention of professors in such a short time?

At least among the people she knew, there was no one.

‘He’s really more remarkable than I thought.’

Silvia’s gaze at Ian became even more intense.

“Emilia Raymond, who moves the elites of the academy, is quite expected to have the upper hand.”

Silvia’s fountain pen moved to the second compartment.

[ Obtain Evidence ]

“You can actually say that this is our special move. The results of the evaluation that Ian requested will probably come out this evening.”

And the last compartment.

[ Secure Public Opinion ]

“I had my subordinates investigate briefly, and public opinion about Ian is not bad.”


“In the past, words that came to mind when thinking of Ian were ‘hooligan’, ‘p*rvert’, but now it’s changed to ‘crazy guy’, ‘fun’, ‘curious’. It’s quite a positive transformation. Now you are undoubtedly the hottest potato at Lichten Academy.”

“… It’s quite formal. Almost at the level of Kor-… well, my previous country.”

Ian’s expression showed admiration.

Silvia tapped her chin.

“Hehe. This kind of thing needs to be handled straightforwardly. We can use this as a basis to make more detailed plans, but…”


“Actually, there’s one person who could be a great help.”

Silvia’s eyes became more serious.

“There’s someone who seems like they could be really helpful?”

In a voice that seemed to suggest a difficult topic, Silvia asked carefully.

“What do you think of Lina Rosewell?”

“I don’t have any particular thoughts.”

Although there was some unease about whether she was a v*rgin or not, now it seemed reasonable to consider that the possibility of her being the culprit was quite low.

Therefore, Lina was currently far from Ian’s attention.

“…Then. Just wait a moment.”

Saying that, Silvia stood up from her seat.

She walked outside the room with a steady pace.

Then, a familiar voice reached Ian’s ears.


Always confident and cheerful, a heroine of Fantasy X Academy.

“Hi… there?”

Lina Rosewell looked at him with a slightly nervous and tense expression.

Lina’s expression was complex.

At first, she seemed tense, and a sense of guilt appeared in her timid posture. But her blossoming smile seemed happy.

Ian didn’t know how to express that face.

“Instead of standing there like that, come over and sit.”

“I-Is it okay to do that?”

“… To keep standing?”

“Uh, no! Thank you.”

Walking over, Lina hesitated and almost sat down as if her legs had lost strength.

“Uh, hey. Why is this happening? Suddenly, my legs feel weak. I’m sorry. I’ll be back in a moment…”

Ian sighed and grabbed her, gently placing her in the chair.

“S-Sorry. Thank you.”

Lina lowered her head deeply.

Then, after looking at him for a moment, she lowered her head again.

“I-I finally met you. I’m relieved. Ehehe…”

Muttering to herself, Lina’s eyes, visible between her lowered head, were filled with hope as if she had discovered an oasis in the desert.

What was she seeking hope from in Ian? The sudden curiosity faded away like dewdrops on the sand.

Ian’s current focus was not on Lina.

He looked at the clock.

Then he let out a small sigh.

Seeing this, Lina, shoulders trembling.

Ian asked, ignoring her.

“So, what’s the matter?”

“Uh… there, um. I-I have something I want to say.”

“Can you say it as briefly as possible?”



The hopeful expression from just a moment ago seemed to have disappeared.

Lina now wore an expression like a frightened puppy.

W-Well, I haven’t prepared to say it briefly. I-I’m sorry, just a moment…”

Mumbling, Lina then spoke hesitantly.

“S-So, you know? I, um… I want to apologize to you. Yeah. I thought a lot about it. Th-that, you know, I thought I was wrong. I thought, maybe the kids were trying to push you away? But I’m so sorry. Hmph… I was wrong. I’m sorry. I wanted you to punish me…”



“I have a disciplinary committee tomorrow, so I’m quite busy. Could you sum it up in one sentence?”

“Uh… there, um… I-I haven’t prepared to say it briefly. I’m sorry, just a moment…”

Suddenly tears poured from her eyes.

“Well, you know? I… I want to apologize to you. Yeah. I thought a lot about it. Th-that, you know, I thought I was wrong. I thought, maybe the kids were trying to push you away? So, I thought, maybe I was wrong? I-I thought they were trying to frame you? But maybe not? I was so worried. I-I’m sorry. I was wrong. I didn’t understand. I-I ignored you, got jealous, attacked you. I’m so sorry, really sorry…”

Tears suddenly poured out of Lina’s eyes.

Her sweet trembling lips were wet with tears, and her scratched leg, used to endure crying, turned bright red.

Ian watched Lina, who was shaking like a willow tree, with a calm gaze.

‘… What should I say.’

It didn’t resonate.

Ian, who had been pondering for a moment, decided to speak honestly.

“You know, Lina.”

“Hmm. Huh… Yeah.”

“Since it seems better for both of us to be honest with each other, I’ll tell you straightforwardly. “

“Hah… yes, yes.”

“Your apology doesn’t really hit me. I only get the impression that ‘Lina feels sorry’. Just because you say sorry doesn’t mean my life is going to change.”


“So, sorry, but I can’t accept it. If you have nothing else to say…”

Ian stood up from his seat.

There were still many crises to overcome before becoming sentimental.

If he couldn’t resolve the disciplinary committee meeting scheduled for tomorrow, he would be expelled from the academy. Then, how would he deal with the main scenario that would unfold afterward?

He would distance himself from all the scenarios that would happen in the future, and a clear bad ending seemed to be the only future to hope for.

Perhaps the reason Lina’s apology didn’t resonate was because of that. There was no room for sentimentality.

Therefore, Ian walked out of the room.

No, he tried to.

A leg that got in the way.


As he lowered his head, Lina grabbed onto the hem of his clothes.

“…Lina. I don’t have time to deal with you right now.”

Lina desperately shook her head.

“S-sorry. It’s not like that. It’s not about me. Uh-huh. I get it now. Even if a worm like me apologizes, it’s just going to irritate you. I won’t bother you. Instead, I, I can help. Silvia said so.”

Ian silently looked down at her.

Lina continued urgently.

“I, I can testify at the disciplinary committee. Give me a chance to prove that I’m useful. In, in return…”

“In return?”

“I’ll work hard at the disciplinary committee. After that, can you… talk to me at least once?”

Ian looked at her for a moment.

A desperate and genuine gaze.

It was a gaze that couldn’t be seen in Lina, who was loved and cheerful within the Fantasy X Academy.

Ian nodded silently.

“T-thank you, really. Huhuh… Thank you.”

Tears welled up in Lina’s eyes.

A bleak and empty lodging.

Sharon, kneeling in front of a low table, slowly read the letter that came from her family.

In summary, it said:

— Like all heirs, excessive economic support was not possible. Regrettable results in the grade assessment.

— However, keep an eye on the Blackangers family’s heir. There is someone among our acquaintances who is interested. Ensure that he receives full punishment for his crimes. It will be better for him to despair. He deserves such punishment. I will send someone to the disciplinary committee. Expect them to arrive the next morning.


Sharon clenched her teeth.

There seemed to be more talk about Ian Blackangers than about Sharon herself.

“Why… why.”

Why did her family show more interest in Ian than in their own blood? Did they know that he had cursed Sharon?

There was no choice.

To claim their attention, there was no other way but to prove it.

The impending disciplinary committee.

This might be the last chance for her to catch the family head’s eye.

Sharon clenched her fist, her hand cramping.

On the day of the disciplinary committee.

Underground of the Lichten Academy main building.

The place where the committee was located exuded a solemn atmosphere.

The interior design was intended to create an intimidating atmosphere for the purpose of making the suspect feel pressured.

‘Finally, is this tedious disciplinary committee the last one?’

In front of the cold iron door.

Ian’s lips curled up slightly.

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