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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me Chapter 70


TL/ED: Lolz

The Bloodened surged towards Ian.


An overwhelming speed that was difficult to follow with the naked eye.

Ian instinctively transformed the Lunar into a shield form, just enough to withstand the onslaught.


— Aaaargh!


Barely defended against the Bloodened’s attack.

But the part of Lunar touched by his sword turned black. Infused with the energy of the moon, the Lunar that came into contact with the sword disintegrated.


“…Ho. Fascinating mineral.”


On the other hand, the Bloodened’s sword was the same.

Black blood flowed from the veins on the sword, staining half of it black.


“My intuition was not wrong. This is fun.”


The Bloodened slashed his opposite wrist with his own sword.


– Squelch. Squelch.


The bloodsword, saturated with blood, regained its original color.


‘Is this a monster?’


Ian sighed inwardly.


Not human, and the sword itself regenerates. The Bloodstone Cultists are not only insane but also their weapons seem to be the same.


The bloodsword, starting to merge with the Bloodened’s arm as it greedily consumes blood.

Thick veins protruding from the bloodsword were connected to his arm.


“Haah… This is it. This feeling.”


The Bloodened seemed satisfied. No, he was downright excited. Without any intention of swallowing the saliva dripping from his mouth, he chuckled and stomped on the ground.


Another strong blow.




A rough groan erupted from Ian’s mouth.

Despite blocking with reinforced wrists, his whole body tingled. Blood dripped down his arm and fell to the ground.


“Interesting. An alchemist, perhaps? Your fighting style is quite amusing.”


The Bloodened genuinely praised.


Most magicians or knights use standardized magic. Those who can handle the fire element focus on aggressive magic. Water element users mainly support, and so on. Predictable magic at predictable times. After dozens of fights, it becomes boring.


But this guy was entertaining. Almost to the point where he wanted to play more.


Ian, hearing those words, felt a bit complicated.


‘Is that praise?’


To be the target of the first praise in a real battle from a crazy Bloodstone Cult fanatic obsessed with blood. He decided to take it as high praise.


Of course, there was no time for idle thoughts.


Such praise comes when the Bloodened thought he had the upper hand. Conversely, it meant he was being careless.


‘Now’s the chance.’


So discreetly, Ian signaled Danya by tapping his index finger against the Lunar.


– Ping!


Grass attribute arrows flew from behind towards the Bloodened.




The Bloodened casually blocked the arrows with his sword.

But it didn’t end there.




Danya quickly repeated the spell.

Countless arrows surrounded her.


Since she drank the elixir Ian gave her, Danya’s magical power had significantly increased.


Not only that. The biggest weakness of beastmen is their excessive sensitivity, sensing even unnecessary elements, creating noise.


Ian, using <Extraction> and <Absorption> occasionally, helped her growth, turning that weakness into Danya’s strength.


Rapidly increasing the number of grass attribute arrows.


It’s something that can only be done if your elemental sensitivity and control ability are at a considerable level.




The Bloodened observed Danya’s magic with interest.


Of course, the Bloodened, a fool who just watched while the opponent casted attack magic, was not alarmed. He was confident that he could block it anytime.


A student, and a beastperson, displaying such high-level magic? Even as a student of the Lichten Academy, it was impressive. It might only be possible for those who have absorbed the lives of dozens of other beings in the Bloodstone Cult.


“Interesting. Not as much as the alchemist, but you’re amusing. Try shooting.”



Shoosh! Shoosh!


Arrows tightly bound around Danya shot straight towards the Bloodened.


The arrows’ speed and trajectory changed with each movement of Danya’s tail and ears.


The scene of arrows filling the space was spectacular.


– Kaaang!


Of course, the Bloodened laughed and blocked the arrows.


– Phew!


A discreetly turned arrow embedded itself in his back, but he paid it no mind.

It was nothing more than a minor injury.


“Now now…”


The moment the Bloodened raised the corner of his mouth and opened it.




Suddenly, Ian was right in front of him.

Did he approach hidden behind the arrows?


This was the moment when the sense of control of the Bloodened who had been controlling everything in this space until then was broken for the first time.


“You tried, but that’s all.”


Surrounded by metal from the waist up, Ian’s fist punched through.


To the Bloodened, Ian’s movements seemed infinitely slow, like a slow-motion video. It was the difference in skill and experience.


It was obvious to him that Ian’s lower body was extremely weak.


“Indeed, lacking in experience. The foundation is in the lower body.”


The Bloodened’s sword aimed heavily at Ian’s ankle.


“Originally, I would have cut it. Be grateful to Lord Seven.”


– Whooosh!




The Bloodened was bewildered.


The sensation of the opponent’s ankle that should have been felt was not there.


Most surprising was that he missed the opponent’s movement.

Even though the speed was supposed to be inadequate?




A moment of brief astonishment.


– Whoosh!


The Bloodened looked down at his chest.

A thin rapier pierced through his heart.


Following that slender blade, the head of a floating black-haired boy came into view.


A smirk on the boy’s lips.


Only then did the Bloodend realize the situation.


“You targeted my complacency.”

“I suppose you could see it that way.”

“You weren’t fast. You just moved behind the arrows.”


“The last thing I missed was because I never heard or saw that movement ability of yours. What ability is that?”

“Well, I haven’t decided on a name yet.”

“Interesting. You flawlessly exploited the gaps in experience accumulated through countless real battles. It feels like my perception of the space I’ve built up is crumbling. Such a sudden vertical movement without any warning.”


The Bloodened chuckled.

It was a laughter of someone who was fatally stabbed but had a leisurely demeanor.


“But… Is this your strike imbued with your soul? It’s, I hate to say it, a bit ticklish. Like a mosquito bite. It seems you lack an understanding of the Bloodstone Cultists. We don’t die so easily. To think this is your final strike. Disappointing.”


Ian also smiled while facing him.


“Who said it was the final strike?”


Blessing, Dishwashing.

Ian had realized one characteristic of his blessing while using it. That is, no matter how keen the opponent’s sensitivity was, they couldn’t feel the power of the Blessing.


Even the banter exchanged with the Bloodened was merely a means to gather enough power for purification.


“You’re too caught up in your high and mighty illusion. Because everything you’ve built up has been too easy for me. Just absorbing the vitality and abilities of the opponent made you stronger.”




He deliberately spat out words of contempt. As the Bloodened paused to interpret the meaning of those words.

Ian channeled his power through the rapier pierced into the Bloodened’s heart. This was the sword that also received Sharon’s Frost Mana. The Blessing could easily flow into the body of the Bloodened.


The Bloodened’s pupils dilated in an instant as he tried to retreat.


But it was already too late.




The Bloodened radiated intense light.

Bent over, his body twisted.


“Kuaaack. Kuaaeargh. You, youuoomph!”


The Bloodened attempted to swing his sword, but…


– Plink.


The Bloodened’s sword couldn’t reach Ian and fell to the ground.

Crimson hair, red irises, even the entire skin.

Everything rapidly turned black.

Originally, he wouldn’t have been affected.


It was because the essence of the human body contains only its own vitality.


“…No. No. If only a bit more time… I could have reached…”


The Bloodened, whose jaw, down to the bones, turned black, vanished.




Ian wiped the sweat off his forehead.


The arm that got injured while blocking the Bloodened’s strike earlier throbbed with pain. But there was no time for healing.


“Wow. Quite an interesting mad dog you were. Pfft.”


Yurran Alteach, with glimmering yellow eyes, looked at Ian and laughed.


Even now, he was sinking his teeth into the pure white neck of Princess Asteria, sucking her blood.


“Hmm. Do you know this? Maybe it’s because of the noble blood, but it’s pungent and delicious. Extraordinary vitality, too. This princess, her abilities were not ordinary. Oh. If I consume all of this…”


Yurran’s eyes glimmered like a crescent moon.


“Ranked Thirteenth in the cult, huh? Well, how many times will you have to receive it? Did I mention my dream? I want to try being the leader of the Bloodstone Cult. Hahaheehee.”


The Bloodstone Cult Thirteen.

The position and number granted to the thirteen strongest members of the Bloodstone Cult.

Those with that number had the right to inherit the position of the leader.


In other words, Yurran was convinced.

He believed that the value of Princess Asteria’s vitality was so immense.


Ian approached Yurran without uttering a word.


It took about ten strides, but a semi-transparent barrier blocked his path.


“Will it work? Do I look stupid like that bloodhound? Kuhahahee! You can’t break through that. It’s a barrier, magical and physical protection, you b*stard!”


Yurran boasted proudly.


“Watch from there how I digest this person! Once it’s over, I’ll be cute for you.”


Yurran’s confidence was overflowing.

And rightfully so.


Yurran’s Anti-Principle Force Field.


That’s because it was a skill that was notorious for being an ‘unbeatable strategy’ even in Fanta X Aca.


Ian swung his reinforced fist.


– Whooooosh!


It bounced right off.


Both magical and physical principles. In the face of this protective shield, they were useless.


“Ugh. It’s sweet.”


Yurran, overwhelming the player by unfolding an impregnable barrier and gobbling up the player’s character with a gulp.


He was the trauma of all players in Fanta X Aca.


“Are you angry? But what else can you do? What can you do outside of my field? What can you do? Hahaha.”


Until Ian, a veteran player, had found a way to break through that barrier.


Ian stood still in front of the barrier.

An expressionless face.

Yurran felt an inexplicable sense of eeriness.


“… What are you trying to do?”


Ian swung the bouquet he had brought, hitting Yurran’s protective barrier. Soil and flower petals clung to the translucent shield.


“Hahaha! Are you insane? I thought you prepared something, but flowers, a bouquet, hahahah!”


Yurran’s eyes, tense a moment ago, filled with laughter.


Facing Yurran, Ian smiled with a grin.


“You’re screwed, you b*stard.”


An arrow shot by Danya flew and pierced the barrier.

A green flash covered the surroundings.

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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

After Stopping the Sponsoring, the Heroines Started Obsessing Over Me (old title), The Academy’s Villain Alchemist Wants to Survive, The Female Leads I Sponsored Are Clinging to Me, 아카데미 악역 연금술사는 살아남고 싶다, 후원을 멈췄더니 여주들이 집착해온다 (old title), 후원했던 여주들이 매달려온다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a reliant villain who was in debt and clinging to the heroines. “Why did I give all these good things to others?” From now on, I will solely focus on my own growth. After stopping these villainous acts, the heroines’ reactions were strange.



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