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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me Chapter 71

The Princess's Request

In the world of Fanta X Aca, various interactions existed between elements.

Damage and effects varied greatly depending on the reactions between elements.

For players who had reached a certain level, delving into ‘interactions’ was a natural progression.

Of course, among them, there were interactions considered trash.

One such example was the interaction of ‘Earth + Grass’ known as .

The only effect of germination was the effect of sprouts appearing on the screen.

As one could predict from the name, the nickname for this combination became ‘Cancer’, firmly established.

The combination of Earth and Grass was infamous for being a practically useless interaction.

Until a player discovered a unique effect.

– If you use Sprouting on a shield, cracks appear.

It turned out that ‘Sprouting’ was an interaction that could break through most shields.

The discovery of this effect occurred after Fanta X Aca had already become a dead game…

— Zzzzzap!

Ian was the discoverer of the effect of ‘Sprouting.’

“Uh, huh. Why is this breaking?!”

Yurran’s pupils expanded in an instant.

‘M-my complete immunity…!!!’

His shield provided complete immunity to physical, magical, and divine attacks.
Yurran’s role was significant, even rising to the upper ranks of the Bloodstone Cult.

Anywhere, anytime, Yurran could perform the highest-level technique of the Bloodstone Cult, the ‘Vampirism’.

While Vampirism had complex procedures and many constraints compared to other life-absorption methods, it had the advantage of absorbing the maximum vitality and abilities of the opponent.

‘… I can’t break off contact here.’

During the execution of Vampirism, under no circumstances should contact be severed.

If Vampirism, carried out with trust in the barrier, was forcibly stopped, significant injuries were inevitable.

Yurran’s eyes trembled intensely from side to side as he sucked away the princess’s vitality.

“Ahaha. Ian, let’s have a little chat, shall we?”

Of course, Ian casually ignored Yurran’s words.

— Kwaanng!

Ian’s fist struck the rift where the sprouts had emerged.
Yurran’s shield crumbled like glass made of sugar, scattering into powder.

Absurdity, injustice, anger.
Ian grinned as he looked at Yurran’s face, where the perfect smile had vanished.

“I told you, you’re screwed.”

Yurran fled with significant injuries.

Ian didn’t bother to chase.
Even if he had suffered injuries, Yurran was a character with numerous variables, making it difficult to predict his full power.


The fleeing Yurran Alteach would face charges of regicide, attempted murder of royalty, and various other crimes.
Even if he overcame the injuries he suffered, there would be significant constraints on his future activities.

The next day.
Reception room of the princess’s residence.

The awakened princess immediately summoned Ian.

When Ian arrived, Asteria, who had been sitting somewhat disheveled, stood up abruptly.

“Thanks to your actions, I’m alive.”
“I just did what needed to be done.”

Originally, according to the story, Lina and Sharon were supposed to solve the festival incident. Sharon Pierce returned to her family, and Lina was in a state that was difficult to determine if she was sane or not.

However, it was not a situation where the central characters of Act 2 could be left to die.

It was simply something that had to be done.
And it also garnered attention from her.

“I sincerely want to express my gratitude. Thank you, Ian Blackangers.”

Asteria bowed her head.
Even with a face that seemed so pale that it was worrisome, there was no disarray in her posture.

Perhaps it was due to exhaustion from using all her energy? Asteria, with her spunky side gone, looked rather elegant.

Meanwhile, Asteria’s black short-haired escort, Karen.
She was restless next to the princess.

Because she failed to properly protect, it was her fault that the princess had to bow to someone else.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness. I didn’t perform my escort duty properly…”

“Karen. I told you. It’s not your fault. Wouldn’t you like to stop making that expression now?”

As per the princess’s words, Karen, who looked out of place with her sharp eyes, was shedding tears that didn’t match her sharp demeanor.

“But, Your Highness… It’s because I didn’t understand those traps that you ended up like this…”

“Phew. It’s more burdensome for me to see you crying like that. Look at that. Ian is also looking at you.”

Ian was in a dilemma.
He hadn’t noticed Karen’s expression, and he was pondering if she looked similar to someone else.

“Ian, say a word or two.”

A spark of unexpected fire.
After a brief moment of contemplation, Ian spoke up.

“You were too incompetent to be an escort. You need to work harder.”

A single tear rolled down her eyes.
Karen rushed out of the reception room.

Asteria awkwardly watched Karen’s retreating figure.

“Ian, you’re not ordinary either.”
“I think it’s the first time I’ve seen Karen so emotionally charged. She’s usually a quiet and brief person.”
“There are times when you need to scold.”

Ian remembered someone who had clung to him, begging to be scolded not long ago.


Of course, Asteria wouldn’t miss such a sensational topic.
The corners of her eyes were bent into a half-moon shape.

“Surprisingly strict, huh?”
“Even at night, you’re this strict?”

Ian, who had been worried about the recently weakened Asteria, lost that concern when he saw her twisted expression.

‘As expected, royalty is not easy to deal with.’

Seeing Asteria regain that mysterious smile so quickly, Ian sighed softly.

Asteria, with her mouth’s corners raised, patted the space next to her.

“Stop standing there with a scary expression and come sit here.”

“Excuse me.”

The sofa was spacious enough to lie down comfortably.

Ian intentionally left a space between him and the princess and sat down.
Although there was no significance in Asteria moving one space closer, she did so anyway.

“There’s something I want to ask you.”
“Feel free.”
“Do you really not feel anything even after seeing my body?”

It was a provocative question that sneaked in while she nonchalantly touched her chest, but Ian remained composed.


“…Really? Even when I look this pitifully weak? It’s rare for a man not to give a single glance when a woman looks like this.”

Ian knew Asteria’s original personality.
Therefore, seeing her act like this was somewhat annoying.

“It seems I’m an unusual man.”

A firm response left Asteria slightly dumbfounded.

In truth, Asteria had half-playfully teased him because she wanted to become closer to Ian.

‘Is my charm not working on him?’

That he was not affected at all was a different story.

That means that a man named Ian is one of the two.

‘He is either a sage with deep experience and wisdom enough not to fall for temptation.’


“Are you by any chance impotent?”

Ian momentarily put down the teacup that he had been holding.

“No, it’s not that. Rather, you should cover up a bit.”

“Why? I, as a princess, am perfectly fine like this.”

Without a word, Ian pointed towards her chest.
Asteria’s delicate indoor clothes were soaked with sweat, revealing what was underneath.

She hastily covered the slightly protruding parts with both hands.

“I-it’s not like this should be exposed, right?”

The composed expression she had just a moment ago disappeared, replaced by a blushing Asteria.

“I know.”

Asteria quickly wrapped her upper body with a blanket.
Turning his gaze into the distance, Ian spoke.

“I’m actually more interested in something other than the Princess’s body.”
“What is it?”
“A request.”

The princess’s hand, which was fastening her buttons, stopped.
She murmured quietly.

“How much do you know?”
“Enough to know that you want to cut off the hands and feet of the Crown Prince.”

— Gulp

Feeling the chilling sensation on his neck, Ian lowered his head.

Karen’s sword was delicately carving a thin crimson line on Ian’s neck.

‘She’s truly skilled.’

Nothing could be felt as she approached.
Nothing could be felt as she approached. Recognizing that precise movement, the name of the prestigious assassination family, Black Cat, came to mind.

“Shall I ring?”
“It’s okay Karen. I think you’re overreacting.”
“It’s a confidential matter that shouldn’t leak out.”

Asteria nodded her head.

“That’s correct. But he is my benefactor. Put away the sword, Karen.”

The chilling sensation that touched his neck disappeared.

“It stings a bit.”

Ian grinned.
Now that it seemed they could finally get to the main point, the serious look in Asteria’s eyes was evidence enough.

“Can you explain how you knew, Ian?”

The voice that used to be infinitely playful was now much deeper and more serious.

‘Finally, the serious princess has emerged.’

Ian spoke up.

“The princess is notorious for being a fool and a nymphomaniac.”


“I made a hypothesis here. What if the Third Princess is acting? She has a weaker foundation compared to the Crown Prince and Princess, so she would hide behind the shadows and seize opportunities. Such a person wouldn’t hesitate to come to a remote place like the Academy.”


“Since she doesn’t have any pawns to use quietly, she must have been thinking of seducing a few innocent students here and using them. Hide and gain strength. It’s a good place for that, with many uncut gems lying around.”

“Are you insulting the princess?”

Karen, sharply accusing, Ian shook his head.

“It’s not an insult; it’s cold judgment. Even I would have thought the same. The Third Princess’s ultimate goal is to succeed or … take the throne. Not to mention, she is likely more interested in the latter.”

Asteria stared at Ian without expression.

She initially thought of him as a talented mage.
But she didn’t expect him to be so wise.

‘It feels similar to when I was dealing with a great sage.’

Being wise means seeing through the essence of a person, her mentor used to say.

This time, she planned to send others and observe, but the princess changed her plans.

“The target is the head of the Pierce family. He’s collecting evidence of being a Bloodstone Cultist.”

While Karen was taken aback by the princess’s mouth opening out of nowhere.
Asteria and Ian exchanged opinions quickly as if they were continuing a conversation they had been talking about for a long time.

“How certain are you?”
“100 percent.”
“If successful, what’s the reward?”
“Do you want gold coins?”
“Not bad, but I prefer something more valuable.”
“In that case… I’ll give you one of the treasures I possess.”

Karen, who was barely keeping up with the conversation, widened her eyes.

If it was a treasure, it must have been something collected by the Empire from the continent.
An item that even those not of royal blood cannot casually touch.

‘Well, considering she saved our lives, it’s the least we can do as long as it’s not one of those ‘Numbers’.’

Among them, the value of the numbered items called ‘Numbers’ is at a level that cannot be measured even in gold coins.

While Karen barely caught up with the conversation, the princess spoke.

“Choose one from the range of numbers 100 to 110.”


Karen, who was shocked, tried to stop her.

“If it’s Number 100… I’m fine with it.”

Ian grinned and shook hands with the princess.

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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

After Stopping the Sponsoring, the Heroines Started Obsessing Over Me (old title), The Academy’s Villain Alchemist Wants to Survive, The Female Leads I Sponsored Are Clinging to Me, 아카데미 악역 연금술사는 살아남고 싶다, 후원을 멈췄더니 여주들이 집착해온다 (old title), 후원했던 여주들이 매달려온다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a reliant villain who was in debt and clinging to the heroines. “Why did I give all these good things to others?” From now on, I will solely focus on my own growth. After stopping these villainous acts, the heroines’ reactions were strange.



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