The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Chapter 68

A Close Battle of Two Girls in a Small Karaoke Room!

The clerk who appeared to be a college student whispered, “Flowers in both hands.” Nonetheless, there was something about her that reminded Toru of Fuyuka Tokieda from Konoe Family’s Secret Place.

Unlike the mature and elegant beauty of Fuyuka, who was in her late twenties, she gave off more of a girlish vibe. It seemed like an uncanny resemblance to a stranger, though.

“Then, we’ll apply the couple discount for both of you, and the remaining one will pay the regular fee.”

“W-we don’t have to decide who is the couple?”

“We won’t create a scene like that here.”

When you thought about it, it made sense. The fee wouldn’t change no matter who was declared a couple, and the establishment didn’t really care.

Both Aino and Chika blushed a little.

The employee clapped her hands.

“If you’re so eager for a couple showdown, I have an interesting suggestion.”


“How about taking turns doing duets with one girl, and the girl with the higher score wins? Sounds fun, doesn’t it?”

“I-I see…?”

“You’d know who’s the better match.”

She said it as if teasing them. It was the kind of joke Fuyuka would make.

Toru and the girls headed to the room with the number tag they received from the employee. On their way, they grabbed some drinks at the bar, and when Toru chose ginger ale, Aino and Chika also picked the same.

They must have done it intentionally; both of them had a strong competitive spirit.

The room was small but had beautiful red chairs. There was a table in the center.

Toru took a seat, and Aino sat down right next to him, leaning in closely. Their hips were pressed together.

“A-Aino, aren’t you a bit too close?”

“Ahh, Toru-kun, are you embarrassed?”

“I’m not embarrassed at all, but…”

“Then, do you want to hug me?”

Aino giggled, but her face was also red. Clearly, she was embarrassed. Even though they had taken baths together and slept in the same bed, Toru wasn’t used to having Aino so close.

Her presence was stimulating for him.

He couldn’t help but steal glances at Aino’s healthy white thighs peeking out from her skirt.

Aino seemed to notice his gaze and tilted her head.

“Or… do you want to touch my legs?”

“Huh? N-No, I wouldn’t do that!”

“Really… My legs aren’t attractive, huh?”

Disappointed, Aino said, so Toru hastily confessed, “Actually, I wanted to touch them!”

Then, Aino’s face lit up and said, “I knew it!”

(I feel like I’ve been set up…)

“Hehe, go ahead.”

Aino lifted her skirt slightly, revealing a rather daring part of her thigh.

It was getting a bit too close for comfort.

“Because any more, my underwear might be visible… So please hold back?”

“Uh, no, I never said I wanted anyone to flip it up!?”

“I feel like Toru-kun’s eyes are saying that.”

Even though it hit the mark, there was no way she could admit to it.

If Chika weren’t there, Toru might have actually touched Aino’s legs.

However, it seemed that Chika, perhaps driven by a sense of rivalry after seeing this, sat down right next to Toru, hesitating slightly just like Aino.

Just like Aino, their hips were pressed together, making him feel the warmth of her body.

And Chika would probably glare at Toru.

“Um, if you’re going to touch, do it to me, okay?”

“Huh? Why…?”

“If you do n*****y things only to Aino-san, Toru won’t be able to hold back, right? So, I’ll do it instead…”

Chika’s voice gradually grew softer.

Seeing this, Aino asked, “Which thighs are you going to touch?”

He was about to say that he wouldn’t do such a thing, but not choosing might have been a source of dissatisfaction for Aino.

Maybe Toru still had lingering feelings for Chika.

After thinking it over, Toru gently touched Aino’s leg over her clothing.

Aino twitched and let out a high-pitched squeal, “Hyaaaa!”

“Sorry, but you don’t have to be so startled…”

“W-well, it’s because it’s you, Toru-kun. I thought you’d say you couldn’t choose…”

“So, the teasing from earlier wasn’t serious?”

“…No, it was. I really wished Toru-kun would touch me.”

Aino blushed as she said this, and her words made Toru’s heart race.

As he gently touched Aino’s leg, she closed her eyes and let out a sweet voice.

“If Toru-kun wants to, then… you can touch deeper.”

Aino pointed to her lower abdomen with her fingertip.

They gazed at each other with deep crimson faces.

Of course, Chika wouldn’t allow such a thing.

“N-no, you can’t!”

As Chika tried to push Toru’s hand away from Aino, her upper body moved closer to Toru’s as a result.

Naturally, Chika’s ample b*****s swayed and, with the change in position, pressed against Toru’s body.

Chika didn’t seem to notice it at all.

Toru hurriedly removed his hand from Aino and tried to stop Chika.

However, in the process, his hand accidentally touched Chika’s chest, feeling the well-defined contours of her b*****s through her blouse.

Chika let out a surprised “Eh” and froze. Toru quickly withdrew his hand, but it was already too late.

“I-it wasn’t on purpose!”

“I know…”

Chika didn’t get angry, as Toru had expected. Instead, she mumbled, “Toru touched me…” with a deep blush on her face.

Aino, on the other hand, pouted and said, “Unfair! If you’re going to touch, you should touch my b*****s too.”

Then, Toru realized.

“Isn’t it a waste to come to karaoke and not sing?”

Aino and Chika exchanged glances and nodded in agreement.