The story of a Tsundere Scandinavian Female classmate going into dere mode as soon as she’s announced as my fiancee Prologue/Chapter 1

A beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl pressures me, her classmate, into an engagement.

TL: Bogdi

ED: Bogdi

At a church wedding, certain standard words are read out.

Renjo Toru learned the words at a relative’s wedding.

“Love is forgiving, love is compassionate, and love does not envy.”

And the word that ‘love is immortal’ follows.

It was said to be a verse from the Bible, but Toru had his doubts about this phrase.

At least, Toru’s parents have never been tolerant of each other.

They were jealous of each other, hated each other, never cared for each other and divorced.

However, for Toru, a high school student, it was someone else’s affair. It’s been a long time since his parents divorced.

On the other hand, his own marriage was supposed to be in the distant future. Thinking about his parents, Toru had no illusions about marriage or love.


“Hey, Renjo-kun …”

The girl in front of him calls out Toru’s last name with a beautiful and clear voice.

And she shyly stared at Toru with her blue jewel-like eyes.

The girl is a beauty with a cute face that is called the best in school. In fact, apart for one, Toru didn’t know a girl as cute as her.

Standing in front of her, even the nation’s most popular idols would be vaporized.

Her name was Aino Luthi.

As her name suggests, she was born in a foreign country, Finland, one of the Nordic countries in Europe.

Her hair was a beautiful flowing blonde, and her eyes were a beautiful sapphire blue. Her blazer uniform looked good on her, as if it existed just for her.

She was petite, but very noticeable. She is also the daughter of a large Finnish company, and is called the “Solitary Goddess” because she is always alone in class reading a book.

Toru was alone with such a girl in the library after school.

The setting sun shining through the window illuminated Aino’s golden hair beautifully.

There is no one else around. The clock was already pointing at 6 o’clock, so everyone must have left already.

Toru broke out in a cold sweat. He was nervous just being alone with her, but he was even more nervous because he could predict what Aino would say next.

“I want you to marry me!”

Aino’s blue eyes shone brightly as she approached Toru.

From a third party’s point of view, it may seem like a completely outlandish statement, but for Toru, it was not.


It was the sixth time that Aino had said these words to him.

And Toru’s reply was obvious.

“You know, Luthi-san. I’ve said it many times, but I’m only 16. According to Japanese law, I can’t get married yet.”

Aino’s cheeks flushed red, and she smiled mischievously.

If this was a confession of love, Toru would have been pleased.


“I’m only going to be a simple fiancé, Renjo-kun. Isn’t that fine?”

Aino whispered to Toru, as if it was natural.

How did this happen?

Toru was hit by a headache, and then remembered how he had come to be involved with this lonely goddess.

It had started a few days ago.