About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 16

I’m a Very Bad Girl

Why is Kaho coming to my home at this hour?

Come to think of it, today’s class was shortened to morning only.


If she came to visit me when I was absent because of a cold, I would be very happy!

But the timing is not good.

If I don’t do something, Kaho and Mikoto-san will bump into each other.


Anyway, I had to let Mikoto-san know about this.

Kaho is already about to open the front door.


I hurriedly pulled back the sliding shoji door and went back to the room where Mikoto-san was.

There, I found Mikoto-san standing there, upper body naked, holding an untucked T-shirt and underwear in her hands.


I had forgotten that I had told her that she had wet her clothes and that she needed to change.

Mikoto-san froze, her eyes darting around, and the next moment, she almost screamed, “Kyaaaahhh!’

I wondered what Kaho would say if she heard her scream.

Oh, no.


I approached Mikoto-san and held her mouth with my right hand.

Mikoto-san flinched with tears in her eyes and gasped, “Nnnnghhhhh!”


When I held her mouth with my hand, I naturally touched her lips, but perhaps because of the heat, her lips were quite hot and soft to the touch.


Fortunately, Kaho seems to be unable to open the door well, probably due to the poor quality of the duplicate key.

I had to do something before Kaho could open the front door.


I slowly spoke to the rampaging Mikoto-san, trying to calm her down.


“I’m sorry. It’s not that I’m trying to do something weird or anything, but Kaho is in front of the apartment. So I want you to be quiet.”


Mikoto-san’s eyes widened and she stopped moving.

Relieved, I removed my hand from Mikoto-san’s mouth.


Mikoto-san coughed lightly.

I felt guilty for what I had done to a sick person with a cold.


Mikoto-san covered her chest with her hands and glared at me.






“Did you see?”


“Just… a little.”


I was about to say something, but Mikoto-san shook her head.


“I’m not in a position to be talking about this. Sasaki-san is here?”


“Yes, she is. So, do you want to be honest and tell her you are in here, or do you want to hide?”


“Hide. I’ll hide. I’ll be misunderstood for sure.”


Well, she’s probably right.

I’m in my room with Mikoto-san, and she’s half-naked.


It would be impossible not to be misunderstood.

I don’t think Mikoto-san, who hates men, would want her classmates to misunderstand that she and I have a strange relationship.

As for me, if Kaho misunderstood me here, the idea of going out with Kaho would become even more unrealistic.


When Mikoto-san and I reach a consensus, we immediately throw the futon and Mikoto-san’s clothes into the closet.

Finally, Mikoto-san herself went into the closet.


“Akihara-kun, you take care of the rest.”




I answered, and the closet door slammed shut.

At the same moment, the front door opened.

There stood Kaho, dressed in a school uniform.

She looked disappointed.


“What? Haruto, you look fine.”


“Yeah, I am.”


“I’m sorry I opened the door without your permission. I thought maybe Haruto was suffering from a fever and couldn’t answer.”


“No, it’s not that serious, but…”


Kaho took off her shoes and went into the kitchen of the apartment.

She looked around in a circle.


“It’s the same as before, it’s neat and tidy.”


“Well, it’s been a long time since Kaho was here.”


“Yeah. The last time I came… was six months ago.”


I was about to say something, but Kaho awkwardly fell silent.

The last time Kaho came here was the day I confessed to her.


I told her that I liked her in this room.

And then she rejected me.


In hindsight, I probably should have confessed my feelings in a different atmosphere.

But I didn’t think at the time that I would be rejected.


I tried to change the subject.

I looked at the plastic bag that Kaho was holding.

There was a packet of instant porridge and cold medicine in it.


“Did you bring those for me?”


“Yes. My mother told me to bring them for you.”


“I see.”


Well, if I hadn’t gotten sick, Kaho wouldn’t have thought of coming here alone.

I think I would have done the same if I were in Kaho’s shoes.


Kaho looked me up and down.


“But, Haruto, you seem totally fine with it. Maybe you’re faking it?”


I thought I couldn’t fool her, so I gave up.


“Yes, I’m faking it. I just wanted to do something.”


“I’m sorry for worrying you.”


Kaho mumbled.

I don’t mind if she gets mad at me, but if she finds out I’m faking it, she can leave early.

Of course, normally I would be very happy to have Kaho in my apartment.


But right now, the longer Kaho stays here, the more likely it is that Mikoto-san will be found out.

When I nudged her to leave, she looked a little hurt.


“Since I haven’t been here for a while, you could have made me feel more welcome.”


“I’m so glad you came, and I’m sorry for worrying you. But I have something I want to do, so please go home today.”


“Haruto, are you still angry with me?”


“About what?”


“…About how I rejected you.”


“Why would I be mad at you? Whether you accept my confession or reject it, it was up to Kaho. There’s no reason for me to be angry.”


“You’re still mad at me.”


I didn’t mean to sound angry, but maybe I was being too blunt.

It’s her right to reject me.


I just assumed that she liked me, and I was hurt on my own accord.


When I said that, Kaho shook her head.

Then she took a step closer to me.


“I’m really a very bad girl.”


Saying that, Kaho smiled sadly.