About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 17

Touching Souls

Bad girl?

Kaho called herself that, but I have no idea what she was talking about.

Kaho has always been a kind and gentle girl.

In fact, both in middle school and at her current high school, Kaho is quite trusted by those around her.

Kaho walked naturally to the back of the room.

In the closet of that room is Mikoto-san.

Kaho turned her back to me and looked out of the window.

She said,

“You know, I got scolded by Yuki.”

“That’s rare.”

Yuki is Kaho’s best friend, and she has a rather timid personality.

I’ve never seen Yuki get angry with Kaho.

If she did get angry, it would probably be about something important.

“It was a while ago. After I rejected Haruto’s confession, she got angry with me. Yuki said that I had misled you and that I had hurt you.”

That’s surprising.

Yuki helped me to get back on good terms with Kaho after my confession, but I had no idea that she had said such a thing to Kaho.

“I had been with Haruto since elementary school, and I took it for granted. So I didn’t think anything of it when we went home together, hung out together, or had dinner in my room. But Haruto was different, wasn’t he?”

“You want me to tell you that?”

I felt my face tighten as expected.


Our differences began long before my confession.

Kaho thought I was just a good childhood friend, and I had a crush on Kaho.

I knew that without having to have it confirmed now.

Kaho opened the window and sat on the window sill.

A cold wind blew in from outside, ruffling the skirt of Kaho’s school uniform.

“Yuki said. “If you keep acting like a spoiled brat and staying up late at night in Haruto’s room, it wouldn’t be surprising if Aki pushed you down.”

“I never pushed you down, nor did I intend to push you down…”

“I wonder if that’s really true. Haruto, you know the saying, ‘Love begins with the contact of the soul and ends with the contact of membranes’?”

“What’s that?”

“It’s a French saying. A man and a woman become lovers by getting to know each other and communicating with each other. Then they kiss and have s*x. Then, they kiss and have s*x, and that’s the end of love.”

Kaho said the word “s*x” with a nonchalant expression on her face, which made me blush a little.

Kaho chuckled.

“Did you imagine having s*x with me just now?”

“I didn’t.”

“But you do like me, don’t you?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, you want to have s*x with me, right?”

I was absolutely stunned.

How could she say that?

I didn’t mean that when I confessed my feelings to Kaho.

But yes, it’s not that I don’t want to kiss Kaho or do R18 stuff.

That’s not all, but I’m just a normal high school boy, and I was hoping that such things would happen in the future.

So I can’t totally deny what Kaho said.

As if seeing through my inner thoughts, Kaho continued.

“But you see… there is a reason why I can never do that kind of thing with Haruto. There are reasons why I shouldn’t fall in love with … Haruto. That’s why I’m a bad girl.”

“What do you mean?”

“That’s …”

Kaho stammered.

I guess that means she can’t say it.

Instead, Kaho muttered.

“…Why can’t we just be good friends?”

“I wanted to have a different kind of relationship with Kaho. I wanted to be something special to you.”

I think I said something quite embarrassing.

I blushed and said nothing, and Kaho also looked down.

When she rejected my confession, Kaho only explained why: “Because we are like siblings.”

But besides that, Kaho seemed to be hiding some secret from me.

She looked up at the ceiling.

“I knew I shouldn’t have come here after all.”

“That’s not true.”

“But just talking like this hurts Haruto.”

Kaho smiled a troubled and sad smile.

Then she took the key from her pocket.

“I have to return this key. It’s not right for me to have it. I’m sorry, I won’t come back.”

“Don’t you like me, Kaho?”

Kaho shook her head.

“Of course not. I still want to be friends with Haruto. I want to hang out with you, have dinner with you, and play games with you. I want to come to this apartment and play games with him.”

“But that means you don’t intend to go out with me.”

“I’m a bad girl, that’s why. That’s not the only reason I’m a bad girl, but anyway, I’ll give you back the key.”

I don’t think there’s anything bad about Kaho.

If someone had asked me if it was wrong for us to be just childhood friends and good friends, I would not have said no.

I was about to say, that she didn’t have to return the key.


There was a noise from the closet.

Come to think of it, Mikoto-san, she is naked and also still wet.

If I don’t do something about it soon, her cold will get worse.

But in the current atmosphere, I can’t tell Kaho to go home as soon as possible.

If it weren’t for Mikoto-san, I would have told Kaho to play a game with me.

But when I was in a bind, she murmured, “Huh?” I was in trouble.

She picked up a bottle that had fallen in a corner of the room.

“This is women’s lotion, right?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Whose is it?”


“Amane-san, is back? Why didn’t you tell me? I want to see her.”

After saying this, Kaho awkwardly mumbled, “Am I qualified to ask such a thing?”

Kaho and Amane-nee-san were rather close, and in the past, Amane used to take good care of Kaho.

Anyway, it was a big lie to say that the lotion belonged to Amane-nee-san.

It must have belonged to Mikoto-san.

The next moment, a sneeze came from the closet.

Kaho looked at me with a startled look on her face.

“Didn’t you hear a voice coming from the closet just now?”

“It was just your imagination.”

“Haruto, did you by any chance pick up a dog or something and kept it in the closet?”

Unfortunately, it’s not a dog, it’s a human girl.

And she’s a beautiful girl, a classmate of ours, so I can’t really say that I own her.

When I denied it, Kaho simply nodded and agreed.

Thank goodness.

With this, the crisis was averted.


“Oh, by the way, are there any books in this closet that I lent you? I think there are some that you haven’t returned yet.”

Saying this, Kaho opened the closet door with all her might.