About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 2

The Ice Goddess is Alone

After eight months in high school, you gradually get to know the personalities of your classmates.


Some are popular, some are disliked. Some are noisy, some are quiet.

Some are good at studying and are depended on by others, while others are very active on the baseball team, becoming the ace from the first year.

What about me?


I have nothing.

To put it simply, I am a colorless, transparent being.


I have done nothing to stand out.

I don’t have any special skills to show off.


I’m not a particularly popular person, but I have a few friends in my class, and I think I socialize with an average amount of people.


I thought about this during lunchtime in December, shivering in the cold.

Today is especially cold.


There are two heaters in the room, each of which is surrounded and occupied by a group of flamboyant girls.

I was not benefiting at all.


In the midst of it all, in a corner of the classroom far away from the heaters, there was a girl reading a book, completely unfazed.


I glanced at the girl.


Rei Mikoto.

That was her name.


However, Rei Mikoto had another well-known nickname.

Rei Mikoto’s nickname was “Ice Goddess”.


There were two reasons why Rei Mikoto was called “Goddess”.


First, to put it simply, Rei Mikoto is a completely flawless beautiful girl.


Mikoto’s long, straight hair shines with a beautiful silver color.

She is half-Japanese, and has the lovely face of a Western doll, but her shining blue eyes give her a slightly cold impression.


There are many people who say that Mikoto-san is the most beautiful girl in the school.

In addition, she boasts the highest grades in our high school, which is a quite advanced school.


In other aspects as well, I can’t find any faults with her.


For this reason, many boys and some girls call Mikoto-san the “Ice Goddess” out of respect and admiration.


Another reason Mikoto-san is called a goddess is that she seems unapproachable and cold.


During breaks, she is always reading a book, and if you talk to her, she will respond, but she is somewhat plain.


She doesn’t have any notable friends and seems to avoid other people.

All of my classmates, including myself, felt intimidated by her, so we never talked to her much.


Because of this unapproachability, everyone respects Mikoto-san and stays away from her.

Therefore, more than a few female students sarcastically called Mikoto-san “Ice Goddess” because of her cold attitude towards them.


Either way, for me, Mikoto-san remained a distant presence.


“Hey, Haruto? What are you looking at?”


I heard a cheerful and beautiful voice, and I turned around.


My classmate, Kaho Sasaki, was sitting on the desk behind me.

Her white legs were dangling from her school uniform skirt.


She smiled at me and her short, beautiful hair swayed softly.


Kaho is my childhood friend, and the one who rejected me six months ago.