About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 3

Is Mikoto-san a Scary Goddess?

When I confessed my feelings to Kaho and she said, “I can’t see Haruto as that kind of person.” I was greatly shocked.


We have been together since we were too young, and it seems she only sees me as a brother.

That’s what Kaho said.


I was in bed for two days that weekend, suffering from the damage of a broken heart.

But the real trouble came after that.


Kaho seemed to feel awkward and started avoiding me.

I understand how she feels.


It’s true that it’s difficult to treat someone you’ve rejected the same way you used to.

It would be even more so if it was a childhood friend who I had been spending time with for a long time.


But I wanted to be with Kaho, even if it was just as a friend, and it hurt me to have her avoid me.


I suspected that Kaho actually disliked me so much that she didn’t even want to talk about me.

If that was the case, I would have to give up trying to repair our relationship.


However, as a result of research conducted by girls who were friends of Kaho’s, I found out that Kaho did not dislike me in any way.


It was just that she couldn’t see me as an object of romantic interest, and when I confessed my feelings to her, she simply felt awkward and avoided me.


That’s what she meant.

If that was the case, there was at least a chance that we could get back to our original relationship.


I then tried my best to return my relationship with Kaho to that of a “childhood friend and close friend”.


Through meticulous research, careful attention to detail, and the full support of Kaho’s friends, I was able to restore our relationship to the point where she would casually talk to me in the classroom.


I think I did my best.

Great job! Me!


It is sad, though, that the result of our efforts is just a relationship that is less than what it was before.


If I stay by Kaho’s side, even as a mere friend, perhaps I might have a second chance.


I had hoped for that, and in fact, Kaho’s friends nodded their heads in support.

But I know.


The day will probably never come when I can be closer to Kaho than I was in June of my freshman year of high school, right before I confessed my feelings to her.


Anyway, what I see in front of me is the Kaho of today.


I look at Kaho in front of me, and I am still troubled.

She is sitting on my desk, her legs dangling.


Her white thighs are dazzling, but there is a bigger problem.

The desk was a certain height, and Kaho’s skirt was short.


“What’s wrong?”


Kaho said with a scowling look, and her face turned red when she noticed where I was staring.

In short, I could see Kaho’s underwear under her skirt.


Kaho hurriedly held the hem of her skirt and looked me up and down.


“Did you see it?”


“Just a little.”


I didn’t do it on purpose, but I could see it.

It was white.


“Haruto ecchi.”


“Well, the question was, what was I looking at?”


“My underwear, right?”


“No, before that…”


Kaho clapped her hands as if she had just remembered, and then she got up.


“Haruto, did you look at Mikoto-san?”


“Yes, that’s right.”


I admitted honestly.


If Kaho likes me, she would have been in a bad mood if I told her that, and she might have been jealous.


But I don’t have to worry about that.

Kaho is not in a relationship with me or anything.


“After all, you’ve been watching Mikoto-san. Why?”


Kaho tilted her head curiously.

For a moment, I thought that Kaho was cute even with this kind of small gesture, and then I shook off my evil thoughts.


There was no great reason for me to be looking at Mikoto-san.


“No, Mikoto-san, she was in the infirmary earlier, wasn’t she?”




“I was wondering if she knew that the location of the classroom had been changed after the lunch break.”


“I see. Maybe Mikoto-san doesn’t know.”


“Then I’ll have to tell her.”


“Haruto is very kind, isn’t he?”


Kaho smiled softly.

I’m not that kind, and I think it would be better if you go and tell her.


When I said this, Kaho exaggeratedly hugged her shoulders with both hands and trembled.

I guessed it was a gesture to say she was scared.


Kaho puffed up her cheeks and said to my astonishment.


“Because Mikoto-san is scary.”


“She’s beautiful and an honor student who can do anything.”


“That’s why I’m afraid of her.”


“I heard that Mikoto-san is more aggressive or strict when she talks to boys.”


I modestly insisted, and asked Kaho to go.

But Kaho clasped her hands together in worship, closed one eye, and winked at me.


“God, Buddha, and Haruto-sama. Go talk to Mikoto-san for me!”


“What’s that?


“A prayer?”


“I think it is Mikoto-san who is called a god, not me.”


I looked at Rei Mikoto, who is called a goddess.

It is true what they say about the beautiful Mikoto-san, she looks good no matter what she does.


Even just sitting there, she looks like a frame from a beautiful painting.

In short, she is so perfect that it is hard for me to talk to her.


But there was no one else who would have told Mikoto-san about the classroom change.

I had no choice but to sit up from my chair and go to Mikoto-san’s seat.