About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 20

Wiping the Goddess’ Body

Even though her b*****s were covered with her hands, Mikoto-san’s bare upper body was still exposed.

In such a state, Mikoto-san asked me to wipe her body.

As expected, that was a bad idea.

I was not confident that I could keep my cool.

Mikoto-san’s cheeks turned red and she looked up at me.

“Is it a no…?”

“I don’t think so, but…”

I answered reflexively.

Oh, no.

I should have said no, I thought.

I asked fearfully.

“No, but are you sure you want me to do it?”

“Yes. If I don’t, I’ll be lying to Sasaki-san.”

I was going to wipe her chest, I thought, and I got flustered.

The thought of it made me nervous.

I think my face is turning bright red.

Perhaps noticing my gaze, Mikoto-san looked away and said.

“No, the wet part is dry now, so I don’t need it anymore. I want you to wipe my back.”

“Your back?”

“I’m sweating a lot, and it’s making me feel uncomfortable. I can’t reach it by myself.”

“Ah, I see”

That’s okay then.

No, maybe not.

Anyway, I can’t refuse.

Because Mikoto-san is relying on me.

I nodded and closed the window that Kaho had left open.

The room temperature has dropped considerably, so I turn up the heat setting.

Then I grab a bath towel from the bathroom, soak it, squeeze it tightly, and put it in a plastic bag.

I threw it into the microwave.

I made a steamed towel.

I called out to the backroom.

“Mikoto-san, don’t worry about getting wet or anything, just put a blanket over you. It will be cold. Can you wait on the futon?”

Mikoto-san nodded and mumbled a small “Thank you.”

After a minute or so, I took out a steaming towel and returned to Mikoto-san.

Mikoto-san was waiting with her back to me, covered with a blanket.

Perhaps noticing me, Mikoto-san quickly dropped the blanket.

Once again, Mikoto-san’s beautiful white skin is exposed.


Mikoto-san muttered.

“It’s the same condition as before.”

“I’m still embarrassed.”

“You have to be patient.”

I said and reached for Mikoto-san’s back.

I put a steaming towel on Mikoto-san and she wriggled a little ticklishly.

I wiped her back as it was.

“Is it okay like this?”


After that, Mikoto-san was silent and left me to do as I was told.

Mikoto-san’s back looked very small.

After a while, Mikoto-san opened her mouth.

“About the R18 books in the closet…”

“Ah … what about those …?”

“I’m glad Sasaki-san didn’t find them.”

Come to think of it, there was also something like that.

Compared to finding Mikoto-san, an e****c book is not a problem at all, and Kaho would have laughed it off.

Mikoto-san continued.

“They were all pictures of girls who looked a lot like Sasaki-san.”

“Was that so?”

“Yes, right…. You really like Sasaki-san, don’t you?”

“Well, yes, I do.”

When I answered, “Yes.” Mikoto-san replied in a slightly somber voice.

However, although I had no intention of doing so, if you ask me, it is true that in both adult-oriented photo magazines and photo books of gravure idols, the only girls on the covers were those with bright short-cut hairstyles that looked much like Kaho’s.

I thought I understood why my friend Ooki had said with a laugh, “I’ll give you something that suits your taste.”

I finished wiping Mikoto-san’s back.

“Can you do the rest by yourself?”

“Umm, i’d like to ask you to do it… too.”


“I thought it felt surprisingly good to have someone wipe my body. Would you accept such a request, Akihara-kun?”

Mikoto-san looked back at me.

After all, does that mean I’m going to wipe her chest as well?

As usual, she is hiding it with both hands.

Her blue eyes were staring straight at me.

“Akihara-kun,…  that, I hope you don’t mind it, but…”

“I don’t mind. Of course I will do it, but in order to do that, you have to, you know, get your hands off …”

I said, and Mikoto-san nodded.

But she didn’t move her hands.

Mikoto-san gets a little teary-eyed.

“As I thought, it’s embarrassing.”

“That’s right.”

“But I really want Akihara-kun to wipe me.”

“Do you want me to wipe your stomach only?”


I kneeled down and placed the steamed towel on Mikoto-san’s stomach.

At the same time, Mikoto-san let out a small shriek.

Maybe she felt something strange.

Or maybe she was simply ticklish.

I was so flustered that I leaned forward slightly.

My knees hit the bottle of lotion that was lying on the floor, and I fell down.

I leaned forward.


Mikoto-san screamed louder, and I turned my eyes.

The next thing I knew, I was pushing Mikoto-san down and covering her half-naked body.

Mikoto-san looked straight at me with her blue eyes, but there was no color of fear or disgust in them.

She just looked embarrassed.

“Ah, Akihara-kun? Can you move?”


“Or … wipe me down like this?”

“I’m not sure I can keep control of myself like that.”

I answered unintentionally.

It was like I was saying that I was looking at Mikoto-san in a s****l way.

But Mikoto-san stared at me with her blue eyes.

“Akihara-kun is a … boy too, right?”

“… You can cuss me … all you want.”

I said, but Mikoto-san shook her head.

“I’m the one asking you to do it. I can’t say that. And… I hate men, but I don’t hate Akihara-kun that much.”

“That’s… how you can put it, um, thank you.”

When I said this in a stuttering tone, Mikoto-san chuckled.

Involuntarily, I looked at her.

She looked at me with her cheeks relaxed and a soft smile on her face.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you laugh before.”

“Is that so? Was it weird?”

“No. I think … it’s very cute.”

After I said it, I regretted it.

She would not be happy to be called cute by me. I thought I might be accused of harassment.

However, Mikoto-san mumbled in a cheerful voice, “I see.”

“I’m cute, aren’t I?””

“I think anyone would say so.”

“Yeah. So many people have told me I’m pretty, but when Akihara-kun says I’m cute, I think it’s refreshing.”