About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 4

The Goddess Mikoto-san is Salty

I walked slowly between the chairs in the classroom to inform Mikoto-san about the classroom change.

Mikoto-san’s seat was right next to the window, at the very back of the class.

How envious I was.

I think she must be very comfortable since there is no one behind her.

But this time of year, it’s cold and far from the heaters, so maybe it’s not all good.

The fact that I was thinking about something as unimportant as my seat position was an escape from reality.

In other words, I don’t want to talk to Mikoto-san.

One might think that talking to a classmate is not a big deal.

But I am a rather shy person, and the other person is a beautiful girl whom I have never talked to much.

Well, the scary part is often just the first word, and you gradually get used to it once we begin talking to each other.

However, I feel that Mikoto-san has an aura that tells me never to talk to her.

Even when I stood in front of her, she did not even look up.

Her eyes were down fixed on her desk, reading a book.

“Mikoto-san. I’m sorry, but may I have a word?”

I call out to her, but she doesn’t respond.

I try again.

“Mikoto-san …Mikoto-san? …Mikoto Rei-san!”

When I said her full name in a slightly stronger tone, she finally looked up at me.

With a somber expression on her face, she gazed at me with blue eyes.

I couldn’t help but feel a thrill.

As expected of our school goddess.

Even with such a tired expression on her face, Mikoto-san looks beautiful.

I was once again convinced and impressed by the fact that Mikoto-san is the most beautiful girl in the school.

Well, I prefer the bright cuteness of a girl like Kaho.

My preference is probably not important to either Mikoto-san or Kaho.


Mikoto-san asked me shortly.

Her blue eyes are somewhat vacant.

I wondered if she was actually sleepy.

I was curious, so I asked without thinking.

“What are you reading?”


Mikoto-san immediately answered with one kanji character.

I could tell she was reading a book.

I was impressed once more.

As expected of the “Ice Goddess”.

Her response was cold!

I thought it was wrong to peek at her, but for a moment, the cover of the paperback book in her hand flipped open.

I muttered.

“Interesting, isn’t it? ‘Black Widowers’.”

What Mikoto-san was reading was an old mystery novel, which happened to be one that I had also read.

I may not look it, but I’m quite a mystery lover.

Mikoto-san looked at me with eyes that seemed a little surprised, as though she was looking at something unusual.

It was the first time her emotions moved her.

Then, Mikoto-san said.

“It’s not interesting to me at all.”

“Oh, I see. You look sleepy.”

“I guess so.”

After a short pause, she returned to her bored expression.

There is a saying, “If you’ve eaten poison, lick the plate.”

I tried to get Mikoto-san to let down her guard.

“Why are you reading that book if it’s so boring?”

“I feel like I’m missing out if I buy it and don’t read it. So, Akihara-kun, right? If you have nothing to do, why don’t you go back to your seat?”

My conversation with Mikoto-san was easily terminated.

My attempt to bite back was a failure.

The eight letters of the GAMEOVER flashed in my mind and disappeared.

I knew I should have just told her what I wanted from the beginning.

I told Mikoto-san in a simple manner.

“The next classroom has been changed.”

Then I gave her the details.

Mikoto-san nodded and said, “Thanks.” in a quiet voice.

She did indeed at least thank me.

I politely said, “You’re welcome.” and left.

Well, I was nervous.

Is this the Mikoto-san that everyone is afraid of?

I wasn’t really afraid of her, but she was definitely not very friendly.

I heard that she doesn’t act this cold toward girls, so maybe she doesn’t like guys.

When I returned to my seat, Kaho was still dangling her legs on the desk.

But this time she was holding the hem of her skirt so that I could not see her underwear.

“It was a shame. Did you think you’d see my underwear again?”

“I didn’t think so.”

“I doubt that.”

Kaho laughed teasingly at me.

“Oh, by the way, how was it, Mikoto-san?”

Kaho asked, looking up at me with a curious look.

I shrugged.

“She sure feels like a goddess.”

A beautiful and chilling ice goddess.

That was my impression of Rei Mikoto.

Well, I’ll be switching classes in a few months, and I probably won’t be talking to Rei Mikoto-san again before then.

Mikoto-san is a far cry from the colorless, transparent me.

I still thought so at that time.

It was only natural that I could not imagine that she would appear in my apartment that night.