About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 48

Childhood Friend vs Goddess Again

That night, we went to sleep in our respective rooms as usual, and after waking up in the morning, we ate breakfast together.


As usual, I was in charge of breakfast, and at Rei-san’s request, I made French toast again.

I was glad she liked it.


Rei-san looked at me happily while eating breakfast in her loungewear.


“Delicious… And…”




“Somehow, I’m so happy that I feel like Haruto-kun and I have become a real family.”


Indeed, we’ve come to feel that we already take each other for granted, being with each other.

Rei-san has a complicated family situation.

It seems that at the Tomi mansion, she was not only family, but also an enemy of sorts.


So having a normal family like this, where we have breakfast together like this, is probably something special.


“Hey, we’re going to school together today, right?”


“Um, yeah, let’s do that.”


In Rei-san’s opinion, since we are pretending to be lovers, we have to show everyone at school that we are close enough to go to school together.


For my part, I was worried about Rei-san being alone.


It seemed that Rei-san had not a few enemies, such as the boys from the other school who tried to attack her and the young lady named Kotone Tomi.


After we finished eating, Rei-san and I decided to go back to our rooms and change into our school uniforms.


“Don’t peek, okay?”


Rei-san said, but there was no way I would do such a thing.

However, our rooms were right next to each other and separated only by thin sliding screens, so I couldn’t help but be aware of the sound of Rei-san’s clothes rustling as she changed.


I nervously changed into my school uniform, and Rei-san changed into hers.

We looked at each other and laughed.


“When I see Haruto-kun in his school uniform, I feel more like a high school couple than a family.”


“When Rei-san puts on her school uniform, it reminds me a little of when we were at school, and it’s a strange feeling.”


Until recently, we were only in the same classroom and rarely spoke to each other.

For me, Rei-san was a distant goddess of the school, and for her, I was just a classmate.


But now we have become very important to each other.

I thought about it a lot and began to feel a little embarrassed.


After all, I’m conscious of Rei-san.


“Shall we get going?”


“I think we have something to do first.”


Rei-san said disapprovingly.

What was I supposed to do?


“I thought we hadn’t kissed good morning.”




“Isn’t it normal for a couple?”


“I guess so.”




Rei-san’s cheeks were tinted and she asked me sweetly.


How many times has Rei-san sweetly asked me to kiss her?

And I had no intention of refusing it either.


Rei-san gently approached me.


At that moment, the doorbell rang.

Rei and I looked at each other.


Who could it be at this hour?


Rei-san looked disappointed, but backed away from me.


Since my father is currently working away from home, I should be the representative of this house, so naturally I should be the one to answer the door.


I opened the front door.

Against the morning sunlight, I saw a girl in a school uniform.


She was wearing the exact same sailor suit as Rei-san, but that was only natural, because she was a student in the same school as us, in the same class.


Standing there was my childhood friend, Kaho.


“Good morning! Ha-ru-to!”


Kaho said in a bouncy voice, full of energy.

Her big eyes sparkled as she stared straight at me.


The opposite of yesterday’s darkness.



Yesterday, Kaho said she thought she was my real sister and that’s why she refused my confession.

And she was gone from my apartment before I knew it, by herself.


“Good morning. Kaho. Yesterday, you …”


“I’m sorry I left without permission yesterday, okay?”


“Okay, but are you okay?”




“Various things…”


“I’m fine, okay?”


Kaho seemed to be fine.

But behind the brightness, there was a somewhat forced atmosphere.


Rei-san peeked out.

Noticing this, Kaho smiled.


“Good morning to you too, Mikoto-san. I’ve been watching you.”


“Um, what?”


Kaho said to Rei, who was puzzled.


“Yesterday, you and Haruto were kissing in the rain, weren’t you?”


Both Rei and I froze.

I see.


Did Kaho see us?

It was not far from this apartment, and if you stood in the hallway outside the apartment, you would have been able to see her clearly even in the rain.


Maybe Kaho was worried about us not coming back and went outside.

And then she saw us touching each other’s lips.


That may be the reason why Kaho went home alone.


“Mikoto-san is surprisingly bold.”


Rei-san flinched for a moment at Kaho’s words, but she quickly retorted.


“I think so. I want to be with Haruto-kun, so I can do anything I want to do.”


“I see. But you know, it’s the same for me.”


Kaho smiled beautifully and grabbed my arm, pulling me closer.

I couldn’t resist.


She forcefully brought her lips close to mine and kissed me.

I could smell her sweet fragrance.

This was the third time I had kissed her, and each time she had forced me to kiss her.


But if you ask me if I didn’t find it pleasurable, I would have to answer that it was.


Because I had always liked Kaho.


Rei gasped.

Kaho gently let go of me and said firmly.


“When I saw you kissing Haruto yesterday, I was shocked. Besides, the two of you are dating. Besides, I’m Haruto’s older sister… But you know what?”


Then Kaho cut off her words for a moment.

Then she continued in a slow but strong tone.



“I still love Haruto. Thanks to Miloto-san, I have realized it clearly. So it doesn’t matter if I am Haruto’s sister. I want Haruto.”


“Is that… a declaration of war?”




At Rei-san’s sharp words, Kaho nodded hesitantly.

I was completely left out.


To begin with, my father had denied that Kaho was my biological sister, and my sister Amane had also denied it when I asked her about it.

So, there was probably no problem in terms of blood relationship.


The problem was that both Rei and Kaho liked me, and which of the two was more important to me.


Kaho chuckled.


“I’ve been with Haruto all my life. Kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and now. Mikoto-san and I have spent a different amount of time together with him.”


“But I’m the one Haruto-kun likes right now!”


“But Haruto told me that he likes me too. If I hadn’t rejected him, we would have been together, you know?”


At the time of my confession, I was in love with Kaho.

If it weren’t for the suspicion of blood relationship, Kaho would have been right.


Rei-san was at a loss for words.

Rei-san, on the other hand, was supposed to be dating me at the moment, but it was only supposed to be a fake relationship.


Kaho folded her arms.


“Have Haruto and Mikoto-san had s*x already?”


Both Rei and I froze for a moment, then our faces turned bright red.

Kaho looked at us, her smile deepening.


“By the looks of it, you haven’t yet. Good.”


“Either way, it’s none of Sasaki-san’s business.”


At Rei-san’s words, however, Kaho shook her head.


“It does matter. Because I am Haruto’s older sister. I have to keep an eye on the two of you to make sure you’re not having any illicit amorous encounters.”


“How do you keep an eye on…”


I muttered.

Kaho’s reply caught me by surprise.


“I’m going to live at Haruto’s apartment too.”


Rei-san and I looked at each other and then stopped dead in our tracks.

Only Kaho was smiling beautifully.


“I told you before, didn’t I? I’m a bad girl. It’s not just kissing, it’s always me who gets Haruto’s firsts!”