About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 49

The Girl Next Door

Kaho says she’s going to live in our apartment.

It is true that there is still plenty of space.


But that’s not the problem.


“Haruto doesn’t want me to live in the same apartment with him?”


“It’s not that I don’t like it.”


My father and Kaho’s mother would never agree to such a thing.

But Kaho continued.


“I’m going to run away from home.”


“Run away?”


“I’m going to be in a lot of trouble if Haruto doesn’t let me stay here. Haruto accepted Mikoto-san, who had no place to stay, right? Then it’s the same for me.”


“But Kaho has a normal mother and home.”


“I don’t want to be with my mother right now.”


Saying that, Kaho looked up at me.

I think it may have something to do with the alleged infidelity between her mother and my father.


I wondered what Kaho’s mother had to say about my blood relationship with her.

I was curious, but a little hesitant to ask that in front of Rei-san.


Kaho held up her index finger and giggled.


“For now, let’s go to school together!”


Rei-san, who was standing next to her, looked unhappy at Kaho’s suggestion.


“I promised Haruto-kun that I would go to school with him first.”


“Then why don’t the three of us go together?”


“I want to go alone with him. Because I am Haruto-kun’s girlfriend.”


“Mikoto-san is afraid that I will take Haruto away from her.”


Kaho’s eyes lit up mischievously.

Rei-san was at a loss for words.


“If Mikoto-san really has Haruto’s heart, she should be fine with me following you to school. Is that going to jeopardize your relationship with him?”


“… That’s not true!”


“Then, is it okay?”


Mikoto-san reluctantly nodded. 

Somehow, she had been persuaded by Kaho’s strange logic.

Rei-san and I grabbed our luggage for school and headed out the front door.

At about the same time, Kaho took my left arm.


“Then, let’s go, Haruto!”


Kaho forcefully linked arms with me.

Then, I blushed as I felt the soft part of Kaho’s body against my natural skin.


Rei-san also blushed.


“That’s cheating! I’m going to lock arms with Haruto-kun, too!”


Rei quickly took my right arm and pressed her chest against me in the same way.

The two girls were on either side of me, and their sweet scent made me dizzy.


Could it be that we are going to school just like this?


Kaho looked at me happily, while Mikoto-san puffed out her cheeks.


“You have flowers in your hands! Haruto!”


Kaho said in a beautiful voice, teasingly.