About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 52

Kaho’s Aunt

We were startled when the door to the preparation room opened.

I thought I had locked the door.

I was so surprised to see Kaho’s lips leave mine in a hurry.

It would have been better if it had been Yuki, for example.

But there she was, a teacher in a white coat.

“What are you doing? You guys?”

The female teacher smiled thinly.

She was a chemistry teacher, young, in her late twenties, with flowing black hair and a neat appearance that made her very popular among the male students.

Her name was …


Rei-san muttered. 

That’s it.

She has the same last name as Kaho.

But there are many other people in this town with the last name Sasaki.

Fuyuka Sasaki.

That is this teacher’s full name.

She had been in charge of our chemistry class for the first semester, but she had been on leave for the past six months. 

So it took me a while to remember her name.

“So right upon my return to work, I see students engaging in impure acts.”

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Sasaki-sensei.”

“Yes, it has been a while. But still, it’s hard to believe that a brilliant student like Mikoto-san is involved with a failure like Akihara-kun.”

The way Sasaki-sensei spoke was unfriendly toward me.

But I had done nothing to make the teacher dislike me, not only that, I was just taking classes and had no contact with her.

But would he speak ill of a student in this way?

Rei-san’s mouth twitched.

“Please don’t say anything bad about Haruto-kun!”

“…Well, I’m fine with Mikoto-san. More than that, my problem is Kaho-san.”

The atmosphere is somewhat strange.

Kaho’s eyes are cloudy and her face is turning pale.

She was completely frightened.

What’s wrong?

I understood the reason when Sasaki-sensei said the following words.

“I never thought you would kiss your own brother. I told Kaho-san not to do that, Akihara-kun.”

Sasaki-san said simply.

I froze, Rei-san froze, and Kaho froze.

How did this teacher know about the alleged blood relationship between me and Kaho?

“You probably don’t know this, Akihara-kun, but I’m Kaho-san’s aunt.”


“Yes. Her father was my older brother. However, my brother, in other words, my dead brother Shinichi, was not Kaho’s real father.”

The situation began to make sense.

This person is a relative of Kaho.

And she suspects my father of having an affair with Akiho-san, Kaho’s mother.

“I have an irrefutable proof. Shinichi-nii-san’s blood type was O. Do you know what Kaho-san’s blood type is?”

“I have irrefutable proof. Shinichi-nii-san’s blood type is O. You know Kaho-san’s blood type, right?”

Once upon a time, in elementary school, Kaho was addicted to blood type fortune-telling, and I had asked her about it.

Kaho supposedly had type AB.

And if one parent is type O, genetically the child should never be type AB.

“Besides, I heard it from Akiho-san. She told me that Kaho-san’s father is your father.”

Sasaki-san had a thin smile on her neat face, but her eyes were icy and cold.

Clearly, Sasaki-sensei was looking at Kaho-san with hatred in her eyes.

And the sensei hates me, my father’s child, too.

“I can’t forgive those who betrayed my brother Shinichi. Kazuya Akihara and Akiho Sasaki were Shinichi-nii-san’s best friends, weren’t they? And yet they betrayed him and even had a child? That’s just too sad for my dead Shinichi-nii-san!”

“But even if that were true, it’s our parents’ fault, not ours.”

“Is that really so? You kiss and touch each other even though you know you are siblings, aren’t you?”

After saying all that in an intense tone, Sasaki-sensei looked around at us as if she had come to her senses.

Then she cleared her throat.

“That’s my personal statement. As a teacher, I can only say one thing to you. Class has already started. Get back to your classrooms!”

After saying that, Sasaki-sensei quickly disappeared.

Although it was only for a short time, Sasaki-sensei’s words had a huge impact on Kaho.

Kaho collapsed on the spot.


I hurriedly grabbed her in my arms, and Kaho smiled weakly and shook her head.

“You understand, right? I am Haruto’s sister after all.”

“It’s not always as Sasaki-sensei says.”

“But there’s proof. I think it was about six months ago. She came to see me and told me that Haruto is my brother.”

But my father denied it.

Now I had no choice but to resort to a last resort.

“Let’s ask Kaho’s mother. She is probably the only one who knows the truth.”

“I guess so. I am afraid… though. I am afraid to know the truth.”

I understand how you feel.

Maybe Kaho’s father really is my father.

But we could not move forward if we were afraid.

The matter was settled a week later. 

Akihara Amane had returned to Japan.