About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 51

Kissing Two People

Me, Rei-san and Kaho enter the small, dimly lit biology preparation room.

I feel a bit relieved.

Now it’s just the three of us.

We didn’t have to worry about being disturbed.

“I wish you two wouldn’t make such a big deal about kissing outside so much, because it would get me in trouble, so please stop.”

Rei-san said a small “I’m sorry.” and Kaho nodded happily.

I think it’s the same for both of them if we stand out too much.

“I’m not bothered at all by the rumors about me being with Haruto. If anything, it makes me happy.”

“Wow, me too…!”

Following Kaho, Rei-san also agreed.

Then Kaho glanced at Rei-san and puffed her cheeks.

“Haruto kissed Mikoto-san six times?”

“Yeah, well, that’s right.”

“Then I’ll kiss you the same amount.”


“I don’t want to lose to Mikoto-san.”

Saying this, Kaho pulled me to her with a yank.

Rei-san couldn’t do anything because of the sudden action, and Kaho took me by the lips.

I could smell her sweet scent.

Kaho didn’t let go of me and slowly pushed me against the wall.

After a long time, she finally pulled away from me.

Her face was bright red.

“I’ve kissed you three times now. If I do it three more times, I’ll have kissed you the same number of times as Mikoto-san!”

Saying that, Kaho tried to get close to me again.

But she stopped halfway.

Rei-san pulled on Kaho’s sleeve.

“I won’t allow Haruto-kun and Sasaki-san to kiss in front of me!”

“It’s okay, right? Because Mikoto-san isn’t even Haruto’s girlfriend.”

Kaho laughed happily.

Rei-san glared at Kaho as hard as she could, expecting her to be frightened.

“That’s the same for you, isn’t it, Sasaki-san?”

“Hmmm. Then, let’s take turns kissing Haruto, me and Mikoto-san.”


“If you don’t like it, I’ll just kiss Haruto like this.”

“I understand.”

Rei-san nodded in agreement to Kaho’s outrageous proposal.

It’s like I’m the prize in a game.

“Um, … both of you. That’s a little weird and kind of…”

My words were drowned out by the words of the two girls, “Are you running away?”

Both Rei-san and Kaho seemed to have full intentions of kissing me.

Rei-san’s face turned bright red as she brought her lips close to mine.

Come to think of it, this is the first time she does it in public.

I couldn’t refuse and accepted her kiss.

Even though it was in front of Kaho.

After a while of kissing together, Kaho grabbed Rei-san’s body and pulled her off of me.

“Fu… both of you, that’s enough!”

Kaho’s face turned bright red.

It’s rare to see Kaho so upset.

Rei-san and I looked at each other with pouty red faces.

But soon after, Kaho pulled my hand away and our lips met.

When Kaho pulled away, Rei-san kissed me this time.

I was dizzy, I thought.

What would the other students and teachers say if they saw us like this?

At that moment, the door to the biology preparation room opened.